A few quotations.TIME TO THINK & WAKE UP

Date: 03 Dec 2008


A few quotations.
Time to rethink.

 There are a few quotations which are used by almost all the public speakers in India and Indians in talks and discussions to prove their point and that is usually done to dominate the people in a small to massive public gatherings. I have  found that most of the times these are misquoted.These are quoted   as slogans and according to the speakers that is the final word and they end the discussion .Unfortunately these quotations are so deeply imbedded in their mind that most of the people do not wish to hear the views of the opposite  side.
These quotations are:

1.AHINSA  PARMO DHAMAH – this means non violence is the supreme  religion or principle.  According to its preachers mostly saints,Dharm Gurus, Pandits ,Jains and Buddhists,Mohandas Karamchand  Gandhi  and  his followers etcs. for  nearly over 2500 years , it has been deeply imbibed in Hindu psychie, that.must be practiced all the time and every time in all situations.
Unfortunately this is  half  of the quotation .I have asked many scholars of Hindu scripture about its origin or source but I could not find the satisfactory answer.  And none of them new the full quotation.                                                                                                                                           Why did I doubt about this quotation? Firstly I doubted that it did  not look right to me  when you read Mahabharat and Ramayan and many ancient stories which are full of wars,and conflicts.  There were countless wars between gods and demons with simple to most powerful weapons.When you see  the statues of our gods and goddesses  in temples you find them heavily equipped with weapons.To my mind there was always a doubt that this quotation is not from Ved. So one day I found the full quotation and full quotation is:
AHINSA  PARMO DHARMAH, DHARMA HINSA TATHAIVACH this means non-violence is a supreme Dharma or  principle but righteous violence is equally supreme.
But this  half truth has already done enormous and incalculable harm to Hindus and unfortunately even now only half truth being preached and taught by all religious speaker and this quotation is being used by non Hindus to keep Hindus under the thumb.

2. SARV  DHARMA SAMBHAVA- means all religions are equal.This  quotation  was coined by Gandhi’s associates to use this to unite Hindus and Muslims . Mohandas karamchand Gandhi  used it extensively in his lectures.public meetings and prayers.Hindus accepted it because this sounds like quotation from  Hindu scriptures as it is in Sanskrit but this quotation is not from Hindu scriptures according to scholars.Unfortunately nobody questioned Gandhi or any leaders in 1930s. as a result Hindus  started reading of religious books of other religions in temples  but  Muslims and Christians  never allowed  recitation of  Hindu scriptures in  their religious establishments and gatherings.
Gandhi further polluted Hindu Bhajans and religious gatherings by introducing names of non Hindu gods.
I have never heard ALLAH  ISHWAR TERO NAAM  SAB KO SANMATI DE BHAGWAN--- in non Hindu religious establishments or gatherings but Hindus have carried on.
It is Hindu leaders and Hindus who shout at the top of their voice that all religions are equal but none of the other religious preacher ever says this and Hindus say it because of ignorance and lack of knowledge and it is sad .
This quotation has proved to be suicidal for Hindus and they have failed to realise this bitter truth yet.
This is a white lie to say that all religions are equal and those Hindus, Hindu saints, preachers and political leaders who say this are not only liars but are gutless, cowards,enemies of Hindus and are responsible  for the humiliation of Hindus and Hindusthan.
If all religions were equal then there would not have been the problems facing us today for the last 2000 years.

3.APANE PADOSI KO PYAR KARO  means love thy neighbour. This is a very impractical advise.
If we take the human psychology and history of mankind great many problems we come across  are  from our neighbours. 
Same is true about neighbouring nations and root cause of the wars and conflicts have been due to greed and power to dominate and exploit and rule over others.
Here one should follow the Chanakyaniti that view the neighbour as a potential enemy and be alert and careful.You must    be strong and safe guard own interests cleverly and never fall in the tricks of others .

4.VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBKUM   means  that whole world is one family.This  is a very noble thought and sounds good and great and we should keep this ideal before us but this is  far from the ground reality. Take the history of nations, families , keith and kins . we find full of unhappiness,exploitation ,conflicts , wars ,tragedies again because of greed and power.
This is  nice to aim but it must not be a national policy.
Indian  parliament has inscribed this quotatoin on its wall  that shows immaturity.
This quotation is not from Ved. This is from Hitopadesh.
Indian leaders like J.L.Nehru because of their  weakness in character,short sightedness and day dreaming caused enormous sufferings to Hindus   by such slogans,   Hindu  Muslim Bhai Bhai  and Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai as a consequences Pakistan and China have become permanent enemies so there are wars and conflicts all the time with neighbours.

5. Atithi devo bhava means that guest is like a god or treat the guest like a god.
 Here one must not follow this blindly and always make sure that guest deserves the hospitability or not.

6. Swatantrata hamara janma siddha adhikar hai means  that freedom is our birth right.
The freedom does not come easy it needs unity and sacrifices to achieve it and it is still harder to remain free and for this a country needs discipline,patriotism,  strength,honesty in administration and work and above all sacrifices to destroy the enemies in the bud. We can see many independent nations but they are not free in true sense of the word freedom.

7.Satyamev jayate  means that truth triumphs.For truth to win over evil and untruth  one has to work and dedicate all efforts  and fight with all means for truth to triumph.
This is not enough to quote and write it on letterheads.
8.Sathe sathyam samacharet means that treat the wicked in his own wicked way.
This you can only do if you are strong physically,intteletually,organisationally, and ready to teach the lesson  wicked person or wicked organisation or wicked nation .

 9.Karyam sadhyami wa deham patyami means that Do or Die for the duty and higher ideals.

10.VEER  BHOGYA  VASUNDHARA means that brave shall enjoy the fruits of land. The weaker people or banana republics have no place in the world. The history of human race  tells us that  might is right  and only those survive who are fittest to rule.One can argue that right is might but to prove that right is might also needs some short of might to prove it.Take the history of India you would agree that Hindus have been slave for 1235 years[1947- 712 =1235] since 712 A.D. First under the Muslims  until18 th. century and then under Christians from Denmark,France,Portugal and Britain until 15 Aug.1947 but again under Christian Sonia Maino Gandhi  at present.
Our scriptures tell us the right and honourable things but we have failed to take these  teachings seriously and that is why we are suffering.

11.Vajradapi  kathorami, kushumadapi komalami means  that you should be strong like a diamond in your patriotism and principles and sensitive  or soft  like a flower for weak and helpless.

12.KOU NRIP HOI HAME KA HANI  means that let anybody be king  does not matter.
This is  the apathy , deeply  rooted in masses and a contributing factor for the failure of democracy in India because half the population do not use the ballot papers.
13. Negations by Hindus:This  is a very serious problem in Hindus that they deny  what is their own and copy the west and hate their own culture. 
14. Secularism means Nastiktavad; Hindus take false pride in calling themselves secular without knowing the meaning of the word secular and secularism.Secularism – the belief that state morals,education etc should be independent of religion but in India it is not so and there is  open appeasement of Mualims and Christians for their support to get their votes in election by Congress and communists. This is taking the nation to  destruction. The most vulgar and disgusting form of secularism is being practiced by the politicians  in India.
The post independence government under J.L.Nehru introduced this vulgar doctrine in the administration and politics which has divided  country at family level. Earlier Indians were divided in four castes of Hindus, one Sikhs, one Christian and one Muslim but now Indians are divided up to subatomic level by politicians to rule and exploit the masses for greed and power.
Christian rulers from England ruled India by creating further deep divisions between Hindus and Muslims and giving special favours to Muslims, Christians and Anglo –Indian Christians in jobs,administration,military education.Christian missionaries were 
Divide and rule was the essesnce  of British policy in India for nearly 200 years of BritishRaj . Greatest tragedy  of India is that the same policy was carried on by last English man called Jawaharlal Nehru[ Nehru has written himself and considered himself that he was  Hindu by accident and Muslim by culture and an Englishman by charadter] and his successors in the government.
The secularism as being practiced in India by Congress is the root cause of most of the                 problems in India and is destroying the nation and roots of its  culture,heritatge,traditions,way of living and its existence.
The secularism must be destroyed by Indians before it destroys them and their identity.
Indians must clearly understand that a Muslim cannot be secular and see the map of the world that all the 57 Muslim countries are Islamic nation and their state religion is Islam and non Muslims have no place in those countries and they are living like worse than second class citizen and are under constant humiliation ,conversion,torture and prosecution for no reason.
Koran  and Democracy  are two parallel lines and they can never meet. There is no democracy in none of these 57 Islamic countries. 
15. Majhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair karna: is quote by the Hindu leaders and religious leaders all the time like parrots[Tota ratant] without serious thinking.
I request these leaders and  people at large to read  the Koran and Bible before reciting such baseless and false  slogans.The truth is Majahab teaches the enemity you just have to read Koran and Bible and attend the Friday sermons by Imam, Mullah or a vicar in church.
This quote is from a poem by  a Muslim poet Iqbal from Kashmir, India who sowed the seeds of hatred in minds of Muslims in 1920-30s and was the  chief architect of the division of India on  and formation of Pakistan .Pakistan has proved to be problem state not only for India but for the free democratic world  as it is the factory of Jihadis and terrorists responsible for 9/11 and terrorism in India second to Iraq only.
 This is the quotation from Bible:
Slay all those who do not accept Jesus.------------Bible- Luke 19/27
There are many such commands in Bible and that is the root cause of all the trouble             between Christians and non Christians for the last 2000 years.
Quotations from Koran:
Ash- halu alla ilaha illa-illah means I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah.
Allahu Akbar  means  Allah is the greatest.
There is no God but Allah.
It was the secular policies which led to massive killings of Hindus by Muslims at Noakhali and elsewhere.------------Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya.
Who rules a Muslim  or a Muslim country?
The  king or the president or Prime minister ,the cabinet and the parliament. The answer is NO.
Then who ?
 A Muslim  or a Muslim country is ruled,motivated,inpired,incited,commanded and rewarded by Koran . The Muslim children are  taught at home and Madarssas to hate all non Muslims according to teachings of Koran as taught again and again by Mullas,Muftis, Imams, Ayatullahs on Friday Namaz so their batteries are charged regularly.
What is the aim of Muslims?
 Their aim is to convert the entire population  of the world to Islam and in 14 centuries they have achieved the grand figure of  more than  1400 millions and their number is growing faster than ever before according to WHO-UNO.
The greatest threat is to Hindus because of their secular policies in India where Christians and Muslims are like vulchars converting Hindus to increase their numbers.
If this is not halted  then Hindus would be in minority soon and secularism will die with rise of Islam in  India as it is dead in 57 Muslim countries including Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan neighbouring India.
 What bhappened to millions of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan ?
Has any Hindu  Indian leader ever asked this question to himself or the any of these neighbouring countries?
They have been converted to Islam and those who did not convert to Islam were tortured, killed, assassinated , humiliated, their mothers and sisters were kidnapped, forcefully converted and married to Muslims or led to Harem or prostitution.