Date: 25 Dec 2008


Pakistan's rivalry with India is much more than that between neighbouring nations.
Many of us think that the hatred of Pakistan towards India is because the Indian state disproves the idea of Pakistan.
I think the problem is much bigger than that. Pakistanis are in conflict between their past and their future, they are torn between India and Saudi Arabia, between Islam and their Hindu culture. They go for Haaj to Saudi Arabia and for Jihad to India.
India fulfils an important requirement for the Pakistani and S Asian muslim - a destination for the holiest of Islam's obligation - Jihad.
Islam requires Pakistanis and S Asian muslims to live the life of Prophet Muhammad, demolishing idols, robbing caravans, slitting throats of the idolators.  they cannot do all of these in Pakistan, after elimination of the idolators - so they travel to India. For those who can't travel in person, they at least need to finance these activities to have their money working for Jihad. This Zakat financing is like CDO's, packaging an act of Jihad into securities and selling them and the derivatives to the faithfuls - to millions of Indian, Pakistani and mideastern muslims. 
The glory for the Mumbai attacks belongs to the entire ummah, everyone who contrbutes to Islamic Dawaa/ Zakat knows that his money is at work fulfilling his Jihad obligations.
Kashmir as a Jihad theatre was working well for the ummah.
The problem started with the mass emigration of the Pandits and mass immigration of the troops. Suddenly the cost escalated.
It became more cost effective to target the Hindu temples and Hindu pilgrims in Indian heartland.
The first mistake the ummah made was in Gujarat, burning a trainload of Hindu pilgrims returning home from Ayodhya. 
Gujarat was no Doda. The Gujaratis retaliated in kind shattering the ummah.
Gujarat disrupted the cost structure of practicing Islam (Jihad). 
Jihad needed a fine tuning. The locals cannot be seen as participating actively. They have to erase all tracks of their involvement, but find a way to justify and claim credit - a little later.
After every acts of Jihad in India, the justification starts first in the Urdu press. 
But its differeint this time, the people targeted were the elites, the secular media is still holding the ember of public rage. It has been difficult for the muslim leaders to claim credit.    
Ten blast a year killing 1000 in a country of 1 billion.   
Its nothing compared to what our ancestors endured in the past or what the nonmuslims in Bangladesh and Pakistan endure.
We have to ask ourselves. Is this 1000 deaths a year justified for accomodating Islam.
Or should we rather not be a target of Jihad. Let the Kashmiri Hindu and Bangladeshi Hindu pay for Jihad's cost while we appear secular, multicultuiral and liberal. That's the option most Hindus in India have adopted.
But this may not be an option, after Mumbai.
The elites are no longer insulated. Unfortunately the politician still is.

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Subject: [media_monitor5] Foolish to trust Pakistan
Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008, 5:30 PM

Yes, it has been foolish to trust Pakistan. 

What next? Nuke them? bomb them into stone age like the US and NATO
forces are doing to Iraq and Afghanistan? These madcaps are also armed
with US gifted weapons. And they also have nukes.

Why don't you discuss plausible solutions to the problem of Islamic
terrorism instead of merely condemning them? 

Will another war solve the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and
Islamic fundamentalists sneaking into India and causing mayhem? If so,
what would be the trade off? 

The estimation made by scientists [1200 of them sent a signed letter
to Bush not to use nuclear weapons in Iran] was that if Iran is nuked
not less than 35 million people will die in Iran, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and India. INDIA!! Millions will die from the radioactive
wind. And no one has been able to contain radioactive fallout any where.

Arun Shrivastava