Date: 20 Dec 2008


Sasi Tharoor, former Deputy General Secretary, United Nations has served his masters effectively for several years. He was rejected by Islamic and Christian nations when he tried to become the General Secretary. Now he is working for a Dubai based firm in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Lately, he was cozying up the Italian Catholic Sonia and her cronies to contest parliament election as a Congress candidate from Trivandrum. The Christian and Muslim cliques who are in charge of the Congress party in Kerala are behind him. He wants be the next foreign minister of India.

It is strange that during difficult days such as this when India need strong national leaders with a vision and strategies, Sonia is scanning the globe searching for useful Indian idiots. What is Sonia doing? For several years, Sasi Tharoor has been appeasing the enemies of India and Hindus at the U.N.  Hindus are his scapegoat.  Instead of standing up against our enemies in India and abroad he was promoting phony theories to justify Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion.

As a Deputy Secretary, Sasi Tharoor did not take Jihadi terrorism against India seriously. He committed the sin of omission. He turned a blind eye to Islamic terrorism, coercive religious conversion, destruction of indigenous culture around the world, and foreign interference in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. 
Instead of assigning responsibility for Jihadi terrorism to our enemies in International forum, he was busy blaming Hindus. His hatred against Hindus is implicit in his speeches and writings.
There is no doubt that Sasi Tharoor is infected with a virulent mind virus and meme complex through years of work for his slave masters. He was well trained in mind games, which are subtly designed to mentally misdirect Hindus and make them subservient to Muslims and Christians. These mind games are being used to brainwash and influence Hindu voters in Trivandrum.

One hopes that Hindu voters in Trivandrum will examine the pathology of his memes, become clear of his motives and misdirection. Through his years of exposure to the west, he has learned to cultivate a tolerance for ambiguity so that he can manipulate the gullible public, and still maintain his friendship with our friend and foe.

The stakes are simply too high to ignore such mind games at a time when trained  psychological warfare agents like Sasi Tharoor are poised to take control of the political process in India. In power, they can forcefully expose others to their mind virus and make them helpless zombies.