Date: 12 Dec 2008


Your article on Sonia Gandhi is quie alright if you don't mind India
being ruled by Muslims which is what is happening right now and the
Hindus converting more and more to Christianity and to Islam and India
being further fragmented.  Hindus in spite of being a majority in
India have little or no say and  are shrinking and Islam has taken
over, more so since independence and with fast speed under Sonia for
her selfish and ambitious motives for her son. Perhaps only those who
have no scruples and respect or love for their religion and country
are the ones who succeed, especially in politics and in writing
eulogies such as yours. Best wishes.

Sonia Gandhi Birthday Dec 09 Post Your

2008-12-09 05:49:38 - Exactly after gap of five years,before the day
of Sonia Birthday,Congress destiny has taken U turn back to glory.
India Congress,the oldest party in the world found itself in deep
trouble and lost Kerala, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand,
Gujarat,Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Bihar, Karnataka and
Nagaland but saving grace in Haryana,Assam, Maharashtra and J&K.

Today on December 9,when the legendary one, the most powerful lady in
the world, Sonia Gandhi, reaches 62 years gets birthday greeting from
her friends,colleagues,in India and abroad.Indians and her party
supporters send her birthday geeting with long and cherished
happy,prosperous,peaceful life.

Sonia Gandhi President of Congress Party gets the best of gift in form
of victory in Delhi,Rajasthan and Mizoram
on the eve of her 62nd birthday. The gift is auspcious, precious as
the Congress Party has suffered more after Parliamentary polls of
2004,looks time has come when Gandians look more comfortable in
campaiging and giving direction to their party and the country at
large.Duo Gandhis,Rahul and Sonia has made an impact on the countrymen
that Congress is party to which can give goverance direction in best
possible manner and help in building global relations.

Sonia remarks at election camapaign "India wants peaceful relations
with all its neighbours, but this should not be taken as a weakness,"
Congress party head Sonia Gandhi told an election rally in Jammu and

Gandhi said terror has no religion and "we will counter it . She said
there will be no compromise with those who are against humanity and
human values. PTI

Sonia Gandhi, has place in history by becoming the President of
India's more than century-old Congress party.She is the third woman of
foreign origin to hold the prestigious post after Annie Beasant and
Nelli Sengupta, Sonia Gandhi also became the fifth from the Nehru
family to take over the Congress reins. The other four were Motilal
Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.She also is
the eighth person of the foreign origin to be the Congress president.
Sonia Gandhi also emulated her husband, mother-in-law and
grandfather-in-law -Rajiv, Indira and Nehru- who all held the two
posts during their career.She is continuing president for more than
Sonia Gandhi, nee Maino, was born in a place called Ovassanjo, 80 km
away from Turin, on Dec. 9, 1946.A Wife of Rajiv Gandhi dwell her into
India's best known family of Nehru-Gandhi in 1968, the 62-year-old
Sonia Gandhi became a primary member of the Congress less than a year
ago before the Calcutta Congress Plenary Session in August 1997.

Since Rajiv's death, Sonia had led a life of near recluse for six
years but for her appearances at a few official functions. She touched
many a heart when she poured out her 'vedna' (agony) at a public
meeting a few years ago in Amethi about the delay in the probe of
Rajiv assassination case.

With dawn of Rajiv era India looks to move ahead in big way with dose
of technology which has triggered India biggest democracy in the world
with its multiple economy layers is an ideal state for the world with
cosmopolitan touch.Each developed country eyes to have business
partners to trigger their economy and in the event of US,EU economy
fluttering with recession,India moves ahead with its band of the
intellectual class spreading across the world,help in building the
globe a better place to live in.

World looks upon our performance with colorful community,the peaceful
existence and development of each segment of society,community with
touch of education and arena of the global market.