Date: 09 Aug 2008


Friday, August 08, 2008, (Jammu)

Despite all the politicisation of the Amarnath land row, the people of Jammu feel this is a movement that has started from them.

The rich and famous of Jammu are all out on the streets in the posh Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu.

Vikram Handa, a doctor in the region says it's a spontaneous move. He and his wife Gurpreet, a school principal have been doing their bit to support the campaign. They are making CDs' and distributing it free of cost to others.

Vikram said, "It's a movement of the people, there is no leader there is no lecturing in our group, we all go out together and we come together. There is no leader, nobody controls us its just the people's movement."

What began as a move by a handful of members of the Amarnath yatra Sangarsh Samiti has now become a mass movement with nearly a thousand people on board.

And with each day more and more people are joining in the campaign holding peace marches.

They assert that they don't belong to any political party. 

Gurpreet said, "Door to door we have done canvassing and people are coming out, much beyond our control, but see this is cause for everyone, nobody is doing for one another, we are doing for ourselves, we want land and nothing short of land."

From a feeble political movement to a mass movement -passionate campaigners like Handas won't let the momentum die down if the solution is not acceptable to them.

Political efforts

An all-party delegation led by Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil will undertake a two-day visit to Jammu and Srinagar from Saturday in an attempt to end the Amarnath land transfer row. 

The delegation comprises of about 12 leaders drawn from different political parties. 

After more than a month long agitation, things were much calmer in Jammu on Thursday with the Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti that's been leading the agitation saying that its willing to talk to the government.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh also spoke to BJP leader L K Advani over the phone, who is understood to have told him that his party's cooperation would depend on government initiating a dialogue with the Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti. 

2. My Take:

It is praise-worthy to notice that Hindus of Jammu, are finally coming out in droves, to protest the inhumanities that have been inflicted upon them for decades ( if not for centuries ) & are still being inflicted upon the Hindus. That is a good take-off movement, but the Hindus of Jammu must take charge of their destiny, and not depend upon slogan-shouting or protesting alone. They must put their enormous resources of education, intellectualism, earning-skills, and financial resources, to convert them into enormous Hindu-Power. 

2. The fruits of victory were snatched away from our brave & victorious soldiers in Kashmir, in the year of 1948. Had our soldiers been allowed to clear out the Sulla-raiders, from the whole of Kashmir, there would not have been any insurgency in the valley of Kashmir, nor would there have been any Article 370 in our constitution. Our dumb politicians sure let us down. Little did these dumb politicians realize, the International Islamic conspiracy to eliminate Kafirs, and to balkanize the country of India. 

3. If our Hindu politicians had been assertive, Kashmir today would have been just like any other state of India, like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Panjab, Gujerat et al. But that is not so, and now the traitors of Kashmir ( the Sullas ) are raising hell in Kashmir, and the Hindus of Kashmir & of the rest of India, have been tolerating their non-sense & their militant Islamic Fundamentalism, which should have been decimated. Even now, the only sensible approach is to eradicate the traitorous elements of Kashmir, no matter how much effort it takes. It is a total disgrace for the proud Hindus of India, to let the traitors of Kashmir run things for us Hindus, and to terrorize & brutalize the Hindu.

4. It is manifestly impossible to compromise or negotiate with the Sulla. The Sulla must be put in his place, and crushed. That is the only option, if the Hindu wants to live in peace.

Surinder Paul Attri