Date: 05 Oct 2008


Those who wish to have a referendum in Kashmir could have one, provided a similar referendum also takes place in the whole of India, to decide whether the partition of India in 1947 was legitimate or not, or done with the majority vote. There should be no double standards in any part of India.
Those who wish to claim that they are not free in a democratic and secular India where equality for every citizen is enshrined in the constitution and where everyone has a vote, are in fact using religion to get something for nothing. 

They are also hoping to repeat what their previous generation did in West Punjab and East Bengal, i.e., EXTERMINATE the surviving Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir Valley, too.

They played that OBSCENE & VULGAR Card in 1947 when India was a British colony and despicable TRAITORS like "Bast*rd" Jawaharlal Nehru & COWARDS like "Cow" MK Gandhi spoke for INDIA and her SECULARISM.
Using religion is easier than using MERIT. Using religion is always convenient when people lack the ability to compete with the rest of Indians. The religious card always works to produce separatists, terrorists, suicide bombers, Mujahideen and Fidayeen. 

So Indians, BEWARE.  No more break up of our Motherland. 

The first step is to WIPE OUT those traitors in PARLIAMENT OF INDIA who have still not abolished Article 370 of India's Constitution.