Date: 29 Dec 2008


 What we need to know. 



Our Government has turned "JAI JAWAN!" to "DEATH TO JAWAN!"


Up to now the Indian State apparatus has run on and on at ever decreasing tempo despite the pre Partition momentum given by the British Rule of Law, institutions and immaculate loyalty of the armed forces.


While the edifice has been decomposing and falling apart due to corruption and nepotism at the highest levels the men in uniform stuck to their oath of loyalty to their Supreme Commanders who today would betray them for tuppence. 


Their rulers and leaders betrayed Lahore and Dhaka in broad daylight and degraded the men in uniform by holding them back from re-capturing these cities but also by holding them back from completing the operation successfully in Kashmir.


These useless supreme commanders living in the house that once marked the glory of a world empire now imagine being semi gods. Each incursion and bomb blast in India is a SLAP in their face but they have no shame or self esteem. The world’s most useless supreme commanders do not even dare to see how America retaliated against Al Qaida after 9/11 and how Israel is retaliating in Gaza today.


Never has one of these supreme commanders gone to receive the dead body of a soldier or officer killed in action. Never have they looked into the shortage of officers in units, torn shoes and socks of men that are not replaced for months, poor family accommodation in field areas and inferior pay scales and status vis a vis the civilian cadres.


During the British Raj the officers of ICS cadre ran the whole country and gave orders to the native clerks who were initially referred to as “BABOONS” by them. The word is now “Baboo” or “Babu”. After the departure of the British these baboos became very powerful due to incompetence of the ministers and politicians who were either corrupt or illiterate or both. They knew little about rules and regulations and thus came to depend heavily on the baboos. In due course of time these baboos became inaccessible to general public and amassed great wealth through bribes and commissions. In some cases they took decisions at high level and merely put the documents in front of the ministers and asked them to sign. Any progress that we see in India today is in private sector. State sector is still in the hands of these baboos, and decomposing.


Given rapid deterioration in the quality of civil administration the army is often misused to do police duties, and worst of all, the armed forces have  been used to kill own civilians who are forced to rise in extreme frustration against these corrupt, lazy and useless baboos, playing influential role in administration.


That the jawans have at last resorted to fast unto death due to extreme dissatisfaction with their supreme commander and the civilian masters is an unparalleled occurrence in the history of world. 


People have been asking since long, "WHAT IS THE NATURE OF GOVERNMENT OF INDIA?" and "WHO IS THE GOVERNMENT?"


The answer came at last from beneath the ground. “IT IS IN THE CUPBOARD. BUT DO NOT OPEN THE DAMN THING. YOU WILL NOT OUTLIVE THE SHOCK.”


At last after six decades and a year, they did open the door of the cupboard. The onlookers were shocked to see the bone dry skeletons of NEHRU, MK GANDHI, INDIRA and the BOFORS CHOR become dust on exposure to light and become a heap on floor. 


They had been portrayed by the servile Indian "coolie" media as super human and were all beyond law. Neither could Nehru be tried for unconditional surrender before Islam nor Rajiv KHAN for his Bofors commissions. Trials for treason and corruption would have sent them all to gallows.




The baboos of ruling & fooling establishment do not know that the bond among men in uniform is often thicker than that between two real brothers. They stand by each other in fire and hell. And they face death together. 


Such neglect and callous disregard for the feelings of army personnel can be the catalyst that will explode the bogus secular republic of PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE.


If even one of these fasting jawans were to die, whole armed forces will become an angry ball of fire. They will yell, "HONOURABLE SOLDIERS DIE FIGHTING, NOT FASTING!"


The first to be hit will be the Supreme Commander herself who is more busy appeasing the Italian born Sister in Faith than attending to matters of defense. With her the House built for British Viceroys will also go up in flames and smoke.


It is only a matter of time.


India does not have a long lease of life. Her frontiers were drawn in mud, running between Lahore and Amritsar and between Dhaka and Kolkata. Even these have become extremely porous now.


A catalyst is needed and then the world will see a spectacle that is difficult to foresee or imagine. The Holocaust of 1947 will look like a garden affray.



December 30, 2008

A Call to the Nation- 
Stand up for the Ex-Servicemen
Published on December 29, 2008 by admin 

It’s a matter of shame, as well as grave concern that those who gave up all the pleasures of life to stand as a wall to protect this nation, are on the road, fighting for something they should have received without asking. It’s also surprising that the media is silent about the whole affair. If this is how we treat our brave soldiers then of course we should not run up to them for any calamity domestic or otherwise for help and protection.

The news is that Ex-Servicemen, through All India Federation of Military Veterans Organization, are fighting for justice. Their demand is One Rank-One Pension (OROP). The truth is that the demands of these Veterans are falling on deaf ears. The govt has not even moved a finger to put the wrong right. Now the agitation has entered its thirteenth day. The patience of the ever-tolerant servicemen is running out. Sep Suleman Khan (68) Nayak Rekhraj (58) has been on fast unto death since 16th of Dec. On 24th Dec Colonel Lakhiram, Maj I.L.Jakhad, K. Omprakash, Subedar Major Dahiya have also joined Rekhraj for a fast unto death.

On 24th only, Rekhraj took an oath to immolate himself on 13th of Jan, the day of Makar-Sankaranti, if the demands of the organization are not met with. He has also expressed his hatred for the corrupt leaders by stating that, no corrupt leader should put a wreath on his funeral pyre.

The facts state that the OROP concept is already being followed in case of our Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies, Honorable Judges and a large number of IAS & IPS Officers. Ever since the sixth pay commission report was submitted on 24th Mar 2008, The EX-Servicemen have been knocking at every possible door to get their long-standing OROP demand accepted.

Having failed to convince the authorities, they were forced to take their case to the public on 20th Oct 2008, a large number of them including a Lt Gen, many Maj Gen s and other officers & over a hundred others including service families were arrested by the police, when they were holding a totally peaceful rally in New Delhi.

Group from Punjab consisting of Brig. Hanumant Singh, Col S S Sohi, Capt JS kumbhra and other JCO s & Jawans have come to take part in the relay FAST. The groups from other states have also volunteered to take part in the protest fast. Wives of Ex-Servicemen initially blocked the Jantar-Mantar road and marched up to police station Parliament Street and gave vent to their feelings.

It’s a matter of greatest shame and regret that those who give up the joys of normal life to protect this country, who bear all kind of hardships so that we can sleep in peace, those who stand like rocks in the face of death should bear such injustice. The nation should stand up to support them. The posthumous awards and laying of wreaths on the dead bodies of the soldiers is not the only time we should think of them. They too deserve to lead a life of comfort and above all respect.

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Dec 29, 2008