Date: 28 Sep 2008




I listened to your programme on WORLD SERVICE which ended before 1 a.m. GMT today, 29 sep 08.

The writer of the book on Gandhi, Mr Rama Chandran, emphasised the quality of NON VIOLENCE.

I am totally amazed that he is so IGNORANT about the lethal consequence of such an ideology for a human being as well as a country.

Gandhi was so stuck to his doctrine of NON VIOLENCE that when in 1947 the MUSLIM ONSLAUGHT under the VIOLENT Islamic Ideology of Mr MA JINNAH developed suddenly like TSUNAMI, we found Gandhi totally PARALYSED.

Mr Gandhi was the TOP LEADER of India at the time and his collapse meant that his India had to unconditionally surrender ONE THIRD OF her territory that became Pakistan. 

About two million innocent citizens of India were massacred through VIOLENCE and over 15 million were displaced from their homes as a direct result of his non violence. They cursed Gandhi profusely. For that loss of life and TERRITORY Gandhi deserved to be hanged to death.

His NON VIOLENCE has another face- of a treacherous DYNASTY making good use of his name and staying on and on in power. How else could the political power in PARTITIONED India come down to Indira and then to her son Rajiv and now to the Italian born Sonia GANDHI?

Nehru's daughter, Indira, after marrying one FEROZE KHAN, a 
MOHAMMEDAN in Allahabad, had saved her political fortune by dropping "KHAN" and adopting the surname "GANDHI". That "Gandhi" is now being exploited to the fullest extent by the goons and pretenders. Does it not amount to VIOLENCE of another kind?

I would like to ask you about the doctrine of "VIOLENCE" as practised by Sir Winston Churchill. Instead of capitulating before the NAZIS he took up the FIGHT and saved freedom in this country.

Thanks to Churchill's "VIOLENCE", you are on your own homeground. Due to Gandhi's COWARDICE (another name for NON VIOLENCE) fifteen million HINDUS & SIKHS of Pakistani origin are NOT on their own homeground today. They became wretched REFUGEES because Gandhi remained non violent till his own ignominious DEATH at the hands of a patriot.

Some compare Gandhi to Jesus, forgetting that Gandhi's following still lie crushed under the BOOT of Sonia GANDHI from Italy and are unable to even recover North Kashmir while followers of Jesus have gone out to Iraq and Afghanistan to teach a lesson to the terrorists to destroyed the WTC towers in New York and killed the innocent passengers on London tubes.

May God NOT give a Gandhi to any country on earth since in the case of GANDHI, "non violence" was DESPICABLE COWARDICE.

0115 hrs. GMT