Stable Pakistan not in India’s interest

Date: 20 Sep 2008


With reference to the learned artilce below  (Stable Pakistan not in India’s interest By Bharat Verma):

Now we are all wiser in HINDSIGHT.
In 1947 while signing the most humiliating, preposterous & unimaginable UNCONDITIONAL surrender of ONE THIRD of India, territorially, there was not a wink of hesitation or regret. Nor has there been any, since.

None of our great celebrated leaders had the guts to throw the gauntlet before the Mohammedan BULLIES. The renowned barrister-at-law, Jawaharlal Nehru, and another bar-at-law MK Gandhi, could not muster wits & guts to put forth a single argument, nor did they insist on referendum, leave aside rallying the nation to take on the aggressor "on sea, land and in air" as Winston Churchill had declared in the DARKEST HOUR of British history in 1940.

They were in such a hurry to SURRENDER Patriotism, Secularism, Territory and Honour that they went BLIND to their own strength and forces at their disposal.

Firstly, Invoke & INSIST upon the UNIVERSAL code of Secularism & Tolerance, as opposed to the oppressive, savage, brutal and INTOLERANT ideology of Islam.

Secondly, they could threaten RETALIATION (on paper if not on land) by laying down at least some conditions and counter demands. 

Thirdly, they could mention EXCHANGE OF POPULATIONS.

Fourthly, they could MOBILISE armed resistance if needed. History is full of such examples of armed resistance, eg., ANC in South Africa, Partisans in France and Yugoslavia during World War 2, and in Eastern Europe in 1991. At home, the Marathas, Rajputs and the Sikhs are the best examples of determined and sustained ARMED RESISTANCE against the hated Islamic rule over Hindusthan for centuries.

Fifthly, they could write up a Constitution like that of WEST Germany in which the Ideal of Reunification was enshrined in Article 1.

Of course ALL THE PEOPLE of India at that time were not "EUNUCHS" or "SHEEP". Did we not have communities, steeled by earlier resistance to ISLAM, like our Rajputs, Marathas, Gurkhas and the SIKHS? All they needed was ONE word: "RISE!" from our top leaders.

All combined, they could become a TSUNAMI that was more than enough to drown Mohammed & his Koran across the length and breadth of AKHAND BHARAT of that time. 

Avoiding FIGHT with the barbarian simply POSTPONED the "final solution" with regard to the re-birth of hated ISLAMIC RULE across Hindustan versus Victory of Secularism and (individual & collective) Civil Liberties and Dignity of Daughters of HInd. We are already seeing the situation getting worse by the hour.

The learned author is quite right in asserting, "Stable Pakistan is not in the interest of PARTITIONED India". But where are the guts to declare Partition null & void, until a final solution is found to the eternal fundamental CLASH OF HINDU MUSLIM IDEOLOGIES, or until EXCHANGE OF POPULATION is accomplished under the motto, "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER". 

But first of all we have to take the biggest historic event of Partition on board in our own minds and national psyche which have been numbed and dulled by Congress Party & Rulers who have continuously called it by no other name but "Independence" for more than six decades. 

American veterans returning home from Korea in 1950's were DE-BRAINWASHED. But who will de-brainwash the entire Hindu nation now? Simply look at Lok Sabha and see all the MP's, the Voice of Nation, cowering at the feet of one Italian born Ms. Maino. Her smile and nod of approval are the biggest "joy & reward" for all the cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister of one billion.

Before we leap across to Pakistan, we need to examine very carefully the mess that Congress and its Allies (Italy & Islam) have created at home, including the (avoidable) mischievous and malicious attack on Golden Temple in 1984, the expulsion of Hindus from the Valley, the ongoing bombs exploding all over, the selective assassinations, and the current bloodshed in Orissa which is getting so much publicity in the world due to Christian dominated "secular" media.

India's frontiers are more porous than ever before, considering the millions of Bangladeshis who have gained entry illegally. The last but not the least threat to national survival is the rapid & disproportionate growth of Muslim population with long term dangers of a general uprising as we saw in 1947 and as we see now in Kashmir.

MK Gandhi who held the destiny of Bharat in his hands lived in great TERROR of Islam and slept RECONCILED to the creation of Pakistan on the soil of India. His negative motivation stemmed from the fact that he had NO confidence in his Hindu following to rise, to defend his Secular India against the onslaught by INDIGENOUS Muslims. 

Considering them all "sheep" and fearing their complete annihilation, he agreed to the surrender of FIVE provincial capitals (Hyderabad in Singh, Quetta in Baluchistan, Peshawar in NWFP, Lahore in PUnjab and Dhaka in Bengal), sacrificing their HINDU inhabitants.

When JL Nehru, the autocrat, took over BROKEN BHARAT he failed completely in patching the gaping leaks in the hull of SS BHARAT. Instead, through selfish, dynastic vested interests he widened those leaks, cracks and crevices with the result that SS BHARAT started taking in water immediately after he sat in Prime Minister's chair. All the despicable, lacklustre, nincompoop and stooge RASHTRAPATIS and RASHTRAPITAS went along with all the spiritual, moral and ideological decomposition of social fabric and rampant corruption including commission taken by BOFORS CHOR from Swedish Gun Company BOFORS. Have we seen any PRESIDENT insist on the completion of his trial and the verdict?

The way forward is giving guts back to the gutless Hindus, UNITING the disunited Hindus like all the drops of PETROL in a petrol tank rather than let them exist detached & de-linked from each other like the separate isolated grains of sand in a pit.

Up to now the tall Hindu LEADERSHIP have failed to either refute that bogus Hindu Killer PARTITION or designate 15th of August as BLACK DAY to commemorate the unconditional surrender of five provinces and the genocide of Hindus where today Pakistan boasts of having nearly 99% MUSLIM population.

This is the challenge for the Hindu leadership right now. Grabbing INITIATIVE and moving with DYNAMISM, there is need for seminars and discussions on how to avert the approaching end of it all. The landscape of Delhi will soon resemble that of Lahore.

There is dire need of abolishing all the futile Foundations named after Nehru, Indira and Rajiv, etc., but to create a HINDU THINK TANK instead, well resourced and funded and possessing strong media. Alternatively, States need to be ENCOURAGED to demand autonomy like the states in European Union and in the USA.

At least ONE of these 29 states could comprehend the QUAGMIRE that the Centre has become and then declare itself to be Sovereign Hindu Republic of ......................

Now WHO will stand up on this sinking Hindu ship where huge chunks of structure, like North Kashmir and East Bengal, have already fallen off and rot & rust in weakening the rest of the body? 

We MUST insist on the return of Hindus to Srinagar and of the Sikhs to Lahore. If this challenge is too big, then we are all too small. Something must be done urgently so that we grow tall again.

20 Sep 08

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Stable Pakistan not in India’s interest
By Bharat Verma

Issue: Vol. 23.3

Indians pose the biggest threat to the union of India. The reason is simple. An average Indian does not constitute a nation but is merely an individual. His personal well-being overrides all other
considerations including the national interests. Therefore, many have begun to propagate parting of Kashmir in their write-ups, since it does not belong individually to them. However, imagine the hue and cry if their personal property and family is held
hostage by the terrorists. They will sing a different tune!
The blame lies with New Delhi. For the past sixty years, instead of consolidating the Union, leaders encouraged divisiveness on the basis of religion and caste for sheer vote bank politics. Instead of unifying its citizenry with good governance and increasing their stakes through prosperity, so that they may serve the cause of the nation with honor, it has treated its citizens with unprecedented shabbiness. The result is groups of citizens have risen against the state, mostly for lack of economic progress and denial of justice. Such disgruntled groups are being taken advantage of by the external forces inimical to India.

There can never be unity in diversity. Unity requires a fair amount of uniformity in laws throughout the Union.
That New Delhi is its own enemy became obvious, when it permitted the creation of a pure Islamic State on its borders. This nation-state contradicts every democratic and multi-cultural values dear to India. Therefore, if New Delhi has not slept a wink since the creation of Pakistan, it has no one except itself to blame!
Islamabad, besides the wars it imposed on New Delhi, extended its so-called Islamic purity to the Kashmir Valley by instigating the locals to carry out ethnic cleansing of the minority communities.
Hence, first we created a state with inbuilt characteristic of
fundamentalism, and extreme philosophy contrary to our professed
beliefs; then the monster in it started ethnic cleansing in the
Valley; and engineered demographic changes through Bangladesh in West Bengal, Assam and the Northeast. Saudi Arabia and other Islamic oil-rich countries pitched in with the petro-dollars in support. All in the cause of the illusion called Ummah and establishing the Caliphate!
The Indian leadership for its personal vote-bank gains helped these inimical forces by bringing the IMDT in Assam. Later, it was slammed as illegal by the Supreme Court. Too late - the damage was done, as the Union’s overburdened security forces, grapple with 15 million illegal Bangladesh infiltrators creating mayhem in the society.
Islamabad, Dhaka, and now Kathmandu, spurred on by  Beijing, have
united with the singular agenda to unhook the Valley and the Northeast from the Union. In addition, they are instigating the Maoists who control almost forty percent of the Union’s territory, to set up a parallel government, and ultimately, like the Maoists in Nepal, win the elections in pockets of their influence, and impose a regressive authoritarian governments in tune with their own regime. Simple. Brilliant. And yet, New Delhi, instead of consolidating and unifying the Union, continues to divide its citizenry in religious or caste denominations.
In the past sixty years, New Delhi’s muddle-headed policies encouraged separatism.

Instead of ensuring diffusion of secular pan-Indian culture, and
integration of the society by encouraging Indians from all over to buy and develop land and industry in the Valley and the Northeast, it imposed restrictions on such settlements. Meanwhile, Pakistan and Bangladesh exported their fundamentalist populations to change the demographic hues in their favour. The ugly separatist face of the agitation in the Valley today is the consequence of the dereliction of the fundamental duty by the Union. The trend needs to be reversed forcibly by integrating the Valley firmly into the Indian mainstream by creating a secular mix of population through industrialisation. Many conveniently propose the myth that a stable Pakistan is in India’s favour. This is a false proposition. The truth is that Pakistan is bad news for the Indian Union since 1947-stable or otherwise.
It is factually correct that Islamabad has enjoyed brief periods of stability in the span of sixty years of its existence. However, during these phases of stability, it continued to export terrorism, fake currency, narcotics, and indulged in attempts to change demographics on our borders, cultivated sleeper cells and armed groups inside our territory to create an uprising at an appropriate time. Also, it aligned with Beijing and other powers, in a mutually beneficial scheme, to tie-down and ultimately cause a territorial split of the Union. With Pakistan on the brink of collapse due to massive internal as well as international contradictions, it is matter of time before it ceases to exist.
Multiple benefits will accrue to the Union of India on such demise. If ever the national interests are defined with clarity and prioritised, the foremost threat to the Union (and for centuries before) materialised on the western periphery, continuously. To defend this key threat to the Union, New Delhi should extend its influence through export of both, soft and hard power towards Central Asia from where invasions have been mounted over centuries.  Cessation of Pakistan as a state facilitates furtherance of this pivotal national objective. The self-destructive path that Islamabad chose will either splinter
the state into many parts or it will wither away-a case of natural
progression to its logical conclusion. In either case Baluchistan will achieve independence. For New Delhi this opens a window of opportunity to ensure that the Gwadar port does not fall into the hands of the Chinese. In this, there is synergy between the political objectives of the Americans and the Indians. Our existing goodwill in Baluchistan requires intelligent leveraging.

Sindh and most of the non-Punjabi areas of Pakistan will be our new friends. Pakistan’s breakup will be a major setback to the Jihad Factory, as the core of this is located in Pakistan, and functions with the help of its army and the ISI. This in turn will ease pressures on India and the international community.
With China’s one arm, i.e. Pakistan disabled, its expansionist plans will receive a severe jolt. Beijing continues to pose primary threat to New Delhi. Even as we continue to engage with it as constructively as possible, we must strive to remove the proxy. At the same time, it is prudent to extend moral support to the people of Tibet to sink Chinese expansionism in the morass of insurgency. For a change, let us do to them what they do to us!
The chances of Central Asia getting infected with the Jihadi fervour will recede. Afghanistan will gain fair amount of stability. India’s access to Central Asian energy routes will open up. With disintegration of ISI’s inimical activities of infiltration and pushing of fake currency into India, from Nepal and Bangladesh will cease. Within the Union social harmony will improve enormously. Export of Islamic fundamentalism, with its 360-degree sweep from Islamabad, will vanish. Even a country like Thailand will heave a sigh of relief!

Above all, the gathering storm of threat from a united group of
authoritarian regimes along our 14,000 km borders, orchestrated and synchronised by Pakistan will dissolve. At the height of the recent disturbances in the Valley, when a general asked me for a suggestion to resolve the issue, I said: ” Remove Pakistan. The threat will disappear permanently.”  Today the collapse of Pakistan as a state is almost certain. All the King’s men cannot
save it from itself. Looking ahead, New Delhi should formulate an appropriate strategy for ‘post-Pakistan scenario’ to secure India’s interests in Central Asia. It is intriguing, therefore, to hear New Delhi mouthing the falsehood that stable Pakistan is in India’s favour. Perpetuation of such illogic for vote-bank politics is harming consolidation and integration of the Union. Short-sighted politicians as usual are overlooking the national interest for the short-term personal gains of few votes!

Bharat Verma, 
Editor Indian Defence Review