Date: 19 Dec 2008


Dear Bharat Premi
The New Year is drawing near.  Normally at this time, people are considered for Awards for their outstanding contributions and services. Various Awards are conferred in the name of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to persons of variety of calibre.  It would be appropriate that trhe following Wonders and Navratans be accepted for Sonia Gandhi Awards for their Sonia Bhakti.
Dr Manmohan Singh is a deserving candidate.  His outstanding commitment to Secularism and advocating 'Muslim First' philosophy and his dedication to the milk of humanity, when he was concerned and lost his sleep for an accused terrorist's family, makes him a suitable candidate.
Arjun Singh, the Human Resource Minister' s efforts to dilute Indian Culture, its heritage and praise for Macaulayist
Education, so that the future generations should be ignorant of their ancestral aqchievements; would be another deserving candidate.  He has no hasitation to approve Legal Aid out of the National Exechequer for the cause of terrorism.
The third person would be Abdul Rehman ANTULAY (non-weighted and imbalanced) Minorities Minister for his prepostrous remarks regarding Police Officer Karkare, who sacrificed his life  for the cause of the country.
Dr. Manmohan Singh's Health Minister, notorious for his stubborness, who had to be roped in by the Courts on occasions, but the Cabinet Head just watched the Tamasha.
The fifth nominee could be Ashok Sibal.  This Great Technology Minister says that Ramayna's claim about Ram Setu
is unacceptable.  Yet this hypocite turns up at a Ramlila function (apparently for a Photo Session).
The next deserving person would be acrobatic Lalu Yadav, who declares that Students Islamic Movement of India is a patriotic outfit.
The sevenrh nominee would be Ram Villas Paswan, who advocates that illegal Bangladeshi parasites sould be regularised as bonafide Indian Citizens
Rahul Gandhi cannot be left behind in this fray for glorifying his Dynasty to gain Independence, advance in technology and defeating Pakistan.  What a bratish outburst! He is oblivious about the horrors of the Partition, Kashmir debacle, transfer of Berubari, Chicken Neck and other parts of our motherland on plate.
These are also show-pieces for the Secularist Museum.
Happy New Year.