Date: 07 Dec 2008


High Treason is of two kinds. One where a traitor betrays the location of a small military unit to the enemy and has it wiped out. The other is of the vast and long term crippling consequences for the whole nation as a result of which the entire country is enslaved for centuries, or vast chunks of territory are surrendered unconditionally to the enemy to hold in perpetuity, and worse still, to enable him to reinforce himself and then launch an even more lethal and  devastating attack in order to finish the country completely. 
Nehru's High Treason was in the second category. It was extremely ingenious. He was a barrister-at-law from London and could destroy India as well as save his own skin. Most of us overlook the speed and alacrity with which he signed the unconditional surrender of India on one day thus delivering the most crippling blow to the defense potential of India. It even put a question mark against the ultimate survival of India as a free and secular State.

As a result of his signatures on Partition India lost one third of her surface area overnight whereas at the same time Nehru himself not only escaped being lynched or shot dead for his High Treason but on the contrary was celebrated as the great hero who drove the British masters out of India. Indian media and his ruling establishment raised his stature sky high and projected him as the great reformer, the architect of modern India and the best politician that our Hindu nation EVER had. 

Now let us examine the brilliant strike that smashed India's Integrity, broke the back bone of the Hindu nation, decimated the Sikhs through loss of Lahore, Multan and Sri Nankana Sahib and wiped out India’s dearly held & cherished Secularism in five provinces overnight. How did Nehru do it?
Having agreed to the unconditional surrender of FIVE PROVINCES to Islam without calling for Referendum, challenge or fight, Nehru feared for his life. But he was both clever and cunning. He quickly thought of GETTING KASHMIR INVADED in order to lock the nation's attention to THAT State completely forgetting the fate of FIVE others. 

It was a preposterous but brilliant "hat trick" by Jawaharlal Nehru, rightly called India’s “Traitor of Millennium!” 
Nehru was aware of the anger of the nation and the fierce reaction by most people of India. There was no dearth of brave sons of soil who would kill him on the spot. He feared being lynched by patriots. Invastion of Kashmir, that was lauched at Nehru’s behest, was given great publicity by Indian media. It was in Nehru’s interest to prolong the fighting as long as possible. Therefore Nehru did not put an end to that aggression within days as our troops were advancing rather rapidly-to his acute embarrassment, pushing back the raiders. 

Nehru took the case to UNO where it stalled for YEARS, if not for DECADES. Nehru died in glory, passing on the autocratic rule to his daughter Indira who found the phrase, "INDIRA IS INDIA", coined by world's most slavish media, very flattering.
Indian hat trick turned Partition into Independence and the traitor into a patriot. As a result of this brainwashing, up to now the Indians are seen adoring the Italian-born import by BOFORS CHOR who occupies front seat in our Parliament. 

Still to this day our ancient nation is more locked on to Kashmir dispute than to the surrender of LAHORE, MULTAN, KARACHI, DHAKA, QUETTA AND PESHAWAR for which not only the Congress Party had to be put behind bars, even executed by firing squad, but also the KORAN banned throughout Partitioned India and the TRANSFER OF POPULATION accomplished immediately.
It is in this direction that we see Hindusthan's UNFINISHED task.
The day is bound to come when a nationalist government in Bharat will undertake complete de-brainwashing of the nation and educate every citizen of Bharat on the difference between Partition and Independence.

They will understand history’s greatest cover up when the loss of five provinces was deleted from public memory and none considered the legitimacy or otherwise of partitioning India in 1947. 

People of India may not be able to catch Nehru in order to kill him like Mussolini but at least they will be able to dispel ignorance in order to die in knowledge.

Please consider this: Criminals from the time of World War 2 are still being hunted and brought to justice but what hope for the trial of traitor Nehru when still his Party and Dynasty are ruling India with iron hand? Even the “Constitution of Coolies” (“Vidhan” of Bharat, according to Will of Nehru) does not mention PARTITION nor the ancient cities of LAHORE and MULTAN.

5 Dec 2008.