Date: 06 Jan 2009


LETTER TO CHANNEL 4 TV (UK), January 6, 2009.

When Britain partitioned India in 1947 by giving one third of our country to the MUSLIMS (to establish Pakistan) they (the MUSLIMS) did not spare the "infidels" and at once set about massacres, murders, arson, loot, abduction, rape and forcible expulsion of millions. We went through real Holocaust.
We lost two million lives. FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were FORCED out of their ancestral homes to become refugees in India. But how long did those refugee camps last? Those few Hindus who stayed back in Pakistan have had to live under primitive Islamic Law while seeing the Pakistanis themselves fleeing their own land in their millions.
Had we all gone into refugee camps and stayed there generation after generation, today those 15 million Hindus would have become SIXTY MILLION and our pastime would have been “madrassas”, building and firing rockets and producing suicide bombers.

Israel, on the other hand, though itself the land of Jews driven out of Europe after Holocaust, gave peace and security to the Palestinians who came within her borders. But those who went into refugee camps were meant tomove out like therefugees everywhere else on earth. But these Arabs simply stayed put. Those refugee camps are still there- SIX DECADES on. 
The "refugees" from there are now throwing rockets on Israel to kill the Jews who spared their lives in 1948.
I think Israel behaved very nicely towards the Arab refugees who, instead of following our examples to move out and get settled anywhere- from Australia to Canada, then decided to stay put in those camps for ever. They have proved to be such dead rock that not one Islamic republic on earth is willing to take them in. They have all shut their doors on them.
When they talk of the Arabs’ "right to return" to their original homes, the world ought to insist on the Hindus’ "right to return", too. 

FIFTEEN MILLION Hindu and Sikh refugees of Partition did not have such option at all. The memory of our ancestral homes in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and a hundred other towns and villages in Pakistan has stayed on only in our souls. 

How can the world imagine that we, the 15 million Hindu and Sikh refugees of 1947, scattered by fires of Islam like dry leaves in a storm, are any different from these Palestinians with regard to love of our ancestral homes and lands?
Had Israel exterminated the Arabs just as Pakistan did to us at Partition she, too, would have been living in peace today. 

There can only be one lesson from the ongoing military operation in Gaza today: Do good to Muslims and get it back in the shape of rockets and bombs. India that conceded Pakistan got it back on November 26 last in Mumbai.
6 jan 08