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date: 24 dec 2008


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 already people have started forgetting mumbai attacks.

so what was india's repsonse to mumbai attacks?

 1) lighting few candles

2) calling of cricket series

3) a war like hysteria in media 

4) a federal agency

5) a kind of pota law.

which of these steps are likely to hurt pakistan most?

bjp again had left upa on hook on terror issues.instead of focussing on antualay issue bjp could have focussed more on terror.

these are the issues that bjp could have raised in parliament.

1) there were reports that 17 0r 20 terrorist could have come from pakistan on same whip that carried 10 terrorist which means

   10 more terrorist are scot free and planning for next attack.the question    is whether this reports are true or not.

   they could have made home minister to make a statement in parliament.

2) what are the steps taken by the govt to destroy terrorist infrastucture in india.there is a deep nexus between isi,terrorist,

   business and political class in india.so antuallay issue should be seen in this context.

3) it's no doubt that dawood's agent acts freely in india.what steps have been taken to finish the dawood network in india.

4) what about terror funding?how are we going to stop the fake currencies in india which helps terror operation.how are we going

4) what about terror funding?how are we going to stop the fake currencies in india which helps terror operation.how are we going

   to stop other source of terror funding.

5)some time back chidambaram then finance minister told parliament that terrorist are investing in stock markets?now the question

  is what has been done to stop this.

6) what steps have effectively been taken against pakistan?just stopping so called peace talk will not bother them too much.

if we ignore the above issues then we are destined to be attacked again and again with no effective lesson learnt.


comment on the above:

india's worst crime was to forget partition. that is why they will come again and again till their flag flies over delhi.

for india to be serious about her survival, she had to designate at least one day to recall partition and had to establish at least one hindu holocaust museum anywhere.

the enemy knows that there is no "man" in india. 

supreme commander (ms. patil) is a woman who has never touched a pistol in life.

the rashtramata is a woman, an import from italy who wishes all hindus dead, to be replaced by catholics.

the chief minister of delhi is a woman, too, that gives boost to their slogan, "dilli chalo!"

the prime minister has to look at sonia khan before speaking a word in the land of hindus.

now all eyes ought to be on hindu leadership to infuse new spirit in the defeated nation that is constantly being beaten and always at the receiving end.

24 dec 08