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date: 02 jan 2009


date: thursday, january 1, 2009, 6:56 pm

many hindus feel that they would never encounter this kind of problem and discard these stories as exaggerated nonsense. they never poise to think why khans have suddenly become popular in hindi film industry in the last 2 decades. they also never deeply think about how british india company captured us slowly in the name of business trading. it also does not make much impact on them of the facts about how gruesomely muslims invaders ruled over us for many centuries. most of the hindus have never read 'mopla',a brilliant masterpiece depicting the true historical events in the current perspective. many hindus also do not pay attention to why muslims never marry their daughters to non-muslim boys while they encourage their boys to marry non-muslims girls. 

now,with this kind of long-term planning by them and our non-acknowledgment, let alone contemplating offensive and defensive actions, make them to continue to proceed with their ignoble actions with ease. 

my predictions: 

1. if hindus do not come out openly against islam and start to deal with it with the iron fists,which i don't see happening, bharat will become a muslim country in the next 2-3 decades,since we can't match their reproduction rate.  

2. if the above thing materializes, the minority hindu community will be slowly pulverized to extinction as in pakistan and bangladesh. 

3. hindu dharma will,nonetheless, survive,because there are milions of white practicing hindus who will keep the essence of sanatana dharma alive,and show it's not a monopoly of bharat-born individuals to claim exclusivity on hindu dharma.

even though i am an optimistic person,i do not think that the world would see bharat as a majority hindu country in a few decades. my observations are based on my interactions with my fellow 'temple-going' and 'kind-hearted' hindus,and watching the currents events in bharat and the rest of the world. still,i would be very happy if my predictions go wrong and bharat and hindus reclaim their lost pride. i would continue to do what i can to nullify my predictions and hope for the best.


from: om.sriguru <om.sriguru@gmail. com>

the other day i was just having a conversation with this muslim gentleman, who for the purposes of this article, i shall name as mr. a.     mr. a and myself were having a general conversation on things  mundane and about sons and daughters when he casually remarked about the the lax morals of western societies and how thankful he was that he did not have any daughters and just had two sons.   i then casually asked him as to what he  would do regarding marriage when his teen sons grew up.  would he only find them brides from the islamic community.  and that's when i got his shocking answer; 

"why muslim community... look at my sons, how handsome they are and they already have many gori and desi girlfriends. .. my sons will marry one of these kind of girls and bring them to the rightful fold of islam.  look at all these modern girls, esp the goris, how much they need islam in their lives to regulate their morals... "

and so on and on he went about the benefits of islam and then he got back to the topic of his sons... " u know, i have given my boys full license to roam and conquer  and get any non-muslim girl that they wish to make them as their wives , except on one strict condition that these girls should accept islam as an immutable term for the marital union.  but that should be easy as my sons would have easily won them over by their shahrukh charms which girls of today find hard to resist."

and then he remarked with a glint in his eye... "sivaraama, do u know how many of your hindu girls, esp from your brahmin community secretly desire for muslim husbands and lovers.. you will be shocked...because muslim men are so sexually strong and handsome and irresistible. ....just ask many of your hindu girls as to how much they would like to have a husband like salman or shahrukh. or like imran khan..  and look at me.. even at this age of 50 plus, i can function like an young man... that is the power of our faith...

i then asked him what would be his approach if he had daughters... .. "thanks allah i do not have daughters... else i would be dreading at the  prospect of my girls getting ensnared by some useless gora and then i may have to resort to extreme steps to prevent that... he remarked with palpable relief... ..

i then asked him what would be his approach if he had daughters... .. "thanks allah i do not have daughters... else i would be dreading at the  prospect of my girls getting ensnared by some useless gora and then i may have to resort to extreme steps to prevent that... he remarked with palpable relief... ..

the indoctrination of sexual jehad..

of course, i was more amused at his views than angry.. but there is a dark truth that rings loud in all of these...

after this conversation with mr. a, i now come to believe that this is yet another form of indoctrination that muslim boys  receive from a very young age... to look at non-muslim women as rightful conquests in the name of islam.

and  it was more shocking because this mr. a is a very nice gentleman that participates in all hindu functions and is an epitome of gentlemanly behavior and yet his views when it comes to marriage of his children become very jehadi.. a conquest.  and this even has a sinister and insidious angle.  so while this mr. a enjoys hindu hospitality and goodwill and charms them with his thorough gentleman conduct, he is all the while indoctrinating his sons to prey on their daughters with the intent of conquer and convert...what else???...and what they are indoctrinating is nothing but the wanton practices of jehadi islamic invaders of old who after every jehadi- conquest murdered all the infidel men folk and took the infidel women as concubines.. .. as rightful booty of jehad.

and if one  indeed observes the conduct of the islamic world in this regard, this becomes very apparent.  while islamic sons are free to roam and seduce infidel women, other young men ( and this includes their own muslim youth, leave alone infidel youth) dare not even glance at their womenfolk... and any misadventure  in this regard will immediately bring swift and ghastly retribution.  while they let their men roam free amongst infidel women, often with sinister intentions, they severely warn their sons that daughters and sisters of fellow muslims are strictly oof limits.  

and while this indoctrination is happening, hindu girls get blinded for the shahrukh, amir, salman, and saif ali khans..

and these kind of blind adulation and infatuation has been going on right from the days of the nawab of pataudi,  mansur ali khan when he managed to ensnare a top hindu beauty from a very cultured and respected hindu family, the tagores... a jehad of conquest to perfection.. and sharmila was the aishwarya of those days...and what father did, so has the son saif ali when he has taken and discarded one non-muslim wife after another and now seems to be besotted by a girl from the powerful kapoor family,at least for now (as to when he would dump her for the next non-muslim girl is to be seen)...again what a conquest??? and another sexual jehad was ignited with terrific fervor when salman went all out for aishwarya and for a while this conquest seemed academic, but somehow faltered due to salman's own stupidity, something that rankles the khan even today...but the way these stars behave with hindu women, they dare not behave with muslim girls... the mullahs and dawood himself will rip their balls off at the least... 

it's a small step from being a blinded khan fan to eloping with muslim youth

and all the while these things happen, hindus just watch silently and some even cheer these jehadi conquests..it is often a simple step for a young hindu teenage girl blinded by the khan star power to fall for the next handsome muslim young man courting them and often the hindu parents are helpless and often justify themselves saying that their muslim son-in-law is different and has lots of respect for hindu traditions and treats their daughter well (as happened in a recent tragic case in my own far off relatives in mumbai).  yes, this muslim son-in-law could be the next sreerama-avatar and would openly declare his love and respect to hinduism (which is nothing but the principle of lying to the infidel) but this same son-in-law would never convert to hinduism and all the while islam would be thrust on their infatuated daughter who by this time would be willing to even drink poison from her muslim husband's hands in the name of janmon ka pyaar...  moreover (as happened in coimbatore in another recent case of a  beautiful iyer brahmin girl ensnared by a muslim boy) these girls even start preaching islam to their hindu parents and friends..

of  course, one can always argue that these are modern times and people have the right over the choice of their spouses...and all these sexual jehadi conquests of hindu women can just be excused as matters of the heart and of blind passions of youth and romance.. but when the reverse, ie., the romantic liaison's of hindu men towards muslim women is literally unthinkable and a fatal prospect to both the throbbing hearts, one cannot but view this matter as outright predation of non-muslim womenfolk with the intent of conversion and enslavement and making a brazen statement of insult to the affected non-muslim community.

the arundhati roys of this world are deluding themselves...

then we have the likes of liberal minded hindu women like arundhati roy who take great pride in demolishing their own roots and traditions. while the likes of ms. roy who misuse their freedom of expression that they get so easily in free bharat and slander its hindu ethos while openly siding with the jehadis, the jehadis look upon her kind as nothing more than infidel concubines worthy to be violated in any manner that the jehadi may deem fit as is happening in kashmir today.

rape and sexual atrocities on infidel women are not looked upon as cardinal sins nor is lying to infidels by the jehadis..and these kinds of attitudes have contributed to some horrific sexual crimes here in australia by muslim youth.... ( a brutal pack rape of an australian girl raped by bilal skaf (a lebanese muslim) and his gang of fellow muslims created a deep sense of disgust and outrage a few years back and so also the horrible gang rape of an australian girl by a pack of four pakistani brothers who took the girl to their home and raped her while the father of the boys ( a respected doctor) was also in the house.  and it is still a mystery today as to how the father was unaware as to  the ghastly deeds his sons were doing to the girl in their room...)

time to non-muslims to wake up:

sexual jehad is another insidious and invidious manner of attack of jehadis on the honor and faith of  trusting non-muslims and their families who let these youth to roam freely amongst their sisters and daughters, often with sinister intentions of sexual jehadi conquest and attack on the honor of infidels and their families.  and often when this malicious trojan is detected, matter is often out of hand and the proverbial horse has already bolted the stable...and the poor parents of  the victim of jehadi-sexual conquest is left in total bitterness to pick up the threads     and this becomes unbearable when the daughter is the only child to the bitterly grieving hindu parents.

shiva iyer


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