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date: 04 dec 2008



your well researched work does interest me. in fact partition is my core interest. i congratulate for having it published.

for the hindus and sikhs there is a parallel with the jews at holocaust.

obviously there are stories where the germans helped some jews to escape but what is most remarkable is the fact that the jews have managed to compile the list of names of close to six million victims and even more remarkable that they have actually established holocaust museums to commemorate those sacrifices.

in our case we have failed collectively as a nation, and individually, in this respect since even more heinous than the indian muslims were our own leaders like gandhi and nehru, both in the pocket of islam, who collapsed before islamic terrorism and conceded pakistan without referendum, argument, challenge, fight or transfer of population.

nehru's high treason was ingenious and exemplary.

having surrendered five provinces unconditionally to islam he devised the idea of getting kashmir invaded in order to lock the nation's attention to that state. 

obviously, nehru feared being lynched by patriots. therefore he deliberately did not put an end to that aggression within days as our troops were advancing rather rapidly, pushing back the raiders. so he took the case to uno where it stalled for years, if not for decades. 

thus up to now the ignorant subservient indian "coolie nation", licking the foot of an italian-born import by bofors chor, is more locked on to the kashmir dispute than the surrender of lahore, karachi, dhaka, quetta and peshawar for which not only the congress party had to be put behind bars or even executed by firing squad but also the koran banned and transfer of population accomplished immediately.

it is in this direction that we see our unfinished task.



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hope you have recovered from the horrendous events of the last few days in mumbai. 

my name is tridivesh singh maini and am based in new delhi. i have co-authored a book -- 'humanity amidst insanity' with two pakistanis on partition where we have examined some of the positive episodes during partition; i.e. where muslims rescued non-muslims and vice-versa. 

we had a book launch at the house of commons on 18th november, the following link provides coverage of the event:

we also got a chance to share our experiences at leicester where the 'legacy of partition project is collecting many such stories:

the book is available from:

i deemed it important to draw your attention to this work since it may interest you.

thanks and warm regards,

thanks and warm regards,

tridivesh singh



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