Date: 10 Dec 2008




(NB: We Hindus respect women. We call them “devi”. In turn our women are staunch HINDU, loyal to family and patriots No. 1.

But what do you do when the corrupt rulers go for foreign women and import to hurt the pride of native Hindu women? What do you do when the sovereign nation becomes servant and slave of such treacherous rulers who never say, “Brown is beautiful.”?  What do you do with Nehru’s daughter who weds a Sunni Muslim and then makes him a “Gandhi”? She was not an ordinary woman but the Prime Minister who kept her conversion to Islam a secret from her loyal subjects.



What do you do with the Prime Minister who put his head at the feet of a poor female from Italy and said, “My Hindustan will be at our feet one day? Marry me.” Later he became BOFORS CHOR under the influence of Italian Mafia.


What do you do with RAHUL Gandhi, M.P., who has his intended spouse in Colombia, land of drugs and Mafia?  He is marked to be the future Prime Minister of Hindustan.


With such rulers, the first casualty is the DIGNITY of our NATIVE WOMEN. They are Ladies, who attend banquets, meet foreign heads of State, travel abroad on behalf of Bharat, who encourage foreign missionaries and mullahs and lure simple and poor Hindus to embrace FOREIGN religions when there is no shortage of Sons and Daughters of God in our own land?.


What do you do when these women in top posts and positions work for DEATH TO HINDUISM?


As a result of this moral decomposition in Bharat, our own talented, smart and intelligent gir4ls and women are forced to look up to their fathers and husbands, who in tur4n are looking up to one or the other of this band of treacherous women who, by no stretch of imagination, are like our own “devis.”?


It ought to be realised that in Hindustan TOP POSTS are given subject to Italian born Sonia KHAN. She in turn would not contemplate giving any key post to a committed Hindu or a “kirpan” carrying KHALSA. She would a woman in order to feel comfortable. If it has to be a man, then better a bachelor ABDUL KALAM than a married Hindu. The end game is that Sonia must feel “comfortable”. To Hell with Hindustan!


Now please read on this scenario with no disrespect to "AURAT" (woman).


Somewhere in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan a group of Taliban have killed a sheep and devouring its flesh. The commander announced to the bored warriors of Mohammed, “DILLI CHALO!” He promised gold, silver and above all maidens. “AURAT, AURAT, AURAT,” he said three times as if to whet t heir appetite for invasion.


The Taliban are twirling their moustaches with glee on hearing this with gleam in their eyes. The reason is one line in Koran that promises VIRGINS to warriors who die KILLING the KAFIRS.


They seem to get hold of some vital information to excite and encourage. The information was relevant when their commander shouted, “DILLI CHALO!”


In the past centuries this call often reverberated across the hills and mountains of HINDUKUISH. Hordes of Afghans used to rally under the flag of Mohammed and rode, ran and walked towards Khyber Pass. Once in Hindustan they found the Hindus an easy prey and scattering in all directions in terror.  The raiders returned with cartloads of gold, silver and maidens. Girls were soon put out to auction in bazaars of Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar. Those who were too old to go to war against Kafirs could now buy these miserable girls, being ogled by lusty men like the sheep for slaughter.


The last time we heard “DILLI CHALO” was in early ‘40s. Subhash Chandra Bose gathered his soldiers and inspired them by this patriotic call. Now we hear it again but this time it is no Saviour or Liberator but KILLERS IN COLD BLOOD.


“Once we have Delhi we shall have the whole of Bharat at our feet,” said their leader Mullah Omar.


“Who is the Supreme Commander of Bharat?” asked one Afghan, thinking of some SWORD WIELDING Hari Singh Nalwa.


“It’s an AURAT.”


“Who is the PRESIDENT there?” asked the soldier in rags and black turban, imagining him to be a seasoned battle hero like Chatrapati Shivaji.


“It’s an AURAT.”


With gleam in eyes another soldier, sitting on an emaciated donkey, asked, “Who is the Rashtramata (Mother of Nation) there?”


It’s an AURAT.


Finally thinking of Delhi, another excited Mujahid asked, “Who is the Chief Minister of Delhi?”


It’s an AURAT, too. Now get on your ponies and horses and, LET’S GO. You will never have so many AURAT facing you in battle.


ALLAH HU AKBAR they shouted,”


They had not reckoned with the mighty KILLER KAFIR, the United States army who had located Osama Bin Laden in the hills nearby. They arrived from the sky and rained down bombs on the Taliban, even those hiding in the caves did not escape the "ticket to virgin filled Paradise"...