Date: 24 Dec 2008




Hindus in India and abroad are facing an intensive psychological warfare. The massive and deliberate ideological warfare is intended for creating cognitive confusion and mental misdirection as well as to psycho program Hindus. The purpose of the skillfully managed psychological warfare is to liberate gullible Hindus from their universal, pluralistic spiritual culture and uplifting Dharma. The goal is to enslave them with rigid, divisive and totalitarian ideologies which are paraded as religions. It is a deliberate attempt to enslave free spirited Hindus into servitude. The slave masters, and politicians and their cohorts exploit Hindus by offering fictitious heaven and bogus socialism while keeping them in permanent servitude. The slave masters and their ideologues stupefy and demoralize innocent Hindus and enjoy material life while forcing enslaved innocent Hindus into servitude. 
Hindus are mired into blind optimism and grandiose illusion that all religions are the same and nothing can be done to destroy Sanathan Dharma. They ignore or refuse to see past history or current reality. Brainwashed Hindus find themselves increasingly unable to use language with precision to recall the basic facts of Islamic invasion, plunder, looting and mass murder.  They have a built in inability to evaluate atrocities and cultural destruction committed by European Christian colonialists. Indoctrinated Hindus appear to acquiesce in the devaluation of our tradition, and they have nothing to say about coercive religious conversion or jihadi terrorism. Nor do they criticize corrupt politicians that push Hindus into servitude. A surprisingly large number of Hindus choosing to accept Marxism, and foreign ideologies paraded as panacea for Indiaís problems. The esoteric knowledge administered by psychological warfare experts encourages the steady exploitation of Hindus by phony secular politicians. In view of all evidence, it should not surprise us that Hindus are becoming increasingly ignorant about their own rights. Our media and education, instead of creating vibrant and strong Hindu communities, has contributed to the spread of intellectual torpor and political passivity.
A major pressing problem of our society is the structure of our educational system that advantages the Christians and Muslims. The deliberate purpose of the Indian education system is to deconstruct Hindu culture and brainwash students directly towards anti Hindu ideologies. Schools, Colleges and universities, and government controlled cultural institutions have absorbed major currents of anti-Hindu ideology. Our educational institutions have become a watery blend, a mind-emptying indoctrination centers for bogus secular revolution and cultural alienation. Our education is tailored to liberate young students from their life sustaining culture and to enslave them with pseudo secularism. Not only our education destroys Hindu minds, it incapacitates them for intellectually confronting our enemies and the destructive ideology they represent. Far from preparing students to live authentically as proud Hindus, education in India leaves them as zombies.                                                                                                                     
There is a paradigm conspiracy against Hindus and Hindu ideology.  Since Hindus are mired into abstract philosophy, introspection, and mindless universalism, it is easy for our distracters to manipulate Hindus and impose their absolutism. How? They use propaganda, indoctrination methods through the media, educational institutions, and disinformation through our nongovernmental social service organizations. Once Hindu mind is controlled and domination is firmly established, the imperialistic and oppressive apparatus are used to squash our freedom, culture and religious tradition. 
Why have we bargained away our future to our slave masters? Have we lost insight and shared Vedic values in a frantic search for approval from our tormentors and slave masters?                                                                                                     
How could Hindus defend against the ideological warfare? Our media, government, educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations are controlled by the agents of our enemies. We need strong-willed discipline-firm commitment and fearless Hindus to build a new political-social order based on Hindutva. The struggle against psychological warfare therefore requires a struggle against our current bogus secular political system. We need a strong commitment for our eternal Hindu ideology and a firm commitment to fight against psychological warfare. We donít have a strong, single and firm ideology. We have a thousand, a hundred thousand ideological groups pulling us in different directions while our culture and tradition is attacked from outside and vilified from inside.  We have to face a variety of interest groups working against us with the help of our enemies. They work relentlessly to misguide and misdirect Hindus to divert attention from internal and external danger. Our inner source of strength becomes a weakness in competition with rigid, reductionist, divisive, totalitarian dogmas and their concentrated power.
We need an ideological counter attack. We need to wake up our fellow Hindus who find comfort in silence, denial, apathy and indifference. The modern masters of bogus secularism and totalitarian ideologies have created a one-dimensional communication system against our country and Hindus. Our universal point of views are quickly shredded by political parties, paid professional agents, bureaucrats, trade unions, Churches, Jihadi groups, media, Marxist intellectuals and vested interest groups. How do we roll back the lies, disinformation and propaganda? We cannot survive as a nation, as members of the oldest religion, preserve our culture, practice our Dharma and promote our universal philosophy except by opposing propaganda of totalitarian ideologies with force with our eternal truth. Unfortunately, we are not very good or effective in waging a counter psychological war. We are unskilled to fight in halting the spread of false ideas with plain facts.
Hindus around the world are waking up to deprogram Hindus who are indoctrinated with false notions.  They are willing to provide an ideological defense of Hindu society and culture. We have a mission to unify and inspire our Hindu brothers and sisters and restore our psychic balance while nailing down the psyche of our enemies.
There are thousands of Hindu professional elites of doctors, social scientists, technicians, civil servants, bio-scientists, computer programmers and professors who play a leading part in the administration of the knowledge industry around the world. The Hindu professional elite must serve the class interest of Hindus. They need to use their expertise in identifying problems and develop effective strategies to counter psychological warfare against Hindus. Ordinary Hindus cannot fight against new sophisticated form of mind control that is spreading fast in our society.  The struggle against psychological warfare therefore requires professional expertise and assertive techniques. We have all the knowledge to fight against psychological warfare. Our puranas, sastras, and religious texts are replete with stories and narratives explicitly explaining psychological warfare. Pancha Tantra and Chanakya Sutra provide concrete examples and active measures designed to confront and defeat enemies. How to wage counter attacks against our ideological enemies. A reassertion of Hindutva with strong conviction and force will prevent Hindus from falling prey to the illusory fantasies of closed, totalitarian dogmas promoted as religions for salvation. Let us all work together to create Hindu communities of competence. Only then will the all embracing Hindu thought together with the spiritual knowledge come to serve the interests of Hindus and the world humanity.