Date: 19 Sep 2008


Here is the cause of Jihadi problem in the world.
God has given every bird two wings to fly and if the bird decides to use just one of them, then he cannot keep up with the rest of the birds who are using both wings. Similarly, until Muslims men start to treat women their equal, they will not progress like the rest of us. They are keeping their 50% strength at home for cooking and looking after the kids.
Those who keep women backward end up becoming backwards themselves because we are judged by the company we keep. If we keep the company of uneducated and backward women, then we too will become one.  Why should we live with a liability instead of an asset? God forbid if the man dies, then uneducated woman will not be able to look after children well and they too will suffer not to mention the country.
Muslim ruled India for over 700 years yet they remained second class because of the following reasons.
They believe in one man more than one wives.
By keeping women covered from head to toe make them feel inferior and also denies them their right to play a meaningful role in society.
Those who treat women equals will have two incomes two children whereas those who do not, will have one income 4 children. Poverty will make them more religious. In fact Jihadis to get something for nothing with the help of religion instead of education and merits.
Those who marry their first cousins damage their next generations. It is medically proven that inbreeding affects children adversely.
When we will start to follow same rules, then we will all produce the same results.
Unfortunately, when Muslim population grows and when they cannot compete with the follower of modern practises, then they naturally demand separate state in order to eliminate competition.
We will see many more Muslim countries emerging as a result of this. After Kosovo the next Islamic state will be in Kashmir, Chechnya, Russia and Xinchian China. Unless they are brought to the 21st century by making then treat women equals to men.

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Jihadi terrorism in India is nothing new. Islamic terrorism has been present in India for centuries in a myriad of forms and locations. From Kashmir to Kerala, Muslims have been waging a relentless Jiahd war against peace loving, tolerant and passive Hindus. However, the Amarnath incident and Jihadi murder march against Kashmiri Hindus gave Jihadi terrorism a new urgency in India.
Muslims have been killing Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists who failed to follow the footsteps of pedophile MohaMad and refused to worship fake Allah. Since the creation of Pakistan, Jihadi terrorism gained momentum in India. Pakistan financed, guided and directed Jihadis have been infiltrating Kashmir valley and the entire Muslim dominated areas of India. Since 1950, Jihadis have made an unholy alliance with Marxists, pseudo secularists, anarchists, anti national ideologues, and demented individuals in India. They have resorted to assassination, bombing, arson and violence to destabilize India and to destroy the Hindu social fabric. Jihadi terrorism, plane hijacking, beheading, bombing and violence have been used as a master Islamic plan guided by international Jihadi terrorist groups to Islamize India. Indian pseudo secularists, bogus intellectuals, mindless Marxists and phony academicians have prepared irrational and meaningless social theories to justify
 Jihadi terrorism. Their flimsy and baseless arguments include... inequity of Muslims, social injustice, and economic backwardness and lack of education. The intend and purpose of such bogus argument is clear. It encouraged Muslims to intimidate politicians and threaten the government for more privileges, extra constitutional rights and affirmative actions and job reservation. Hindu tax payers money is channeled for economic assistance for Muslims in Kashmir and other parts of India. Muslims enjoy special privileges and constitutional protection denied to the Hindu majority. Muslims with criminal thinking and criminal needs put pressure and intimidation to subdue politicians and make them close their eyes to Jihadi terrorism. Jihadis and politicians joined hands to blame the victims of Jihadi terrorism. As a result premeditated, politically motivated and deadly Jihadi terrorism continued in India. Muslims who kill innocent civilians were never
 apprehended, tried or punished in India. Recently there have been numerous bombings, beheading and bus burning by Jihad terrorists in India. There are other violent incidents by Jihadis in different parts of India. But government machinery is ineffective and indifferent in protecting Hindus or arresting and punishing Jihadi terrorists.
Failure to understand the goal and mindset of Muslims and the hidden motives of Jihadis is the real cause of continued terrorism in India.  The simple factor is that Indians must take effective military action against Jihadi terrorists. It must also be combined with psychological reeducation of passive, indolent and indifferent Hindus on the root cause of terrorism namely Islamic criminal thinking. Strong military action and effective deterrence remain the primary response to Jihadi terrorism. India must make it costly for Muslims to continue their hostility, violence and terrorism against Hindus.

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(A National Democratic Think Tank on Minority Affairs)
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                                                                                                                                                 August. 27, 2oo8
            Considering the various aspects of the ongoing agitations in Kashmir brought about by the Muslim generated Shri Amarnath Land dispute in which about a dozen lives have already been lost and hundreds of thousands of people, men, women and children, have courted arrest and filled jails, and complete bunds observed for months at a time, Diversity-USA, a Democratic Think Tank on Minority Issues, has issued the following assessment report. Among other things the report presents a few well thought out proposals for the consideration of the concerned authorities and the thinking public with a view to help resolve the internal crisis in Kashmir and at the same time fulfill the demands and aspirations of all segments of the Kashmiri society. The National Chairperson of the Diversity-USA, Dr. Jagan Kaul, cautioned that the Islamic insurgency and civilizational war in Kashmir aided and abated by Pakistan and the Pan Islamic movement and its
 outcome has a direct bearing upon the future of democracy and the prevention of fundamentalist advancement in South Asia .
            No matter what the outcome of Shri Amarnath Yatra Land dispute, the complexion of J&K politics, administration, regional consciousness & trust, political alignments and the federal government’s disintegrative appeasement policy – all will have to under go a serious radical transformation.  Thanks to the governing elite’s unprecedented communal attempts at out right talibanization and drift away from India and subsequently the massive retaliation and grassroots resurgence of the nationalist forces,  the ‘politics as usual’ in J&K is soon likely to be a thing of the past. The nationalists are determined to put an end to the civilizational war unleashed by Islamists and their collaborators - the Al Qaeda operatives from Pakistan. Henceforth any government run by the Sunni Muslims of Kashmir, with out any regard to the guarantees it or its promoters from New Delhi may be willing to offer, will be fully, wholly and
 completely unacceptable to the rest of the J&K population. Any steps by the otherwise ineffective government compelling the populace for submission and compliance will have the potential of triggering off still stronger agitations even, “civil disobedience” and “satyagraha”.
            The oft repeated declarations made in presence of hundreds of thousands of people (by some estimates12 lakh Muslims) by the Sunni leaders of Kashmir valley during the past two months that “they were Pakistanis” and “Pakistan was theirs”, raising Pakistani flags and burning the Indian flags, shouting slogans like Ham Kya Chahte hein – Aazaadi – Aazaadi; Ragda Ragda – Tiranga Ragda; Bharat Teri Maut Aayi-Lashkar Aayi – Lashkar Aayi; and scores of similar anti-India – pro-Pakistan slogans, has made one thing crystal clear that Kashmiri Muslims in general and the Hurriyat, the conglomerate of anti-national organizations they follow, in particular are disloyal citizens having their allegiance with Pakistan and other outside anti-India entities. It has been a demonstration of naked and treasonous lethality of Saudi born Wahabbism in this volatile area. By not challenging, opposing, contradicting or condemning these
 treacherous activities of Pakistan supported Islamists and jihadists, all elements of Kashmir region’s political spectrum claiming to be patriotic, secular and nationalist by implication extended their silent yet firm support to these seditious declarations. They included the Abdullah and Mufti clans whose entire political careers have been nurtured and brought to blossom by various Indian establishments. And this patronage was extended at the cost of the political cultures of Jammu & Ladakh and the Pandits & Sikhs of the valley. No country in the world would have dealt with separatist and secessionist movements more gently or irresponsibly than the Indian Govt. has.
            Following an anti-India Islamist policy in Kashmir the Indian governments, one after the other, have heavily contributed in worsening the socio-political and administrative conditions in the state. However, now the State is at a point when the lines of regional, ethnic, religious and cultural boundaries for confrontation are drawn.  When interpreted in an honest and non-prejudicial manner the ongoing agitations in various regions of the state at this point in time have become a well demarcated war between patriotic and anti-India pro-Pak separatist forces. In this struggle in view of the federal government’s erroneous policy the loyal and patriotic citizens of India residing in J&K State have been on the receiving end for the past six decades.
            Kashmir has already become the epicenter of Islamic terrorism which has spread its tentacles through out the length and breadth of India . Kashmiri Islamists have participated in most of the major terrorist bombings including the one meant to blow up the Indian parliament and kill parliamentarians. Now these terrorists can strike at will any time and any where. In reality leaving a state Govt., its resources and personnel and entire apparatus and the largest amount of federal aid drawn from Delhi at the disposal of the Islamic fundamentalists and followers of Osama bin Laden is clearly tantamount to aiding the Islamic plans to destroy India. Beginning with outlawing the Islamic jihad in India this irrational and dangerous policy must change. The violation of the ban on jihad must be punishable with death. Keeping India ’s own demographic compulsions and infiltration by the soldiers of jihad trained in the jihad factories of
 Pakistan and Bangladesh in mind enforcing such a law in the country is absolutely necessary.
            India must also ban all contributions made by Saudi charities to religious and educational institutions in Kashmir as they are almost always politically motivated for preaching and spreading Wahabbism. The Sunnis of Kashmir by virtue of being Pakistanis are not entitled to any Haj subsidies from Indian or J&K and therefore, must be denied the same. Last year J&K sent the largest Muslim group for Haj pilgrimage. 
            The unchallenged public declarations by the Islamists that they are Pakistanis has landed the state at the top of a new judicial and constitutional volcano raising the fundamental  question i.e., Can the self pronounced Pakistanis be allowed to rule over the  loyal and patriotic citizens of India in their own country? Under the tenets of her own jurisprudence India has neither power nor rights to force the Buddhists of Ladakh, Pandits & Sikhs of Kashmir, Dogras, Gujjars and Bakarwaals of Jammu to submit to the rule of the Sunni Muslims of Kashmir valley who as Pakistanis have enmass declared their allegiance and loyalty with Pakistan . This leads the constitutional scholars to believe that even if the Shri Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti were to call off its agitation, for which obviously there is no possibility, the political situation in the state and mechanism of distribution of power has changed for ever. The above stated ethnic
 communities (Buddhists, Pandits, Sikhs, Dogras, Gujjars, Bakarwaals and others) will not allow themselves to be ruled ever again by the self confessed Pakistanis of Kashmir valley. On the other hand it is their right and responsibility to refuse accepting and/or recognizing a Govt. in J&K set up by Pakistanis.  From their standpoint things cannot be allowed to be as usual any more. The Indian authorities will be acting outside the legal boundaries set forth by the Indian Constitution should they condemn the loyal Indian citizens to subjugation under the rule of Pakistanis within the territorial jurisdiction of the Indian Union. Thus the mockery of democracy in J&K perpetuated by New Delhi and Srinagar over the years is about to be buried under its own weight.
            Under these circumstances the two viable alternatives available to India for resolving this unrest are either deny the right of vote to all those who have openly and publicly declared themselves to be the citizens of India’s mortal enemy i.e., Pakistan – as Pakistanis cannot exercise franchise in India, or undertake the much awaited and demanded new political reorganization of J&K State. Such reorganization will divide the state in four politically equal and autonomous parts i.e., Ladakh, Panun Kashmir, Kashmir and Jammu . Given the traditional strategy of pampering of the Sunnis by GOI over the years they are expected to make hue and cry claiming that Indian Hindus were robbing them of their legitimate right of ruling the J&K state by breaking up the state. They have tasted blood and they are not going to give it up without fighting back and expressing their indignation – a usual tactic applied by Islamists. There is
 however, one more pragmatic option for reorganizing the state without breaking it up yet empowering all communities without discrimination.
                                                CREATE A NEW STATE CALLED “ UNION OF LJPK”
            Under this option a Union of LJPK (representing Ladakh, Jammu , Panun Kashmir and Kashmir ) be created, in which all newly created four autonomous regions will rule themselves democratically and independently of each other. However, the matters pertaining to the state as a whole will fall in the portfolio of the state and will be determined and deliberated upon by the state legislature composed of equal number of elected representatives from all regions. A system of rotation should be used for composing the cabinets and appointing Chief Ministers. However, the state will not interfere in the internal affairs of the regions without the express consent and permission of the regional authorities and the regions will be free to design their relationship with India and her Constitution. This formula will enfranchise and empower the entire population of the state without eroding the territorial integrity of the state. Those persons of
 the autonomous regions particularly of  the region of Kashmir still expressing their allegiance with Pakistan should be free even encouraged to go to the land of their choosing.