Date: 05 Jan 2009


sent by a patriot in Britain (January 5, 2008:

I have just called BBC Radio 5 Live to convey my view:
"I am one of FIFTEEN MILLION REFUGEES whose right to return to our homes has the same MERIT as that of any Palestinian but it has been wiped out by our own despicable government IN FAVOUR OF MOHAMMED.
The Jews are themselves mostly refugees persecuted across Europe, who have at last managed ti establish their own homeland on a tiny patch of earth after CENTURIES of persecution while the self righteous MUSLIMS have shamelessly established FIFTY TWO ISLAMIC republics on earth including the largest one called Pakistan (where human rights do not exist for minorities) at the cost of secular India.
Why does not even one ISLAMIC republic take these 1.5 million Palestinian refugees? Because their fellow Muslims KNOW better than the rest of the world the "Loyalty, potential and nature" of these Palestinians who will only bring trouble, death and destruction to the HOST country. 
On the contrary India peacefully absorbed us. Our proud mothers said,  "The word refugee does not exist in our vocabulary." 

Like the Jews in Palestine we settled down in peace and even went across the world to prosper while contributing to the countries of adoption. 
But how the Muslims thank the countries of adoption was seen in the destruction of WTC Towers in New York, train bombings in London and Madrid and attack on Mumbai, and while they threw shoes at No. 10 Downing Street only last week while protesting about Gaza.
Don't we know only too well that it is only a matter ot time before the HAMAS get hold of a nuclear device, courtesy IRAN?
Please watch the soft and weak Hindu hearts melting over the plight of civilians in Gaza while these blind followers of demolished pacifist Gandhi have forgotten their own massacres in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal, and even the most recent dead of Mumbai, November 2008.

We must expose the rascals who are coming back again and again for MORE and MORE territory after getting one third of India.

Mohammed's own "appetite" for Kafirs, Temples and TERRITORY was insatiable. Look where he was born and having destroyed all the temples and Secularism in Mecca, where he went FIGHTING & KILLING, creating Hell for the Jews who were living peacefully in Jerusalem!