what should israel do?

Date: 30 Dec 2008


The war against Jihad can not be won until those who perpetrate it are made to believe that they can not win this war.
Israel used 100 tons of TNT with most effective weapons - and killed 397 people in Gaza. These muslims kill the same number of people with couple of small
bombs garlanded as human bomb. They jihadist do not take this as a loosing war at all. 
Riots in Gujarat happened once which killed may be 780 muslims, but including godhara and other bomb blasts they have killed over 3000 of hindus and injured many more.
These war can not be won like that until Israel ( and that for that matter India visavis pakistan ) do not kill 100,000s of people in one shot, all civilians, in one go.
Only then they will have to back foot and reinvent their strategy. Also they will loose the support of locals and if there exists something like moderate muslims then they either will have to step up and fight their own menace. because then their death is
guranteed if they do not come out in protest against these folks.
Right now the fear psycology is working in different direction. Every Hindu or a Jew thinks that they might die in a bomb blasts anytime anywhere. That feeling has to be reverted back on them. 
In Gujarat we call "Mia Fuski" meaning muslims are usually very fearful people in general - if you show them an iron hand then they would back off - only to rise in future - but that
has to be shown. If Gujarat2002 keeps on happening on every bomb blasts then the bomb blasts would stop in that area (state) for atleast few years. Bombay riots in 1993 put those people at bay for almost 8-9 years. Gujarat2002 put them off for 6 years. 
Unless destruction, in terms of Lives, do not happen on their side enmasse - i don't think there is any other way. The current fight against Islaimic Terrorism is already won by them. 
The second solution that could be is Universal Brotherhood -
Its time to reinvent and unite the world religions and nonreligions against Islam. 
After all, that is what Allah wanted - A Uninversal Brotherhood through Islam. If the world religions & aithiest unite it will be 80% of the world against 20% of Muslims. Once that
happens more then 50% of muslims will convert to other religions and may be 10% have to be sacrificed or kept at bay. This unity would come very cheap if it comes this way. If not 
through Islam then it because of Islam - there would be a brotherhood all over the world.
And isn't that a natural process of evolution ? For two neighbours ( two tribes in jungles ) to unite there always was a third invader who united them. 
Only one of this would be a solution. And World has no choice but to pick one.