Date: 10 Jan 2009


There is mounting insurgency and deteriorating political and social situation in Bharat, our land of birth and Gurus. It is seen by the audacious attack on Mumbai in November last. 

We can recollect what the Government was like during the colonial period. Now in native hands there is no "government" in the real sense but more and more anarchy, lawlessness, violence, nepotism, corruption, sharpening ethnic divisions and rise of dangerous "Fifth Column" that will, one day, stab the country in the back.

The foreigners have taken full advantage of gentleness of our people and regarding this as WEAKNESS have never let go of Bharat for the last 1000 years.

To add to our bad luck the media have been strictly controlled by the rulers and only one party has been in power in the last six decades. Neither the party nor the government is HINDU, or even friends of Hindus, by any stretch of imagination.  In fact they are very hostile to Hinduism and use every opportunity, device and means at their disposal to weaken us while strengthening anti national minorities and creating more divisions.

We UNDERSTAND the reason for this hostility towards the Hindus. It is really plain and simple to comprehend.  It shows the REASON for this anti Hindu stance of Congress and their subservient ministers, governors and even our misused and exploited gallant armed forces. I would like to spell it out clearly.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr. MK Gandhi were our TOP leaders to negotiate Independence. They had no mandate to accept the surrender of nearly ONE THIRD of India's territory to Islam. 

Both were clever barristers-at-law from London but while one was a lackey of the British Government (and a close friend of the Lady Mountbatten), the other was downright coward, stuck to AHIMSA, respectfully serving British interests and an open admirer of Islam & Mohammed. "Father of Nation" Gandhi did not protest or agitate effectively nor undertake "fast unto death" even for one day to defend his "Akhand Bharat." 

They both showed no hesitation in signing off Lahore and four other State capitals to Islam with tens of millions of Hindus about to be delivered to Islamic "WOLVES".

Their HIGH TREASON did not end there. Having helped raise the alien MUSLIM flag sky high over Lahore they "SET FIRE" to our own BHAGWA in Delhi and imposed their own version of Secularism on the Indians. Logically, on the day they conceded ISLAMIC Pakistan they had to declare HINDU RASHTRA to counterbalance the thrusts, invasions and inroads by the enemy.

It is not difficult to imagine that having signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India, Gandhi immersed himself in his "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" meetings at Birla Mandir while Nehru feared his assassination.

Who did Nehru fear most?

The Muslims were mighty indebted and obliged to him and would cover him in flowers and gold. The Christians were foreigners and had no love lost for our Hindusthan. They had only praises for Nehru for acting like "His Master's Voice" or Edwina Mountbatten's poodle.

Now that left TWO elements out.

The one perceived as most dangerous by NEHRU were the HINDUS, especially the Sikhs. When the Hindus were wailing and crying for the loss of one third of MATRIBHOOMI the Sikhs were wailing & crying for the holy Janmasthan at Sri Nankana Sahib, and for LAHORE, the heart of Punjab where Guru Arjun Devji was tortured to death for refusing to convert to Islam, the former seat of glorious Sikh Raj under Maharaja Ranjit Singh that was conquered by the British in 1846 AD, and where freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was hanged to death on March 23, 1931.

So Jawaharlal Nehru, who inflicted grave insult, injury and hurt to the Hindus and the Sikhs, visualised a HINDU or a SIKH to come forward to kill him for High Treason.

The second element were the gallant ARMED FORCES who take Oath of Loyalty to COUNTRY, not to any political leader or high office holder. Nehru visualised a man in uniform to come forward to assassinate him for the surrender of TERRITORY that he was supposed to defend or RECOVER promptly after the departure of the British. He reduced their status, pay, living conditions and hurt their pride by forcing them to declare cease fire in Kashmir while they were bravely recovering the lost territory. Nehru never felt it necessary to show his loathing of the Indian armed forces. His successors have behaved in the same reprehensible manner toward our men in uniform. Gandhi's AHIMSA, non violence, has been promoted to the extreme in order to make the armed forces look stupid or superfluous.

Now we can see everything connected with Nehru Dynasty, Congress Party and even their governments SINCE PARTITION, thinking, planning and acting round the clock to DIMINISH and DESTROY Hindu & Sikh MORALE & SPIRIT in Hindusthan.