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Very Interesting Article got from Internet who wrote


ओ भारत के वीर जवानों , माँ का क़र्ज़ चुका देना ,
कटे फटे इस मानचित्र को अबकी ठीक बना देना !!
पटना साहीब से मीलने को ननकाना बैचेन खड़ा ,
अबकी तीरंगा रावलपिंडी में घुस कर फहरा देना !!
अटक कटक से सिन्धु नदी तक सब कुछ हमको प्यारा है ,
कश्मीर मत मांगो कह दो पाकिस्तान हमारा है !!

जो उपवन से घात करे वो शाख तोड़ दी जायेगी ,
जो पीछे से वार करे वो बांह मोड़ दी जायेगी ,
जो कुटुंब का नाश करे वो गर्दन तोड़ दी जायेगी,
मेरे देश पे उठती हर एक आँख फोड़ दी जायेगी ,
जो देश द्रोह की बात करे वो मनुष्य हत्यारा है ,
कश्मीर मत मांगों कह दो पाकिस्तान हमारा है !!

अपनी झीले, नदीयाँ, पर्वतमाला कैसे दे देंगे ?
भारत भर की रूप सुधा का प्याला कैसे दे देंगे ?
वैष्णो देवी , बाला अमर उजाला कैसे दे देंगे ?
अमरनाथ का बोलो पुण्य शीवाला कैसे दे देंगे ?
गंगा से मीलने को झेलम का बैचेन कीनारा है ,
कश्मीर मत मांगों कह दो पाकिस्तान हमारा है !!

I first heard this poem while attending annual Hindi poem recital
competition in my school approximately 17 years ago. At that time I
wasn"t that aware about world and Indian politics but somehow this
poem agitated me from inside. I still remember that day coming back
home with a heavy heart. The feeling that someone wants to take away
my mother India"s belongings created a deep sense of rage. Probably I
count that day as the day of my political awakening. As a child I
forgot the rage and anger after 2 or 3 days but that poem always
echoed in my mind. When I started writing my diary of poems and sher-
shayaris, I wrote this poem there too. Although it wasn"t originally
written by me but the emotions that I felt after hearing its recital,
was a special memory I wanted to keep alive. That day I felt so Indian
that I wanted to go out on border and declare war on Pakistan.

These were the magic words and today inside my mind I am again hearing
its recital. I dont remember my schoolmate, who was reciting it but
since than I recited it so many times that each and every word of this
has become written on my heart. Some one is again trying to snatch my
mother"s belongings and again emotions are taking control of my mind.

I wanted to write about whole Baba Amarnath – Kashmir fundamentalist -
terrorist issue before but decided against it to see reaction of the

all sections of media intellectuals and general population. I did that
because I wanted to be sure that what I write should include every
aspect of the problem. Again I admit that I am nobody but still
democracy gives each and every small or big citizen right to express
their thoughts freely and that"s what I have done till now.

But some people doesn’t know what is freedom with responsibility.
Likes of Shabana Azmi, Arundhati Roy and many so called pseudo
secularists, human right activists come in this category. Even though
they have their best time in India but they never miss a chance to
destroy India’s pride and take advantage of largely tolerant, liberal
and truly secular Indians. Yesterday in paper it was Shabana Azmi who
was complaining that minorities are being denied opportunities in
India. Well ShabanaJi, tell me, who made your father such a great poet
in India? Who accepted you as an actress who won several awards and
become a MP? Does Indian not buy Cds of the songs written by Mr Javed
Akhtar? Or does Indians haven’t gone and seen “Dil Chahta hai” or
“Lakshya” directed by Farhan Akhtar? Or does Indians have stopped
watching cricket when Azharuddin or Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi were
captains of Indian cricket team? Or does Indians stopped watching
movies in which Shahrukh, Salman, Amir, Saif, Fardeen, Imran or many
other minority community actors performed? Or any Indian has given any
less respect to Dr Abdul Kalam Azad? Or Indians dont want to listen
songs from Adnan Sami or Mehadi Hasan? FYI Shabana Ji, its Pakistan
which is not allowing their citizens to hear songs from Lata
Mangeshkar and Jagjeet Singh. I don’t deny that people don’t have
problem when Dilip Kumar goes to Pakistan and donate for Cancer
Hospital while doing nothing for any Indian one. People will have
problem when they see any Indian who is enjoying fruits of liberty and
money earned here and simultaneously abusing the Indians and favoring
other hostile nations.

Now Arundhati Roy, today I read that she is saying Kashmir needs azadi
from India. She has gone to attend Hurriyat’s rally in Srinagar
yesterday and after coming back from there she made this comment in
TOI. These five star celebrity stupid people who doesn’t know reality
on the ground just get overwhelmed by any anti national activities in
name of human rights. I would like to ask her why she doesn’t go to
Pakistan and suggest people over there that Balochistan and NWFP needs
azadi from Pakistan. Why don’t she goes to Afganistan and suggest to
Hamid Karzai that Taliban wants to rule Kabul so please leave
Afganistan for Taliban. Why don’t she goes to Saudi Arabia and tell
the kings there to leave Saudi Arabia for Osama since he wants to rule
Saudi Arabia or why she haven’t still commented on what Chinese has
done to Tibbetians or Uighur Muslims in Xinxiang? I guess China would
be more interested in hearing her since she is one of the pro
communists. But we all know she wont do that because all the above
mentioned people will kill her for these stupid advices. Just writing
some fictional books and winning only one award for that doesnt make
any one so special that they can play with integrity of the nation. As
per her logic there should be atleast 3 billion countries since I
guess half of the world population wants some or other kind of freedom
from their present governments. I think people of India need some kind
of freedom from people like Arundhati Roy and I wont mind if people
teach her a lesson so that her mind get a proper mental balance, which
I guess she has lost after writing God of small things.

Let me be clear on certain things. I am not against any caste,
community, region or religion. I am against corrupts and anti
nationals whosoever they are. There are certain things I would never
compromise while dealing with any separatists or terrorist. First
there is not going to be any negotiation on territorial integrity of
present Indian border, second there is not going to be any special
provision in governance, foreign policy, law and order and defense for
any state as all people enjoy the same freedom and all are equal.
After agreeing on these two principles there can be negotiation on
special economic packages for development of that state. I am not
denying the fact that successive Indian central governments are
responsible for the mess in J"K and north eastern states. North
eastern states militancy except Nagaland has aroused mainly on the
account of non development. Nagaland and Kashmir (Jammu and Lddakh are
with rest of India) have peculiar problem and it can be solved with
national resolve and will to take on the anti nationals. I will
discuss Nagaland in some other blog. In this blog I would like to go
in depth about Kashmir problem.

Brief History of Kashmir from 1850 Onwards:-

Jammu and Kashmir that you see in Indian maps is total undivided J"K
with area 2,22,236 sq Kms. Out of this area PoK is having 78,114 Sq
Kms and China too is enjoying the party by having 42,685 sq Kms. The
word Kashmir is contraction of the word “Kashyapmeru means mountain of
Kashyap”. According to Nilmata Puran Kashmir valley was fully under
water and it formed a big lake by name Satisar. Geologists have also
proven this fact that whole Kashmir valley was once under water.
Nilmata Puran says Sage Kashyap drained that primordial lake of
Satisar and now because of that we have beautiful valley of Kashmir
with us. Kashmir’s population before Islam was basically Shaivite
Hindus. After a treaty between Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu and
British in 1846 Kashmir became part of Dogra ruler’s empire. Before
this treaty Kashmir was ruled by chieftains belonging to empire of
Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab. Mr Karan Singh who is a congress MP
is direct descendant of Maharaja Gulab Singh. I guess this is
sufficient for having a little background on history of J"K.

As you all know we had two golden chances of solving this problem in
past. First in 1948 when India got independence, Pakistan attacked
Kashmir. Indian military forces captured most of the Kashmir and were
on their way to capture rest of it. But Mr Nehru under influence Lord
Mountbatten took this matter to UN. UN called for the cease fire and
the present LoC became line of cease fire. For this mistake of Nehru,
we are still paying even after 60 years. Anyways we had another golden
chance in 1971 when we defeated Pakistan and captured 91,000 soldiers.
Indian Gandhi failed to capitalize on this opportunity and didn’t
press for permanent solution of Kashmir. She and Julfikar Ali Bhutto
signed Shimla Agreement which called for settlement of Kashmir dispute
to some later date through dialogues and that date still hasn’t come.
In these two golden opportunities we could have managed to get the PoK
back under our control but anyways history of India is of lost chances
where our rulers in modern times, except Chankya and ChandraGupta,
failed to be farsighted.

Nehru did another major blunder when he agreed to give J"K special
status in Indian territory through article 370 in Indian constitution.
This at first gave J"K its own flag, its own prime minister, its own
constitution and even you and me would have to show passport to travel
J"K. we are not carrying our passports while going for pilgrimage in
Vaishno Devi and Baba Amarnath because of Dr Shayama Prasad Mukharjee.
Dr Mukharjee was cabinet minister in Congress govt after independence.
But as he saw Mr Nehru doing great injustice to the nation by granting
special favors to his home state (Mr Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit), he
resigned from Congress and formed Bhartiya Jan Sangh with help from
RSS. He decided to travel J"K without any valid document as any
ordinary Indian would go to any other state of India. Sheikh Abdullaha
arrested him and put him in prison. Dr Mukharjee died in prison in
June 1953. His death mystery is still unsolved. After seeing this
supreme sacrifice of a respected leader, Nehru amended his mistake
regarding travel documents to J"K but rest of the things remained

J"K was in relative peace till 1988. After getting defeated in 3
direct wars against India, Pakistan changed its tactics. After seeing
success Iranian revolution and Jihad against Russians in Afganistan,
General Zia Ul Haq, the military ruler of Pakistan, changed his game
plan for destroying India. Pakistan got initial success with Sikh
militancy in Punjab so they decided to do the similar thing in
Kashmir. On the top of it 1988 general elections in J"K were rigged in
favor of Abdullahs by New Delhi. This created a greater resent in
Kashmir Valley. By this time Afgans, with help from western countries
and Pakistan, were successful in throwing Russians out from their
territory. This gave great impetus to terrorist and jehadi elements in
Kashmir, who thought that similar thing can be implemented in here.
J"K which was known for its tolerance and real secularism was
systematically converted to hardcore Jehadi Islam. Kashmiri Pandits
who were some 3 lakh in number in valley itself were told to leave or
get converted to Islam or be killed. It worked out very well for
Jehadis as there are only 10,000 of the Pandits still left in the
valley. Around 1000 got killed in terrorist acts after 1990 and rest
migrated to other parts of the country and world.

So far none of the great secularists and human right luminaries of
India has done any thing about these people who are living like
refugees in their own land. And that’s why I believe that so called
human right activists and seculars are nothing but anti nationals, who
start crying when some one convicted terrorist like Afzal Guru get
caught. Well they are on pay roll from foreigners and they are doing
their job, atleast they are loyal to some one. But they have forgotten
most important thing which is interest of their own country and rest
of its population. Anyways I will deal with them in another blog.

After long spell of mayhem and killings J"K again started its walk
towards peace after NDA govt under Mr Vajpayee gave them one of the
fairest poll. After terrorist attacks in September 2001 in US, things
changed for Pakistan. As US woke up after going through the pain which
India is suffering from many years. The global war on terror is been
beneficial for India and whole world pressurized Pakistan to stop
supporting terrorism. People of Kashmir liked taste of peace after so
many years. Economy started booming, Hurriyat broke up between so
called hardliners or anti national terrorists like Geelani and so
called moderates like Mirwaiz Omar Farooq. Well for India none of
these Hurriyat people are of any use unless they have some divine
revelation of stop spreading hate or getting killed one by one.

Now after successful elections in 2003, J"K was again going for
election in this year. And here comes politics of self interest which
brought situation to this level. Let me give you some background of
political parties in Kashmir Valley who are supposed to have belief in
Indian democracy. The main culprit for this current fiasco is PDP of
Mufti Muhammad Saeed. Mr Mufti was home minister in VP Singh’s govt.
He is the same union home minister, who some says staged kidnapping of
his own daughter so that some dreaded terrorists in Kashmir can be
freed. Well its just typical Indian politician behavior and I would
have ignored that since lots of time has gone by. But my doubts
against him and his daughter Mehbuba Mufti as anti nationals and
terrorists sympathizers are getting stronger day by day. His party put
forward many mind boggling demands which were not even made by dreaded
terrorists. One of them is allowing Pakistani currency in Indian
Kashmir. I mean what?? Who can say things like that unless they have
very sinister, anti national design behind it?

Shri Amarnath Shrine Land Diversion Issue and Real Agenda of Anti

Yatra to Shri Amarnath dham is not started after Buta Malik discovered
the route for some 150 years ago. There is a record of pilgrimage to
Shri Amarnath Dham in various Hindu scriptures. The real story behind
finding of the route involves story of a sage who gave a bag full of
coal to Buta Malik so that he can cook food. But as Buta Malik arrives
in his home and opens the coal bag he finds gold instead of coal.
After seeing gold in bag he wanted to thank that sage and he went
searching for him. He couldn"t found the sage but he found alternate
route to Shri Amarnath Dham. Hindu pilgrims involved family of Buta
Malik into management of annual yatra and still give portion of
offerings to his present family for doing this favor to them. Have you
seen anything like this in world except India?? Shri Amarnath Shrine
land diversion issue, which is the starting point of this time wasting
anti national agitation, was just a routine land transfer for giving
pilgrims more facilities in hostile environment. This land diversion
was done to provide temporary pre fabricated shelter to pilgrims in
hostile living conditions.

Mufti Sayeed"s PDP which came to rule after elections transferred
hundreds of acres of forest land to create Baba Gulam Shah Badshah
university in Rajori, no one objected to it. Than he ordered cutting
of thousands of trees for creation of Mughal Road, no one objected to
it. Even though cutting of these trees have created question mark on
existence of highly endangered “ Wild Markhor Goat” species. These
goats are just 200-300 in numbers in whole world and have been
declared highly endangered species. But why Mufti and his ilk will
care about endangered species when his like minded anti nationals have
driven out another endangered species by name Kashmiri Pandits from
Kashmir valley? Than he transferred hundreds of acres for Islamic
University in Awantipur, no one objected to it. Land to these two
universities was given free of cost but when Jammu demanded similar
concession for Sharda Peeth University, it was denied. Than he
transferred lots of land for various other commercial use and no one
objected to it. The land he transferred was also forest land but on
one objected because it was right thing to do. But suddenly when some
100 acre of land was transferred for use of pilgrims than whole hell
broke lose. His own ministers transferred the land but since he
received orders from Islamabad so started playing part in conspiracy
created by anti nationals. His daughter along with Omar Abdullah said
its their land and they wont give it to any one even for creating
temporary shelters.

I once regarded Omar Abdullah as a good leader and even included him
in my would be prime minister"s list. But after seeing his ugly face
in this land transfer issue, he seems to me just like some petty
corrupt politician, who can go to any length for getting some stupid
votes. Anyways he decided to play regional politics knowing fully that
he is just playing in the hands of separatists and anti nationals.
When you already have bigger terrorists for the same cause why would
someone listen to him? I guess for this decision he and India going to
pay heavily. Well I am done with Abdullah.

All these anti nationals along with Hurriyat created fear in Kashmir"s
general population that permanent colonies are being created in
Kashmir and this would change demography of Kashmir. The Hurriyat and
all anti nationals failed to remember that its them who changed
demography of Kashmir for real since 1989 after driving Pandits out of
valley. At that time none of the local Kashmir population protested.
Well leave local population, no one in India protested on plight of
these Pandits who are living like refugees in their own land.

After our spineless central government bowed down to these separatists
false propaganda and canceled the allotment of land people in Jammu
instantly felt agitated. There have been no riots in Jammu or any
other communal clashes although people were provoked so many times.
But denying land for use of temporary use for pilgrimage touched raw
nerve of the population and Jammuites belonging to all religions and
political affiliations joined the protests against injustice meted out
to them for past 60 years.

Even though the Kashmiri anti nationals got what they wanted through
concealment of land order transfer they were just waiting for another
false propaganda to stoke up hatred against Jammu and rest of India.
Kashmir for the first time got the taste of another similar agitation
where some people from Jammu attacked trucks from Kashmir. I don’t
deny this fact and this happens in all agitations where vehicle on the
road become target for mobs. Anti national PDP and Hurriyat lost no
opportunity in creating another false propaganda of economic blockade
of Kashmir. Even though Army cleaned up the National Highway pretty
soon, the anti nationals started March to Muzaffarabad in PoK. One of
their leaders Sheikh Abdul Aziz got his punishment of highest order
when police got rid of him during those protests. This made whole
Hurriyat realize that there number is not far from list of dead so
they back tracked from that false march and start shouting in
different tunes.

Now you can see the whole game plan from anti nationals. They started
their whole activities on false issue and sustained it through false
issue and now they don’t talk about it any more because they used
those to their favors and now showing their true colors where we can
see SA Geelani saying, he is Pakistani. They just wanted a chance to
create trouble as its their nature not to remain peaceful. They have
been successful in making relatively peaceful Kashmir to troubled
region again. Even though Kashmir and its people sustain on us tax
payers from India than also instead of being grateful they shout
slogans against us. I have solution for their and ours troubles. Just
read on..

Solution for Kashmir Problem:-

My solution to Kashmir Problem involves 5 points. I know it wont go
down well with so called secularists but for any right minded Indian
these points may prove to end what we have as every day problem in
Kashmir. As per me the best solution to Kashmir problem includes in
making Kashmir non exclusive state and treat it as per with other
Indian states. My five point program includes

1) Making LoC as international border between India and Pakistan. It
means that Kashmir’s part which is already there with Pakistan will
remain with them. Those Kashmiris who don’t like to live in India and
hate us can simply go and live over there.

So if people like SA Geelani and his supporters want we can give them
free pass to go and live in Pakistan. All fanatics who think Pak as
their country should just go and live there. Let"s see that time, if
Pakistan accepts them or not. They should be given three options, a)
Stay in India Peacefully b) Go and live in Pakistan and do whatever
they want over there c) just get killed or live in prison. Its as
simple as that. I don"t know why these cheerleaders of Pakistan want
to merge with Pakistan when they are seeing what happened with
Mujahirs and what is happening in PoK. The whole world is saying
Pakistan is a failed state and these morons are cheering for Pakistan.

I am compromising with our traditional stand of undivided Kashmir
which is just there on Indian maps but its becoming a practical
reality is a distant thing. The whole Kashmir as you see in map can be
ours only in case of chaos created by breaking up of Pakistan in four
different countries of Balochistan, Sindh, NWFP and Pakistani Punjab.
But it doesn’t seem possible in near future so lets be realistic and
settle for what we can have. At the same time we should make efforts
to take land back from China. It will be a little easier with China as
no religious extremism is involved. It would be a diplomatic effort.

2) Abolish article 370 and let people of India become legitimate part
of the state electoral process. This will bring majority of the anti
nationals in Kashmir to minority.

3) Divide J"K into three states of Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh.

4) Just kill those found to be involved in anti national activities.
When China kills Jehadi militants in Xinxiang province than no country
on earth criticizes them than why should we bother about criticism.

5) Elections in J"K like any other Indian state should be free and

Independent Kashmir is not an option because independent Kashmir cant
survive and any level headed person knows that. Pakistan through its
proxies like SA Geelani will annex Kashmir as it has done with PoK.

Greater Autonomy for Kashmir is not an option as I dont know what else
we can give as autonomy. So if given autonomy in all aspects of life
isnt working fine then just take it back and make this state as any
other state of India.

There is a new talk among so called intellectuals of Indian
secularism. I mentioned Arundhati “Begger" Roy earlier. Now we have
Vir Sanghvi, Swaminathan A. Aiyar and Jug Suraiya included in this
list. They say just give Kashmir away because it seems their majority
wants it to be like that. But my dear intellectuals it was the same
situation in Punjab, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and
even Naxals wants it in all over India so are you guys going to
suggest the same thing if some bunch of fanatics and anti nationals
get together and demand something from you? If some jehadies get
succeeded in getting what they want in Kashmir than whats the
guarantee that some Jehadi from bordering area of Assam and Bengal
wont start for the same demand. What is the guarantee that some LTTE
like organization will also demand the same thing? What is the
guarantee that some Khalistan Zindabad Force starts demanding the same
thing in Punjab? What is the guarantee that some minority dominated
districts here and in India wont start demanding the same thing? These
so called intellectuals are just bunch of thugs who wants to comment
on any thing in the world. They just think to be different from
present prevailing mood they have to resort to cheap gimmicks and
risking national integrity to gain some publicity.

Solution to Kashmir problem lies in making it non exclusive as any
other Indian state and this policy will change the face of Kashmir.
The current agitation for Amarnath Shrine is not a fight between
Hindus and Muslims but its fight between Nationals and patriots verses
anti national parasites. Those who compare Kashmir with Tibet Issue of
China miss one important fact. Tibet was never part of China’s
Geography and never linked culturally with China while Kashmir from
time immemorial is in ethos of India. We already suffered one
partition of our motherland but not any more. These solution require
the will of a nation to stand as one in case of situations like this
but when we have so many anti national, publicity hungry secular
columnists and intellectuals, we will continue to face all sorts of
difficulties as these parasites and viruses are making India sick from
with in. the sooner we get rid of these viruses the better its for
health of the nation. Arise and awake Indians. Take destiny of this
nation in your hand. There should be only one Passion.. Rise of this
Great Nation…

Hemant Dubey

Vande Mataram

Jai Hind.

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