Date: 03 Jan 2009


India secrificed the Jawans to free Bangladesh. 
After India made them free country, they continued killing Hindus and passed a law to declare Hindus as non-citizens and were named "People of Enemy".   People of Enemy cannot own property. Under this law, it is legal to take Hindu property, and make Hindus homeless and landless.

Those who still have doubts about Hindu genocide in Bangladesh, below is the eye witness account:
<<They were killing Bangalee men, women, and children (mostly  Hindus minorities) by the thousands daily throughout the country, burned  thousands of homes, raped thousands of Bangalee women and looted their  properties in the name of saving Islam. "Save Pakistan to save Islam"  was their slogan. These fanatic Mullahs used to capture young Bangali  girls (Mainly Hindus and also Muslims) and supply them to those  Pakistani soldiers as Islamic booty (sex slaves) for their service to  protecting Islam..>>