Rallies in Support of Israel Taking Place

Date: 09 Jan 2009


Rallies in Support of Israel Taking Place 
Across the Country 

Why we must stand with Israel 

Yesterday we posted a new section on the ACT! for America website that lists rallies and other events we are aware of that are taking place in support of Israel. 

To find out if any are taking place near you, log on to our website at: 


If you know of any that are taking place that we do not have on the list, please email us at info@actforamerica.org and provide the necessary details (date, location, time, etc.), and we will post those to our site. We encourage our members and supporters to, whenever possible, turn out for these events. 

It is truly an “upside-down world” when the country that is the victim of aggression, which Israel has been as it has suffered under hundreds of Hamas rocket attacks over the past month, is criticized around the world. There is no question that Hamas initiated this latest violence. And while it’s not surprising that militant Muslims rage that Israel is the aggressor and Hamas the victim, it is disappointing and troubling to see so many in the West buy into such a lie. 

And a lie is what it is. 

There are many reasons we must stand in support of Israel, not the least of which is Israel’s very right to exist. What’s more, Israel is on the front-lines in the war against Islamic terrorism, and to abandon Israel is ultimately to send a signal to radical Muslims everywhere that America will capitulate and abandon its allies when the going gets tough. This is a signal we cannot send. 

But another reason is that we must continue to make clear to the world that the aggressors in the Middle East, as elsewhere around the world, are typically the radical Muslims who are determined to impose their will and their doctrines on the rest of us, by any and all means necessary. 

Sadly, far too many in the Muslim world see everything through a prism that they are always the victims. It will be difficult to change that perception among most Muslims who adhere to it. Are there instances around the world when Muslims are victims and have legitimate grievances? Of course. Just as there are instances when Christians, Jews, Hindus, and those of other faiths are victims and have legitimate grievances. 

The difference is that it is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who blew up the World Trade Center. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who have engaged in 11,000 acts of terrorism since 9/11. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who engaged in mass rallies protesting cartoons that lead to the deaths of those of other faiths. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who demand at the UN that no public criticism of their religion be allowed. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who demanded that a teacher be executed for allowing her students to name their teddy bears “Mohammed.” 

To those moderate, peaceful Muslims everywhere who disagree with the militancy of their fellow Muslims across the world, we say to you, “rise up and speak out, en masse, against that militancy.” Unfortunately, the record of the past few years does not inspire confidence that any more than a few courageous souls will do so. 

We must vigorously combat the trend of the last few decades, a trend in which many in American government, the media, and academia, have bought into the faulty perception of Islamic victimhood. We must work hard to educate freedom-loving people everywhere about the history of political Islam, so that they will understand and know what we know, that Islam’s history is one of 1,400 years of terror, violence, and subjugation that left some 270 million people dead and tens of millions enslaved – and that the doctrine of political Islam was the driving force behind this, and is the force driving radical Islam today. 

The conflict between Israel and its militant Muslim neighbors is the flash point for this battle for the truth. It is not Israel demanding that its neighbors cease to exist or be wiped off the map. Israel’s 60 year history clearly demonstrates that it would like nothing better than to live at peace with those around it. That cannot be said for Hamas, Hezbollah, and the many militant Muslims throughout the Middle East whose end game is nothing less than the annihilation of Israel. 

So we must continue to stand in support of Israel. Israel deserves no less. And our love of liberty and quest for peace and security from Islamic terrorism demands no less. 


Guy Rodgers 
Executive Director