Date: 23 Dec 2008


Edited and modified by Shree Vinekar. Originally published on  on December 22, 2009. 

After many centuries of brutal Islamic invasion and rule and Christian colonialism and British Raj, India attained its independence in 1947. India’s independence has offered a unique opportunity for beginning a new era and a renewed India.  Unfortunately our political leaders had no understanding of Islamist invasion, Christist colonialism, coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, and subversive activities by other anti-national forces.  The refined culture of the peaceful majority of the West and the Islamic cultured people is seemingly misleading and the civilized peaceful hard working people in these cultures are not  necessarily  the representatives of the sociopathic imperialistic fundamentalists of these religious groups whom we have to separately identify as “Islamists and Christists” who continue to carry their expansionist designs and ambitions with them not recognizing the fact of Indian independence as a definite mandate for internal autonomy for the majority of India, the Hindus, who need to form and shape their own destiny, hard earned independence, and newly found country to meet their own form of democratic ideal without the interference by these foreign based well funded atavistic regressionistic fragmenting powers. Then and then only India can be considered a sovereign nation. Otherwise “Independent” secular “India” is only a lip service. The majority of India, the Hindus, has virtually never attained true independence unless they have their legitimate major say in governance and they are not ruled over or manipulated by the minority vested interests. To fear that majority will trample on the minority if given a chance for self governance is a paranoid stance.  Many countries have democracy and Christian majority which truly has major say in governance of their own country.  They are not accused of habitually trampling over the minorities when they have legitimate recognition of minority civil rights, affirmative action, and a non-corrupt justice system that is strong and impartial, not under the thumb of the administration. To marginalize majority by classifying them with pejorative epithets as "Hindutva-vadins" and ignoring their demands is doubly humiliating. 
The elected and selected politicians on the other hand had no vision, mission, functional concept of national and homeland security strategy or action plans. Today, more than half-century after independence, India is under major threats, both internal and external, precisely because of lack of SWOT analysis by the political leaders to formulate an action plan. Any responsible administration must undertake continuing SWOT analysis, meaning it should identify and fortify Strength, identify and minimize all the Weaknesses, look at and exploit all the Opportunities, and have well worked out action plan to meet all the Threats both internal and external. Corrupt, inefficient, sociopathic and selfish political leaders of all political parties of India have brought our country to the brink of destruction.  The collapse of the hopes, safety, security and freedom has taken place so suddenly, almost in the span of sixty years. The decline and fall of Roman Empire, stretching over centuries, was slow by comparison. The Indian civilization has survived for ten thousand years and will stand all onslaughts is not a reassuring argument any more when there are examples of large civilizations being decimated in the known history. In the chaos, insecurity and all-pervading sense of disaster, decay, corruption, inefficiency, Jihadi terrorism, and coercive religious conversions, economic desperation of the poor, subversive activities, and misappropriation and misapplication of tax payer money has became the norm. India today is akin to the Dark Ages of Islamic invasion and Christian colonialism. Except for the growing middle class and the filthy rich businessmen of India the majority poor of India have not reaped any fruits of Independence and that applies more for rural as against urban India.  The shameful coexistence of the haves and have-nots with mansions surrounded by stinking slums and entry into Mumbai through human excreta smell pervading in the air from the airport on is not a testimonial for the success of the political leaders, when other cities like Singapore and Shanghai stand in sharp contrast in Asia. India is not any different for the aggressors than their other preys, the African continent and the recently converted Philippines. The Christists view India as the backward poor country whose souls need to be harvested and their economic lot needs to be improved by offering Christian charity to the Indian poor. The India under the present leadership though presumably elected by the majority (this is a highly doubtful characterization) is not any different than the Iran of the Shah of Iran of recent times where democracy collapsed, the current Pakistan where the chief is under the thumb of foreign powers, nor many other virtually subjugated countries democratic or not who submit to the commands of the foreign powers to "stand down." This form of subversion and blackmailing and control with various threats to economic progress or political freedoms of the people of India is systematically practiced by the foreign powers in India with the Christist and Islamic subversive corrosive intrusion forming their infrastructure for their secret strength to be used to subjugate India.  Today, India is powerless, vulnerable to a political, geographic and economic breakdown while gloating to become a super financial and military power which none of its enemies want to see it become. The western powers, the jealous poor neighbors, and the powerful China are all hoping for the downfall of India unless India can formulate a win-win plan for all neighbors and trading partners from a position of strength in which elimination of Christist and Islamist intrusion must be a major negotiating factor. Independent India must cease to be the object of neocolonialism or retrogressive Islamic dream of recapturing their empire long lost before 1857 to Maratha Empire and later to the British but not emotionally accepted as permanently lost by the Islamist imperialists who continue to harbor their dream that they will one day rule over India and convert entire India to Islam, like they have done in Indonesia and Malaysia and dreaming to do the same in Thailand.
In this context we are reminded of the warning of the philosopher and statesman Irving Babbitt “Where there is no vision, the people perish. Where there is sham vision, they perish sooner.” The sham secular vision of the Congress party took their pro-Muslim anti-Hindu ways to a new level in India and abroad. The Congress government is spreading the false notion that India can create a competitive market economy, safe and secure nation and an egalitarian society by “Doing good” to Muslims and Christist missionaries with a generous and noble attitude (driven by the greed for millions or billions of dollars poured into India for conversion and missionary activities) and their indigenous converted flocks and by adopting appeasement policies towards them.  No wonder the poor and discriminated all would like to convert to either Christianity or Islam to improve their lot.  The blame is displaced on to the Hindu majority and not on the political leadership for such plight of the poor and their vulnerability to religious conversions.
No wonder that the prevailing mood of the majority in India is frustration, bewilderment, despair, helplessness, powerlessness, and hopelessness.  Jihadi terrorism, subversive activities, bombing, coercive religious conversion by Christists and Islamists, sabotage, Pakistan Printed counterfeit currency distribution, large-scale sea route smuggling, arms smuggling, drug smuggling, drug abuse, alcoholism, crime and violence are rampant in India. Horrors of land grab by Christian churches with Western capital infusion and Islamists with Saudi money to build mosques, illegal money distribution by Islamic money mafia, smuggling, and Islamic terrorist rampage are evident in the most virulent form.  Jihadi terrorists from within and without are free to murder, bomb, and terrorize citizens with immunity.  They have killed 7000 Indians majority being Hindus in the last 4 to 4 1/2 years with not one culprit receiving any penalty so far. The problems with which India is confronted have suddenly increased enormously. This article will momentarily focus on the present Islamist and Christist threats and not on the Communist and Maoist (Marxist, Naxalite) threats although they have also been befriended by these elements. The composition of the UPA Government for its very existence needs appeasement of the Christist (with nepotistic Sonia and Rahul both under the influence of the Christists being themselves  Catholic Christians, with reverence for Pope, at the helm), and the Indian Muslim League and Communist Party of India forming the major ruling and blackmailing components of UPA.  That is a caricature of secularism, meaning “give power to foreign religious and anti-democratic minority groups to run the country to show how broad-minded and secular India is.” The obsequious adoration and adulation of white skin is a disease that has become endemic in India through the British rule of over 200 years. 
Before our very eyes, within the past five years, thousands of innocent Hindus were murdered by Jihadi terrorists. Many more thousands of Hindus were driven out of or slaughtered in Kashmir and millions are forcefully or deceptively converted and millions more are enslaved by Marxists while political leaders and intellectuals stand by silent, dumb, too callous and indifferent even to glance at the record leave alone admit to these facts openly.  More than fifty years of feverish, irresponsible Congress rule has done its number on India with the secular media living a secular dream not emphasizing nor publishing the facts for the general public to process and form their own opinions. The Indian citizenry has been deceived and misled into a future dream of prosperity and becoming a super power when the Central government could not subdue even ten terrorists from Pakistan with its 200 commandoes for some 60 hours with their primitive first World War I rifles, no access to walkie-talkies, leave alone cell-phones, GPS, infra-red viewing devices, bullet proof jackets, and even lacking in maps and floor plans of the combat zone which the attackers were more advanced to secure with their access to advanced technology.  The terrorists had many internal traitors helping them yet the Government is still not able to identify them or book them.   How can India aspire to be a super-power under such circumstances?
In the hope of avoiding Islamic terrorism, conflict, and violence and to pacify Jihadists and missionaries, the Congress government headed by Italian Catholic Sonia has implemented appeasement policies. In 1947, Muslims had openly declared Jihad and terrorism against Hindus demanding a separate Islamic state. Millions of Hindus were slaughtered then. The Congress party has agreed to divide the country to please Islamic terrorists. Since 1947, the Congress party has introduced special constitutional privileges, special status, reservation and quota system for job and special financial assistance for Muslims to avoid future conflicts. Under the Congress government, India has become the Jihadi breeding ground of the world.  There is an explosion of bombs in every major city in India, from schools, colleges, legislative houses, business places, hotels and temples.  People live in a fearful world of Jihadi violence and terrorism directed at all in the Indian society. There is widespread anarchy, subversive activities, as well as decline of civic sense and law and order. A general disrespect for the rule of law is translated into numerous Jihadi criminal activities in India. Law and order is broken down in India and law enforcement staff is demoralized and corrupted every day. Average policeman is "lachar" for collecting petty bribes to survive, carrying a lathi and facing AK-47 threat at any moment.
In the name of appeasement, the Congress government openly sacrificed the welfare of the majority Hindus as well as peace loving population affiliated with other religions, peace and progress. The policy of “Doing Good” and appeasement has resulted in Islamic consolidation, demand for extra pseudo-constitutional privileges and special unconstitutional political rights. India is the only country in the world which provides extra-constitutional privileges for Muslims and special affirmative action policies on the basis of Religion (Neither Pakistan, or Bangladesh nor any other Muslim country has parallel exceptional privileges granted for the Minority Hindus anywhere in the world) and the quota system for employment even in jobs in the government that sacrifice national security by employing them. The clearance for national security and top secrets is a must for such jobs for all US citizens in the US where each citizen has to have documentation of his/her birth certificate and other identity verification including fingerprinting, FBI background check, financial disclosures, drug screening, etc. Even Sonia Gandhi is not given these tests while giving her access to all National Secrets and secret files, leave alone the Muslim citizens of India.  The institutionalization of special privileges for Muslims and Christians, their preferential treatment and extra constitutional rights undermines the principles of an egalitarian government and free and just society. It invalidates the idea of equal rights, merit and fairness essential to a competitive and free nation. The effect is internal traitors even at the top, further violence, mass murders and mass conversions  of Hindus, further demand for special rights, deceptive religious conversions, and Jihadist terrorism. Thousands of innocent Hindus were slaughtered and became victims of Islamic homicide bombers with not one terrorist apprehended and publicly punished. The secessionists openly raising Pakistani flags are never apprehended and punished.  The government has nothing to say with Sonia at the helm when Pope himself declares by planting a Cross in India that Asia (and India) is his territory for expansion for Christists domination in the 21st Century. Does this what "secularism" mean? Encroachment on the rights of others under the name of freedom of practice religion is not “secularism.”  Russia and China have not permitted such practices. None of the Muslim countries do so either.  They clearly perceive the threat.  
India’s “Doing Good” policy only to Muslims and Christians and appeasement of Jihadi terrorists epitomizes the corrosive entitlement mentality of Muslims and Christians. It is a greater threat to our ability to renew our nation in this competitive world. The benevolence system with spending of crores rupees of Indian tax money for Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, for example, only for Muslims is an utter waste of money where virtually nothing is required of Muslims in return to show loyal nationalism, become law abiding, accept Uniform Civil Code, or become more tolerant and secular in attitude. Jihadists in turn thumb their noses at secularism, civil law, and “doing Good” policy. In addition, they flaunt the Saachar Report and plight of Muslims in India as the "root cause" of Islamic terrorism in the world media to justify their heinous acts within hours of Mumbai Mayhem in India when the bodies of the deceased victims are still warm and not even given their last rites. Such ungratefulness of any community with a clear cut implied blackmailing threat of continued terrorism "if not" would not go unnoticed in any country but in India where there is so much confusion about freedom of speech and Secularism. "Tameez se Baat Karo" should be the first response to such people. 
India’s appeasement policy towards Muslims and the mindless “benevolence” programs invites danger and the erosion of national integration. This utopian idealism and risk avoidance of the political leaders is naive and dangerous. It is motivated not by the sense of justice but purely greed for power and vote-bank politics. It is a cynical and meaningless approach instead of following all inclusive policies for economical and educational programs without giving extra-constitutional privileges and with expectations of loyalty to the country in which the citizens receive such benefits at the cost of the taxpayers the majority of whom are the Hindus. Hindus as the tax paying majority must have their say as to how such tax money is spent by the few in power. 
The bottom line is that India cannot reach prosperity, peace and harmony by its appeasement policies. It is creating social corrosion, fragmentation, breakdown of our values, increased social crises, violence, indiscipline, and terrorism. The Congress party’s intellectually vacuous and morally corrupt appeasement policy makes our country weak, creates disunity, distrust and hatred. 
The ultimate test of a nation’s character is not just how it accommodates or confronts its enemies, but how it responds to adversaries, anti-national elements and subversive agents within and outside its boundaries. If India is to remain as a sovereign nation, we now need a vision, mission and functional strategies beyond appeasement policy, benevolent programs, and accommodation for Jihadi terrorists. Preventing Islamic terrorism requires not appeasement or extra privileges for Muslims. It requires a comprehensive assessment of Islam’s past history, patterns of criminal activity, ideological commitment and methods of violence and hatred against Hindus.  Pro-criminal Islamic values are most often the result of early involvement and brainwashing in the madrassa education and their Mosques and their absence of pro-social and secular values and critical thinking. Further, Muslims are indoctrinated with intolerance, hatred, and hostility towards “infidel” Hindus. All of them (the deprived Muslims) need free “secular” education and opportunity to get to know the world beyond their ghettoes and religious indoctrinations by their Mullahs who are living in the 7th Century. They need to respect and be loyal to the majority that permits for their peaceful existence and allows them to prosper in their country. Such attitude of cooperation and commitment to live harmoniously and to co-exist without conflict is exemplified by the Zoroastrian community in India as well as the Jewish and others who have lived harmoniously in India for centuries if not millennia.
Because of the origin and perpetuation of hatred is based primarily in normal psychosocial aspects of Islamic socialization Muslims consider these as within normal and acceptable. These Islamic dogmatic belief system and practices are distinctive, long standing, and pervasive patterns of their thinking, feeling, perceiving and relating to “infidels.” Muslims are not ready or willing to alter, modify or change their closed channel thinking and hostility against Hindus or other “non-believers” by appeasement policy or benevolent programs.                                                         
Nothing is more essential to India’s survival and the survival of the majority Hindus than the renewal and strengthening of Hindu ideals, its preservation, protection and promotion. Unless we successfully reorient our misguided policy of appeasement, surrender and accommodation with Islamic terrorists, India will lose the soul of the nation. Total integration of the entire population of India with egalitarian educational and economic opportunities based on non-corrupt merit based system will be the only solution and not appeasement for vote-bank.  Any party that needs vote-banks must be transparently recognized as a minority trying to wield power over the majority with such tactics. Vote-bank politics, divisive policies, designed for election strategies are not congruent with national integration and progress of India if it is to become a powerful and prosperous sovereign nation.