Date: 17 Dec 2008


> December 15, 2008 
> Margashirsha Shuddha Trutiya
> The United Nations which has awarded Benazir, a clear violater of
Human rights is Anti-Hindu indeed!
> The United Nations' prestigious Human Rights award has been
> posthumously awarded to Pakistan's late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
> She had given many provocative speeches against the Kashmiri Hindus in
> year 1989.She in fact stimulated the local Muslims to drive off the
> Kashmiri Hindus. The result? the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus! For
> Hindus, Benazir Bhutto is the creator of Jihadi terrorism in Bharat.
> She carries a huge burden on her head of Sin of Hindu geneocide and
> making lakhs of Kahmiri Hindus refugees.Therefore United Nations has
> rubbed salt on the wound of entire Hindu community by glorifying
> Benazir Bhutto!
> United Nations should honour Mussharaf and Jinha with Human Rights
> The entire world is well versed with the genocide of Jews. The
> person responsible for the same namely Hitler is vilified
> everywhere.The equally horreendous genocide took place in Kashmir and
> what we see is the person responsible for such agenocide that is
> Benazir Bhutto is honoured  by United Nations! The Hindu race is on the
> verge of death i this world.United Nations immediately registers
> protest even if a small thing happens against Muslims and Christians;
> but it does not care a little when the Hindus are subjected to
> immesursble atrocities all over the world.The UN was never meant for
> Hindus. And now it has declared its hatred towards Hindus by awarding
> aperson responsible for the masasacre of Hindus!The UN should now
> define the Human Rights and should also disclose the criteria on which
> Ms Bhutto was honoured with this award to the entire world.She has in
> fact disturbed the world peace by infiltrating the Jihadi terrorists in
> Bharat.Therefore why cannot it be said that the UN is active to
> establish coflict  rather than peace?If such persons who have openly
> violated the Human Rights are awarded by UN then one should not be
> surprised if it honours tomorrow  the proclaimer of Kargil War and
> Pakistan's dictator Parvez Musharraf or for that matter Mohamed Ali
> Jinha, the man responsible for partition of Bharat!
> Source: Editorial from Daily Sanatan Prabhat