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date: 06 jan 2009


a patriot writes:


dear editor


london has an international reputation for all sorts of people to vent their aspirations and feelings.  even those who have been persecuted  to do so in their own countries find it a haven here.  muslims from all walks of life took out a protest march against israel.  in the famous hyde park corner, tribal muslims too, in their traditional and rather fearsome or warrior-type attires and appearances made open speeches.  however, they were not aggressive in their tones or intimidating as usual, but were  in a mood  of emotional outbursts and showering serious anger against the "aggressor" israel.  they were pleading to the world for fitting action against israel and at the same time pleading for compassion, human rights and sympathy for fellow muslims in gaza against the tyranny of israel.  this they have rarely done for non-muslims victimised by the muslim radicals.


a huge procession shouting anti-israeli slogans passed through the prime ministerial residence area of downing street.  here they threw shoes and other footwear in the vicinity.  democratic london has not seen this manner of expression of anger and disgust by any other community so far!



  another view.  letter received by site owner:


england is the paradise where most followers of mohammed wish to come and live. why?

because it is the land made beautiful and inviting by kafirs who have their very own rasul allah born over 2000 years ago.


because it is where their own women can walk about freely without being molested, abducted or raped as in any islamic republic of their rasul allah.


because here there is no assassination for holding different views from your prime minister, imam or mullah.


because here education is available freely even for girls unlike afghanistan or pakistan where girls' schools are burnt down or destroyed with anti female venom.


because here the evidence of one woman is equal to that of one man in any court.


because here the police are not corrupt to let you off, nor the baboo(n)s who will move the file only after you pay bribe.


because here you have access to your mp even if you are a beggar.


because here you can socialise and mingle with the kafirs with utmost ease as you do with momins.


because here you have golden opportunities to seduce non muslim girls in order to produce more mohammeds to destabilise society.


because here you do not have to die killing kafirs before you can see a virgin in paradise.


because here you are safe from that sharia law where mutilation of limbs, flogging and stoning to death are banned.


because here the press is free and you can say what you like in the open.


because here you have guaranteed supply of water and electricity round the clock.


because here you can find work and helpful job centres if you lose job.


because here you can eat pork or beef as you like and the pig is worthy of mention.


because here you cannot divorce your wife by saying "talaaq" three times into her hear.


because here you cannot marry four wives to feed them and carry the burden of their 40 children.


because here traffic stops at red lights and does not ignore traffic rules as back home in an islamic republic.


because here you are treated if ill without greasing the palm of the doctor or the nurse first.


because here you can eat unadulterated food unlike back home.


because here you do not find a military dictator but a government elected freely by the people.


because here you enjoy many more benefits which attract you to this paradise on earth.


you, mr. mohammed, kissed the soil of england on arrival for the first time after trying and praying to god a million times. 

you pledged to be loyal and respectful to the institutions and the prime minister of this country.


yet, while moving along the anti israel procession on december 27, 2008, you threw shoes at the house of our prime minster.


you crude and disrespectful mohammed, you did not realise that he is not general musharraf or general yahya khan or general mohammed ayub khan or any other tyrant autocratic macho muslim ruler of your own islamic republic. 


gordon brown was freely elected by the people of this country and they feel insulted when you (thankless treacherous) lot. insult him 


metaphorically speaking, those shoes were thrown at every citizen of the united kingdom which you would break up & partition in a second if you had the possibility as in india on august 15, 1947.


so, watch out. 

britain is not some banana republic behind "langoti/dhoti" curtain or under the spell of some muslim appeasing mahatma where you can come and go exploding bombs and killing the innocent on trains, in town centres, hotels and even parliament.


if you wish to behave like this then go back to your land under constitution of koran where rasul allah mohammed is the last word in your vocabulary. enjoy life, eat halaal and swear at the kafirs of the world day & night..


for love of perpetual refugees in palestine, buy your air tickets and go there to join hamas. 

do not disturb the peace of kafirs in london.



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