Date: 17 Sep 2008


 While bombs by Muslim terrorists have killed 26 in Delhi, the Indian President and PM as usual have condemned these acts of terror. The home minister Shivraj Patil warned of stringent punishment to blast culprits. Hours before the Islamic jihads numbed Delhi with a series of deadly bomb attacks, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh flagged up terrorism as priority number one.

What the Home Ministry has done till now while blasts are now becoming a normal occurrence all over the country? This corrupt Congress leadership is now used of staging its usual drama after each blast, issuing statements, giving a few lakhs of rupees to victims families and then wait for the next blast. 
What else can you expect from this ineffective congress government which encourages Islamic terrorism in India because of its policy of appeasement for electoral gains? This is what happens when dreaded terrorists like Afjal Guru's and Yaseen Malik's roam free. All these terror attacks are a direct result of the political indecision and the time has come when the people have to rise and throw this government out of power.

See some images below
A woman cries after losing her relative in Karol Bagh.

An injured being taken to RML Hospital.

An injured man, shouting for help as others lie injured on a road after bomb explosion (AP Photo)

Police officials check the wreckage following a bomb-blast at the Gaffar Market

Surjit, injured in the blast at the Gaffar Market talks on a mobile phone as he rests on the hospital bed

Blast damage site  in Delhi

But it is all normal for them........
Congress President Sonia Gandhi (left), Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil (centre) in a normal happy mood after visiting victims of bomb blasts in New Delhi. (AP Photo)