Date: 04 Oct 2008



Appearances are deceptive in Bharat.

" Hats off to the brave soldiers" (Subject line above) but do NOT take your eyes off the ENEMY (Congress- Italy & Islam) standing directly behind them with a machine gun."


A prisoner was denied food for several days. Then the warden brought him some dry bread. The starving prisoner ate it at once. To him it was like a piece of cake.

We need to look at this one off success by our brave jawans in realistic context.

The army is not autonomous but functions under the Will of POLITICAL masters. When these political masters are traitors, very rarely in history does the army shoot them dead. 

But when the political leadership are traitors (Hindu bashing) on one hand but super clever and sophisticated on the other hand) it becomes really hard to assess one off achievement like this. 

The question is, "Is the ruling establishment happy over the success of our brave jawans?" I believe that at heart they are mourning like the friends of the terrorists killed in Kashmir. They are the extension of the same Will of BANDIT NEHRU who secretly rejoiced while surrendering five provinces to Islam without a single condition, but whose heart cried out when our troops were advancing in North Kashmir and recovering our own TERRITORY. You are welcome to differ.

Now let us look at our brave Jawans from Day 1, when "GANDHI got us Independence" but NOT PARTITION. 

Our brave Jawans (and their generals) then spared the life of traitor Nehru when he surrendered Lahore. They were happy that he "captured" Delhi.

By the way, the invasion of Kashmir was deliberately planned and carried out in collusion with the British in order to divert the nation's full attention to the defence of Kashmir while forgetting the surrender of vast territories at Partition. Nehru acted like a seasoned chess player.

The brave Jawans did not shoot him dead when he stopped them from advancing in North Kashmir. They were brainwashed (like morons) to feel satisfied and happy to get peace AT ANY COST.

Our armed forces went along like mercenaries to liberate East Pakistan, eventually FOR ISLAM. 

They did not shoot Indira Khanum dead for committing HIGH TREASSON by returning the TERRITORY (intrinsically our own) to the ENEMY. 

Like the rest of the enslaved nation they did not have the brains to question, "HEY! IS SHE ON OUR SIDE OR ON THE SIDE OF THE ENEMY?" That vital question is still not heard anywhere in Bharat.

They even followed BOFORS CHOR's orders to go down to Sri Lanka to KILL Tamils who originally came from Tamil Nadu. None in the whole country expected Prime Minister Rajiv Khan to use our brave Jawans like that but ALL OF US ought to have expected him to follow the example of TURKEY that liberated Northern Cyprus for the TURKISH minority on the Island.

The mercenary Indian army did not shoot Indira Gandhi dead when she sent our brave Jawans, many SIKHS among them, the traditional backbone of Indian army, to attack Golden Temple thus alienating the Sikh community by causing UNNECESSARY & needless grievous harm and irreparable damage to their image among the Hindus.  

Under the Witch's Will our brave Jawans burnt down a very precious Reference Library as well as the unique historic BUILDING, Sri Akal Takht Sahib, that housed original scriptures and many artefacts from the time of Sikh Gurus. That Operation destroyed precious Sikh HERITAGE in those couple of days just as bloodthirsty invader Babur had destroyed the Grand Temple in Ayodhya within a couple of days. Indira, a MUSALMANI under HINDU NAME, could have used the brave Jawans to LIBERATE North Kashmir, instead.

Indian Army is great. Under British command they NEVER ceased fire but fought till the enemy was totally smashed and swore never to fight against them again.

The present encounter in South Kashmir is of tactical value while in STRATEGIC terms the army is doomed under Congress (NEHRU-GANDHI DYNASTY) and the rest of our rotten POLITICAL leadership in Bharat, who can accept the surrender of Lahore & Multan, dare not raise any memorial to the FIVE PROVINCES lost on one day (15 Aug 47), dare not establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum, who have deleted the word PARTITION from Constitution and merely watch our brave Jawans getting killed and blown up day in and day out in North East and in South Kashmir. 

Where is the MEMORIAL to the historic capture of East Bengal in 1972? Any other country would have erected one taller than INDIA GATE in New Delhi that was raised as a Salute to the JAWANS of India who fought in World War 1. 

Only a truly patriotic and nationalistic Government in the future will raise such a Memorial to the courage, PATRIOTISM and sacrifice of our brave Jawans that will be taller than EIFFEL TOWER in Paris, another visible tribute to the valour of French soldiers. Is Bharat not bigger than France?

The trouble with our PEOPLE is that like that starving PRISONER we do not expect any food from our treacherous ("desh dhrohi"/HINDU BASHING) Sarkar. So we rejoice over one small victory like seeing a piece of bread after being starved to near death.

As a nation we have FAILED to expect. We are RESIGNED to whatever our leaders deliver or throw at us. Our people are not like those in truly FREE countries where people shout to their rulers as to WHAT THEY EXPECT and if the rulers do not deliver, the people show them the DOOR. 

It is impossible for any democracy to live and suffer under ONE family for six decades. Are we going to match, or beat, the record of SOVIET UNION that lasted 70 years (1919 till 1989)?

So if we HINDUS remain CRUSHED like the enslaved Russians in the Soviet Union then we have to suffer another 9 years before we (NATIVES of BHARAT) take over. 

So, despite the bravery of our jawans, we must live another DECADE under Congress Sway till Sonia hands over to Rahul who will then meet the fate of his father at an election rally in the year 2017 AD. (That will be 70 years since 1947, to match the long period of slavery of the Russian people.)

We ought to realise by now that this leadership tolerates our armed forces with a feeling of deep grudge. They see them as serious violators of Gandhian ethics of NON VIOLENCE TILL DEATH. They regard them as a necessary EVIL. They perceive them as the real ENEMY.

Are we not informed of the present widespread unrest among the armed forces who are planning to go on "indefinite hunger strike all over India" with effect from 20 Oct 08?

We must find out the causes of frustration and anger in our armed forces and then give full backing to our brave Jawans. Otherwise we shall see our enemies (occupying high posts in Bharat) betray them to be slaughtered. 

At one time there was only one Jai Chand who betrayed Prithvi Raj and among the Sikhs there was only one Teja Singh who betrayed the Khalsa Army to the British. Today with a very few noble exceptions the LOK SABHA in New Delhi is full of Jai Chands and Teja Singhs . These "dogs and bitches" are BEYOND LAW. So none of them is in jail.

One successful encounter should not blind us to the rapid rise in MUSLIM numbers, including millions of illegal Bangladeshis at large, and the day to day increase in killings going on across India, the latest case being the assassination of a revered Swamiji by the Christians in Orissa. 

The army is still shining due to discipline given by the British rulers. Unscrupulous native ministers and leaders, sitting at the feet of Sonia Maino, urging her to replace Manmohan by Rahul, will betray Bharat as well as our brave Jawans in the end. 

We ought to realise that the relentless WAR that Congress (Italy & Islam) is silently fighting is to wipe out the Hindus by Secular Hammer under Gandhian ethics.

We must struggle on in order to see a truly native Government when Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya starts going up, when the army gets orders to cross into North Kashmir or when they manage to send the BOGUS Rashtramata to ITALY.

We must EXPECT the WHOLE, not a tiny bit and then rest. We must put the one tiny success in the context of a hundred failures (cease fires and surrenders).

Please EXPECT a lot of our Prime Minister as the British people expected of Winston Churchill or as our own ancestors expected of our true leaders like Chatrapati Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh ji.

4 Oct 08