Date: 26 Dec 2008


In 1940 to 1942 German armies were advancing in all directions. There was acute danger of their overrunning England and occupying these Isles.
The prospect was NIGHTMARE for the people here. They know that slavery produces MARTYRS. So they fought off the Germans and difficult times went away.
The British, who ruled the world from Canada to Tasmania, do not know what martyrs mean. Their last one was Thomas Beckett and that was centuries ago. But in India they gave us countless martyrs including Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh.
The savage Turks, Iranians & Aghans, who gave us countless martyrs during their rule over Hindus in India (until 1857 AD), also gave us too many martyrs.
It is the DEDUCTION or INFERENCE that has escaped the Hindu/Sikh LEADERS who are not giving real EDUCATION or AWARENESS to their ignorant MASSES.
WITHOUT A CONCERTED URGE FOR SOVEREIGNTY ON OUR OWN PATCH, we shall continue to glorify martyrdom and go on giving countless more. 

The Sikhs slaughtered in Delhi in November 1984 and the Hindus killed in Srinagar in 1989 were not the LAST.