Date: 29 Dec 2008



Here is a view posted to us by someone who proudly calls himself a “KAFIR” as defined in Koran. 

He writes, 
“As we know Israel and the USA have been declared KAFIR and SHAITAN, respectively, by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran and Hamas have both resolved to wipe out Israel from the surface of the earth.”

The Kafir adds, “India is an ancient land of divinity, wisdom, tolerance and universal love. But unfortunately these qualities became her worst enemies. A peace loving people with a lot of wealth and nature’s bounty were to lure every invader on earth. And they came in waves, one after another for centuries.

“The first invaders were smart enough to isolate the defeated leaders from their masses (“inciting the Dalits to crush the heads of the Brahmins”) and then divided the latter among themselves (“Hindus vs. Sikhs, Brahmins vs. Dalits, South India vs. North India, etc.”) in order to rule. 

“They also took control of Education and Brainwashing till the NATIVES started believing in the superiority of the FOREIGNERS. 

“Today most Indians BELIEVE that Italian born Sonia is the best woman on earth to rule them. And even much better that she is not a Hindu or Sikh. The more the foreigner is an ALIEN, so much the better. 

“The Hindus have even elected their arch enemy Mohammedans as their Supreme Commanders not once but several times since Partition. To overcome the embarrassment they call August 15 the Day of Independence (not Surrender or Partition).

“By all logic and common-sense the natives had to repulse the first attack with all ferocity & utmost vigour in order to inhibit further invasions. This never happened. 

“With the arrival of Mohammedans in 712 AD the sun of liberty and freedom really set in Hindustan for good. Raja Dahir of Sindh FAILED to rally his allies to come to his aid. We know his end and the fate of his two daughters.

“The next opportunity came when the Turks repeatedly attacked Delhi and the Hindu Ruler, Prithvi Raj, let them go unscathed every time. We also know his end and the fate of whole of Hindustan after Delhi fell in 1192 AD.

The third and the last time the good opportunity came in 1947 when Jinnah demanded Partition. He had to be promptly arrested, put in jail for High Treason, and then hanged to death in full public view like the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1675 AD. The Muslim had to be treated in the MUSLIM way. But Jinnah was let off the HINDU way.

“Hindu India (where all the Muslims were meant to have been despatched to Pakistan) is seen to be appeasing Islam at every step, be it Article 370 of Constitution, be it deletion of the word “Partition” from Constitution, be it the denial of permission to establish a Hindu Holocaust Museum, be it the return of captured East Bengal in 1972 and be it the Hajj subsidies.

“Some now see the Hindus as a “cow” being chased by the Muslim “bull”. This image was reversed by General Hari Singh Nalwa of Khalsa Army who defeated the Pathans and hoisted the Bhagwa flag over Khyber Pass 200 years ago.

“Should the Jews emulate the Hindus? Should their daughters marry Muslims and then convert to Islam? Should their screen heroes be Khans? Should they surrender Gaza (like Lahore) and then concede West Bank, too (like North Kashmir)? Should they follow some emaciated “Mahatma” and call him “Bapu” or Father of Nation? Should they beg the Pope for a nun to do charity work? Should they beg of Italy to send Sonia’s sister to govern Israel? Should they go secular and give the post of Supreme Commander to a nominee of Hamas? Should they go on receiving Katusha rockets? Should they buy peace at any cost, chanting “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma.”?

The present day Partitioned India is a “mongrel dog” by Ideology. Secularism to be acceptable in Delhi had to be rammed down their throats in Lahore. The world is not a fool to mistake the jackal for a tiger.

“The Allies forced Germany and Japan to sign UNCONDITIONAL surrender in 1945. That tragedy of the defeated became their blessing when both countries started developing in peace, and are now leading industrial nations on earth. India too could have turned the barbarians into peaceful civilised people but she never inflicted a crushing defeat on the MUSLIMS 

“That is why Pakistanis have been continuously firing the equivalent of katusha rockets on India. Their attacks from across the border and within India are well publicised. The last attack came in Mumbai on November 26, 2008.

“Should Israel, too, adopt the Gandhian philosophy of appeasing the enemy?

“We HINDUS understand that the Government of Israel is responsible for safeguarding the life and property of their citizens and, therefore, commend your latest action in Gaza.

“Hamas, like the NAZIS, is a die-hard Ideology. They have declared their resolve to drive Israel out of existence. They will not stop incursions and their rocket attacks until Israel forces them to sign UNCONDITIONAL surrender just as the Allies made Japan and Germany do in 1947.

“As far as India is concerned her people, the Hindus, are neither united against the home grown terrorists nor capable of deterring foreign incursions from east and West. Their present Supreme Commander is a Weak Woman. Their “Rashtramata” (Mother of Nation) is a worthless import from Italy, and actually a liability.

The Muslims pushed tens of millions of Hindus to seek refuge in India after the birth of Pakistan in 1947. But despite Partition India retained her Muslim population who has since increased alarmingly in number.

“Indian leaders and government wiped out the memory of creation of Pakistan while befriending Yasser Arafat and his Palestinians who were encouraged to insist on recovering their “lost” lands. In the eyes of Nehru Mr Arafat was a hero but the Hindu who demanded explanation for the surrender of Lahore was labelled a traitor or a “dangerous” Hindu.

“Best of luck and eternal peace to Israel in action. SHALOM.”

That was the input by a KAFIR with regard to present action by Israel in Gaza. 

What advice would YOU like to give to Israel?

29 Dec 08.