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date: 09 aug 2008


for all those hindus in these groups who live in the uk may i please request you all to come to india house in london at 2pm on thursday 14th for this protest against the rising onslaught on our dharma.


please bring placards from your organisations also to condemn the bombings in bengalore and ahamdabad and others as you think appropriate.


i shall be writing to the temples but due to a lack of time i am asking everyone here to take your initiative and show solidarity to the government of india as for the last 60 years our dharma is being eroded systematically through policy. 


we do not take sides of any political parties but just want our basic human rights as hindus.


thank you.


anil bhanot

demonstration against religious cleansing by kashmiri islamists


venue:  high commission of india, india house, aldwych

time: 2pm on thursday 14th august 

kashmiri pandits have been ethnically cleansed from their homeland by an evil ideology of islamists and to which the government of india has bowed out of fear for the last 60 years.


last month these islamists have denied the fundamental right of hindus to visit their sacred pilgrimage, amarnaath, in their own homeland of kashmir.

a spate of attacks has begun again against the homes of innocent hindus who ask for the safety of their sacred pilgrimages and the visiting pilgrims.

the indo european kashmir forum (iekf), supported by hindu council uk,  condemns this violent ideology of islamists and further it condemns the government of india for not protecting the peaceful rights of all its citizens.


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our immediate demands from the india government: 

allocate the amarnaath land for the pilgrims

revoke article  370 to lift the embargo on hindu rights

allocate safe homes for 500,000 hindu refugees in their homeland kashmir

punish terrorist with zero tolerance policy

religious freedom for hindus devoid of any persecution by invasive ideologies 


please contact mrs krishna bhan, president of iekf on 07886 439 506





note : hindu council uk (hcuk) is the foremost and largest national network of the hindu temple bodies and cultural organisations co-ordinating all different schools of hindu theology within the uk. hcuk is the representative umbrella body for the british hindu issues for which a uk wide mandate was received during a two year consultation with the british hindu public culminating in its launch in november 1994.

hcuk admin office:boardman house, 64 the broadway, london e15 1ng.       t: 020 8432 0400       w: www.hinducounciluk.org       f: 020 8432 0393


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