'Seduce Hindu girls and make them Muslims'

Date: 30 Dec 2008


New Fatwa : 'Seduce Hindu girls and make them Muslims'
December 30, 2008 

Paush Shuddha Trutiya

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra): There is an ordinance stating, 'Attracting the Hindu young girls by your charm lure them and force them to accept Muslim religion'. Many Hindu Organisations have made a complaint to the police stating the above declaration. A Muslim youth who was arrested by the police told about the ordinance. (O, Hindus! Remember, the Government would not take any step against this ordinance that is against Hindus. If you wish to protect yourself from the Muslims who are bent upon ruining the Hindus in all respect there is no other alternative but getting united and ready to fight them!  Editor) 

The youth also told the police that each of these Muslim youths is given Rs.200 per day for doing this service. (It is quite evident from this how much hatred towards Hindus they have. Hindus should decide whether to keep contact with Muslims anymore or not!  Editor) There is news published by a Daily in Marathwada stating that similar ordinance is being published in Parbhani, Nanded, Beed and Latur and many Muslim youths are seen moving in groups to achieve their goal. They are also given two wheelers to facilitate them to allure the girls going to schools and colleges. One Muslim youth who was seen moving suspiciously was questioned by some social workers and handed over to the police by following him when he was trying to run away. He revealed this shocking conspiracy.  

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat    

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