Date: 03 Jan 2009


GOOD LUCK DAVID! (David vs. Goliath).

The British are supposed to be FAIR and on the side of the weak but it is not always so. Please see the formidable ISLAMIC and ARAB line up in belligerent posture against the tiny Jewish state of Israel.
The 1.5 million Palestinians are not the first refugees on earth.
Two million Germans from Sudetenland and millions more displaced from KALININGRAD, ESTONIA, LATVIA, GERMANY AND POLAND are not stuck to refugee camps, generation after generation, clamouring for RIGHT TO RETURN TO THEIR HOMES.
Nor are the Hindu refugees forced out of South Kashmir in 1989 to be seen anywhere as refugees. Do we see the Hindus escaping Islamic persecution in Bangladesh living in refugee camps anywhere today?
I am a SIKH, originally from West Punjab. The Labour Government of the time, under their most PARTISAN and UNFAIR "wisdom", gave ONE THIRD OF INDIA away to fundamentalist ISLAM to create Pakistan. As soon as the SAVAGES got hold of that TERRITORY the first thing they did was ETHNIC CLEANSING of minorities. 
Naturally both Britain and India's cowardly leadership have suppressed the account of what followed. At least TWO MILLION slaughtered, hundreds of thousands of girls abducted, raped and killed or converted. Houses and businesses all looted or burnt down. ("Freedom at Midnight", Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre, Colins).
Britain gave the MUSLIMS the "Best of India". Today that same India, which became ISLAMIC Pakistan, has become the terrorists' haven (according to the late Benazir Bhutto) due to intrinsic inherent violent wild & savage PERENNIAL PROPENSITY of Islam while the "Rest of India" (secular India) is shining where foreign journalists like Daniel Pearl are all safe, seen and heard.
In that year (1947) not just 1.5 million but FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were forced out of their homes and we became refugees in our own country. 
We were forced to flee for life and crossed over to India a year before any Palestinian entered a refugee camp.
My father was one of the two million killed. My 35 year old mother became a widow to live five decades more, cursing ISLAM and KORAN with their belligerent, aggressive, "Kafir vs. Momin" IDEOLOGY of hate. 
But even as a 14 year old I recall what she said, "We are proud SIKHS and the word "refugee" does not exist in our vocabulary. Go, study, work hard and live well." TENS OF MILLIONS of Hindus, too, acted along this advice.
From that day we NEVER LOOKED BACK. I still see the wisdom of my mother at that time.
I believe in the right of Israel to exist but not just as a tiny vulnerable land area (buying her security from the Arabs by paying JEZIA tax) that can be reached by even home made crude rockets that can kill from one end to the other.
Her enemies are not only Arabs but the entire World of ISLAM as all the demonstrations across the globe show. That means perpetual aggression till the State of Israel evaporates or gets overrun. And that will be like the fate of WEST PUNJAB and NORTH KASHMIR in 1947.
I believe Israel ought to fight her final battle now. Churchill never considered any "cease fire" or compromise with the evil NAZI Ideology or the Japanese Emperor. Today Germany and Japan owe their PROSPERITY and outstanding position in the world to Churchill's FIGHT TO FINISH.
Best wishes and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
 3 January 2009.