Date: 16 Dec 2008


Why are all Muslims terrorists? 

There is a real answer to this genuine question. Yes, all good Muslims are terrorists. Baber, Aurangzeb, Khilji, Tuglak, Akbar, Mir Kassem, Ayatollah Khomeini, Quadaffi, Idi Amin, Omer, Bin Laden, Zia Ul-Haq, Nazarullah and many Islamic political leaders claimed or claim that they were or are real, good Muslims. 

All Muslims are required to follow the instructions of Muhammad who in his delusion claimed that he has received messages from invisible Allah. There are hundreds of passages in the Hadith, Sura and the Koran instructing Muslims to wage a relentless war against infidels and Kaffirs. Mullahs indoctrinate Muslims at an young age with these hate spreading passages. Islamic schools do not allow critical thinking, reasoning or logical analysis. They learn the closed, rigid, non compromising and fundamentalist Koran through rot learning. As a result, Muslims grow up with the difficulty of critical reasoning and suffer from intermittent explosive disorder. Faced with the difficulty to face cognitive challenges, they resort to violence and terrorism. Deviant amplifying Islamic communities around the world reinforce their bizarre and deviant thinking and actions. Islam forbids reform or reformations. Muslims consider Islam as the religion for all. Muslims consider that the Koran contains all the answers for the past, present and the future. Dissenters and those question Allah, Mohamed and the Koran will be beheaded. Islamic history is replete with brutality against Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs and all infidels. Historical records clearly indicates that Muslims have slaughtered more than 80 million Hindus, 60 millions Christians, 16 million Jews and more than 34 million Africans. Islam was the main reason for spreading slavery, child marriage, polygamy, genital mutilation, cultural destruction, violence and terrorism. Islam is also against tolerance, pluralism, peace, freedom and democracy.
Until we declare Islam as our ideological enemy and confront the hatred and terrorism spreading dogma, there will be no more peace, freedom, democracy, harmony and tolerance in the world. As long as we tolerate Islamic terrorism, there will be no more peace and democracy for us and for our children yet to be born.


Firoz Bakht,
Ratan Tata was liberal in appointing Muslims in all his establishments, esp. as Chef-s in the hotels owned by him.
But the trainee Chef-s appointed in Jan.08 happened to be terrorists in disguise and were accessory to help the terrorists store the explosives and arms-AK-47/56 on the Sixth floor during the six months of planning and conspiracy.
The two terrorists who barged in through the backdoor efinitely had the insiders helping them in their dastardly act. The trainee Chef and the terrorist wanted the key to the main gas chamber of the hotel, from the Chef-in-Charge Hemant. Had he parted with the key, it would have been disastrous once the main gas chamber exploded that would have brought down the entire hotel in minutes.
But Hemant did not part with the keys hidden by him and the terrorist shot him injuring him severely and he died in the hospital of his wounds now.
Would Tata or any hotel now Muslims as trainee Chefs? How could one trust any Muslim of his allegience as his turning an extremist by the preachings of Mullah-s and Imam-s cannot be ruled out!  
Muslims would be shunned from any jobs in future due to such incidents and you cannot blame the employers as safety and security of the employees and businesses are of prime importance.

15.12.2008: A person working with Taj, died recently. His name was Hemant Talim. Here's his story : 


He worked as a chef at the Taj. He was shot by the terrorists. One of whom happened to be a trainee chef working under him since January 2008. Here's the gory part. The terroists wanted the keys to the Taj gas chamber. The key was with Hemant and he refused to give them. It was then that he was shot. The terrorists wanted to blow up the gas chamber, so that the entire hotel would blow up killing everyone. Hemant did not give the keys which were located in a hidden place. He was shot, pretended to be dead. He survived for 10 days but succumbed to his injuries recently. He told before dying that there were 9 terrorists in all. Where are the others and who were they? Taj management is not admitting it. It was internal staff who were involved. Does the police know? 


Hemant was a friend of my relative. This young lad in his thirties gave his life. But the public will never know the truth about these massacres. Because that's India. 

Sir, why are all terrorists Muslims?
Firoz Bakht, New Kerala News
'Sir, why is it that all terrorists are Muslims?' Prajvi Bagga Malhotra, a Class 11 student of Modern School, asked me this question during a discussion about current events 

. This was a very timely, bold but sensible question and being a Muslim, I was accountable to address the curiosity in the minds of a class of 52 students.

Prajvi isn't the only one to have alluded to the Western media coined statement that all terrorists are Muslims but all Muslims are not terrorists. With so many voices stating that the religion advocates violence, Islam is today under the scanner. Not all of them can be wrong - people judge by what they see and today these terrorists speak and act violently in the name of Islam.

I told Prajvi that the guiding themes of every religion are the same. Islam too has the same theme and ideology as other religions but a few people misled some of its followers in the name of god.

26/11 (Mumbai), Kafeel in Glasgow, Mumbai blasts by the Memons and others in India, the jehadis in Kashmir, 9/11, 7/7 (London), 13/12 (Delhi), 29/10 (Delhi) and the Al Qaeda at a global level - all these make my head go down in shame.

It's so embarrassing that each time a Muslim name is found attached with the inhuman and insane acts of terrorism.

Note that jehad is the most misunderstood and misconstrued concept by our non-Muslim brethren and even Muslims. The true concept of jehad in Islam is not to be against other communities, groups or religions but to be against one's own selfish nature, vices and shortcomings within Muslim society in order to fight evil, injustice, inequity, illiteracy and ignorance. First an individual fights jehad against himself to get cleansed. After that he continues the efforts with his wife, family, locality and the whole community. This is Jehad-e-Akbar, the right meaning of jehad.

Terrorism is a political process and religion or a religious community has nothing to do with it. Neither does any religion teach to kill innocents (that is what the terrorists do) nor are the terrorists the people chosen by that religious community to undertake such ghastly acts on their behalf.

Nevertheless, an average Muslim's fears are hate crimes, difficulty in finding jobs, admissions and residential accommodation, unwanted repercussions, distrust and other such things that always get exacerbated by such incidents. Muslims also fear a backlash like the 1984 Sikh riots against them. Terrorists should not be helped in creating a rift between communities.

The Mumbai attackers did try to create a cleavage between Hindus and Muslims. However, though a tragic incident, it did have a silver lining in that it cut across religious lines and saw people uniting in their horror and outrage.

But leaders of some parties have even begun to think that any criticism of Pakistan would not be relished by this country's Muslims.

I still remember that during the last general elections in India, to appease Muslims the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) boasted of the Lahore bus and improving relations with Pakistan as one of its major achievements. It's so sad that these people still treat Indian Muslims as Pakistan's stooges.

Though all Indians know that a few terrorists do not tarnish a whole community, the government for fear of losing votes will not take the matter up with the Pakistani government seriously and will just resort to rhetoric.

It is quite clear now that Indian politicians of all shades were somehow living under an illusion that if they were to turn harsh against acts of terror, they would alienate the Muslims of this country.

When will they ever realize that by doing so they are clearly reflecting their perverted psyche of labelling all Indian Muslims as pro-Pakistanis, which is the worst abuse for any Indian Muslim.

Going soft on terror will not make Muslims happy as the perpetrators of such acts do not segregate their targets by religion. If the politicians of this country think that by shying away from taking on terrorists directly and by going soft on terror they will get kudos from Muslims, they are sadly mistaken.

The public in general has now had enough of those who exploit religious sentiment in order to gain electoral and political mileage. The recent poll results in Delhi are an indication of that.

The rider is: let us save Islam from "the Muslims", Hinduism from "the Hindus", Christianity from "the Christians", Judaism from "the Jews" and Sikhism from "the Sikhs" and other zealots as religion is a very personal matter and as humans, we are all same.

(Like UPA invented the so-called Hindu Terrorism, Firoz Bakht is using Hindus, Christians, Jews and Sikhs now. It is ironic that Firoz Bakht does not realize that neither Hindus of Kashmir, nor Buddhists of Tibet became terrorists, inspite of brutalities of Muslims and Chinese. But Indian Muslims are becoming terrorists even though we had a Muslims President 3 times in 60 years and Bollywood is dominated by Khans.)

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