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date: 16 dec 2008


first of all, i must thank u fr this wonderful article encompassing various details fm 1947 till date.

my comments which are 100% true & known to me or i have been a witness to such things ,but i have no documentary evidence to prove my story ( in most of all the war arenas , i had been there, fearlessly ) . if i write from 1947 till date , it wd be something like an account of 2nd world war of general, later on marshal montgomry's : "al-alamin to river sangaro " :


1. similarly, i reiterate that it is not possible to give documentary evidence for everything in such cases.


2.nehru's kashmir policy was totally wrong from the very begining; there is a question mark:  whether  it was  his own policy or  knowingly  he did not listen to the brave sardar patel's advices , always over-ruling him, disbelieving him at each step as he knew that people loved him ( sardar ) more than him or there was some thing wrong in his blood as he, by physical looks though  an indian but by his heart & mind, he was a britsh or a muslim .


nehru listened to late shaikh abdulla & mountbatten more than to our own true nationalist leaders like sardar vallabh bhai patel, who was forced by gandhji to accept the deputy prime ministership & home ministry only, reasons best known to gandhi , why he alway favored nehru , whether it was the matter of subhash chandra bose or of sardar vallabh bhai patel.


3. nehru - gandhi had no authority to divide our bharatvarsh into two countries  as was proposed by mountbatten & jinnah, without refrandum . even then, the partition of the country was based on the hindu & muslim population, meaning, wherever hindus were in majority that part of the land / town had to go to bharatvarsh & wherever the muslims were more , that was to go to pakistan.   

even the above critarian was not followed & our india was divided as per the whims of nehru & jinnah duly supported by mountbatten , who in the very first place never wanted to leave india, rather , to recapture our country through both east & west pakistan & about 579 independent states within the country.


4. sardar vallabh bhai patel, the then home minister , had a very tough job in making all the independent 579 indian rulers to accept their merger with their motherland, india. maharaja of jodhpur, even  wanted to personally kill his emmissory, mr kps menon, with his revolver before every one in his courts ( how he saved himself is another story ).


4.1. owing to above personal ambitions of nehru, the three powerful muslim nawabs of hydrabad , bhopal & junagarh had declared their independence , unwilling to merge with india. it was in much later years that they were forced to merge with india. ( hydrabad, after our armed forces police action & rescued over 15,000 of hindu & other nationalities girls from his "harem " ; the nawabs of bhopal & junagarh had run away to pakistan later on. )


5. in kashmir war, had it not been sardar patel, nehru would not have sent our troops to the rescue of maharaja hari singh ; our troops could reach there when pakistani troops were just a few ( said to be ten kms away only) kms away from srinagar , plundering our hindu beautiful women & wealth. thereby, indian armed troops had an uphill task to dislodge the pakistani troops  & recapture our positions & land.


5.1. (it is a long story of kashmir war), nehru was so enamoured with shaikh abdullah that in the same country of india , he was also made the prime minister of kashmir then : has any one heard any such silly thing in the world where a country may have two prime ministers ?


5.2.  secondly, nehru obliged shaikh abdullah , why ? :  to agree his muslim militia to fight with indian armed troops.   indian army never wanted those ill-disciplined muslim militia ( poosibly enemy forces ) to fight for the name-sake but to give support to pakistani invaders ; hence indian army generals kept kashmiri or shaikh abdullah's militia in the rear against their wishes on the insistence of nehru.


now the funniest &  most treacherous  thing happened , from the front pakistani invaders were shooting & from behind , the kashmiri muslim militia on indian soldiers ; thus our army got sandwiched between them & we had maximum casualities in that short lived kashmir war. ( it is said that we had very  high  10,000 troops casualities in those about  2 to  2-1/2 mnths, highest as per any world statistics of any war  ).


this leads us , hindus,  to believe that nehru & shaikh abdullah were in connivance or what that they were always wanting high casualities of indian soldiers , at that time almost 100% hindus, with rare exceptions of brig usman , who got killed because he came out of the bunker to light & smoke his cigarette ? 


5.3. again,  when our troops were gaining ground & advancing with full force towards pakistan borders & taking over almost entire kashmir , why nehru , on the advices of his girl friend, edwina, wife of that  british stooge, mountbatten & his friend, shaikh abdullah , ordered the stoppage & march of indian troops against all indian  army generals advices & ordered to take  the kashmir issue to the united nations, which was not at all necessary at that time . 


thus, nehru showed the bankruptcy of his diplomacy at such a crucial stage , thereby our own kashmir problem has till date remained unresolved. it is a mystry till today why nehru had ordered unilateral ceasefire against our advancing troops. was it knowingly treacherous act or what , specially when the entire nation was against such a ceasefire, ordering our troops to stop their  forward march ?  was he an hindu prime minister or what ?  in any other country of the world , for doing such a blunder or treachery , the prime minister or head of the state wd have been tried for treason & put to gallows.  


nehru & his entire clan will have to reply to our nation for his above folly , knowing or unknowingly done ; was it a  folly or mischief , which no hindu could ever forgive such an act of treachery against our own motherland.  


5.4. then came 1953, against all india protests, dr shyama prasad mukherjee , a very healthy person of robust health of bhartiya jan sangh was initially arrested in kashmir & in all probability, he was then killed within about three days of his arrest in the jail there , which shaikh camouflaged as some sort of natural death . 


however  when the entire nation  made a hue & cry on the death of dr shyamaprasad mukherjee holding nehru & shaikh directly responsible , then only shaikh abdullah was arrested on 9th july, 1953. 


he remained under house arrest till 1971 at udhampur , then why did indira gandhi released him , what were the reasons to do so & bring back his equally anti-hindu trecherous son , farooq abdullah  to power as chief minister of kashmir. ?     

6. again, taking u back to 1947 : yes, it is right that certain of our hindu majority populated parts / towns , specially bordering india were given away to pakistan, why sirs, ? the decision of lahore with over 55% hindus which was to merge with india, its decision was taken at 5.0 p.m. of 14th august , 1947 to merge it with pakistan with the concurrance  of nehru . why such a nasty decision against hindus only ?


again , when punjab was divided on the basis of hindu -muslim population, why sind was not partitioned on the same lines where  hindus were allowed to be masscared & hindu women taken away to be enjoyed by the muslim goons/ muslim army of pakistan.  


6.1. documentary evidence :   as desired by shri vijayji, all these facts of the partition / division of india is available in the library at teen murty bhavan , new delhi which used to be nehru's residence. please go & look up the facts as stated by me there , it is not a secret , nor my personal whim/ nor imaginnation.

6.1. documentary evidence :   as desired by shri vijayji, all these facts of the partition / division of india is available in the library at teen murty bhavan , new delhi which used to be nehru's residence. please go & look up the facts as stated by me there , it is not a secret , nor my personal whim/ nor imaginnation.


7. nehru was a very egoist person who refused to meet the visiting american secretary of state in early 1949 (  it is said that he was in his harem with edwina .....? ) & had rude remarks for the visiting us secty of state( if i ma not wrong, he was dulles )  which annoyed american government who then sided with pakistan, else indian history wd hv bn a totally different.


8. then nehru had no option except to side with the weaker of the two mighty nations of the world then, that is russia . all defence & all defence establishments were opened up to the visiting russian prime minister & their party president : bulganin & khureschev in 1953 -54.


9 .nehru , after the 1949 episode with american secty of state had started a "panchsheel " policy of non- alignent & non_agression, developed a false culture  of "hindi_chini_bhai_bhai " against all indian armed forces cautions & intelligence .


10. foreseeing the doom of india, all the three chiefs of indian army, general thimmyya, naval chief , admiral katari, airforce chief marshal, mukherjee , all three had  decided to revolt against nehru in 1960 as all the indian ordnance factories were asked to stop production of any war materials, guns, bullets but to produce cigarette lighters  & sundry small consumer items and no funds were given to our armed forces to defend our country's territory under vk krishna menon, defence minister, a close confident of nehru.


10.1. nehru then, first time, against his wishes & against his principles, touched the feet of the three services chiefs & implored upon them to give up their plans of taking over his civil government . since nehru was a towering figure at that time, all the three services chiefs agreed to his requests & entreaties & they withdrew their plans of taking over the civil administration from nehru. 


11. then came the attack on indian soil by the chinese in 1962. nehru conveniently told indian army : " to throw the chinese out" without realizing that indian army had no war materials to fight owing to the stoppage of production of any armaments in our ordnace factories.


11.1. however there were some brave soldiers & confidents of general thimmyya who had been cautioning the general of the possible attack of china from bomdilla , one such brave intelligent soldier was young captain satya prakash. gel. thimmyya told him that without availability of funds whatever he could do to check the onslought of possible  chinese invading army , he should do. thus that young officer used his ingenuity and created miles & miles of thick bamboo jungles in a way that if enemy armoured tanks attack india from bomdilla , their chains will get entangled & break owing to those thick bamboo jungles.


11.2. thus when chinese troops attacked india from anticipated bomdilla route , the chinese infantry cd enter easily & come upto the plains of assam but their armoured vehicles got stuck up in those thick bamboo forests , as a result, the chinese troops had to retreat & had to announce  unilateral ceasefire & withdrawal of their troops as without the support of armoured troops they were not in a position to fight the brave indian soldiers.


11.3. it may be interesting to note that though nehru was talking of panchsheel & of non-alignment or of his friendly relations with russia, the first country who came to india's rescue was the british government : just before the chinese attack on trhe same day three jumbo miltary aircrafts with all the most modern armaments & light automatic guns for soldiers ,  had already landed in calcutta , though indian request came later on. ( above armament support followed bigger & larger support thereafter.)


as my article is rather going to be too long, i close at this juncture leaving other details at a future date .....or as may be requested by the people, if interested to know those details ... till date . 

as my article is rather going to be too long, i close at this juncture leaving other details at a future date .....or as may be requested by the people, if interested to know those details ... till date . 


best regards till then.

sincerely yrs,

s c gupta.




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