Date: 12 Jan 2009


Dear Sir/Madam
What a fuss about trifle. Prince Harry was with fellow cadets in army and he was speaking to pals. Such jokes are common in army without any malice since they dine, drill and fight together.
Political correctness can be driven to foolish extent. It is inflexible, something frozen like ice, like the rigid rules but the living world is vibrant and ever changing. 
There is a vast majority of people who have better things to do that to feel sore or hurt about such trifles. The Prince did not say it from a public platform but within his platoon.
There is a REASON why sometimes derogatory terms are invented. In this case the PUBLIC perception of Pakistanis is dismally low. "Political correctness" and "angry Muslims" in this country cannot put them on an artificially raised higher platform.
Firstly, ALL OF THEM came to UK after having established a provocative ISLAMIC republic which was literally torn out of INDIA amidst great BLOODSHED. Pakistan, in the initial days of her birth, saw the slaughter of two million innocent Hindus and Sikhs, abduction and gang rape of tens of thousands while over 25 million were forced out of their homes as refugees. Hence NO India can see a Pakistani in favourable light.
Our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan meet Pakistanis holding British passports, some BRITISH BORN, firing on them from the enemy side.
Londoners and Glaswegians recall the violence of Pakistanis in their own communities and the killing of scores of innocent citizens of this country.
Young Brits do not see any Muslim females in discos or social clubs but they do see only male Pakistanis chatting up and seducing native British girls. Some do make full use of the sharia law that allows them more than on wife at the same time.
We also saw Pakistanis "teaching" the others on how to cheat while playing cricket.
Why other people like the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and even the Indians are not mentioned in such derogatory manner as the Pakistanis?
Conclusion: Such derogatory terms for a particular community are invented or used as the people in general see them behaving or acting in society.
Pakis will be spoken of in endearing terms only if their community is seen in positive light by society in this country. But right now we see many of them demonstrating on behalf of Palestinian refugees and hurling SHOES and ABUSE at the Prime Minister's House in London instead of demonstrating in favour of HINDU refugees from South Kashmir and even from WEST PUNJAB who have no prospect of returning to THEIR homes now occupied by the PAKIS.