Date: 20 Jan 2009



The world wide Islamic terrorism, the collapse of the Soviet Union, globalization, the new world order, the growing military might of China, nuclear arms buildup of Iran and Pakistan have set in motion a variety of security process around the world. The growing fundamentalist power of Islam in Pakistan and within India, the military-economic might of China have far reaching consequences for India. Threats against India from within and without arise in new forms and with different effects. They demand renewed strategic approaches and a revision of security patterns of the past, perhaps even their replacement by a new effective integrated concept of security.
On November 26, ten Pakistani Jihadis walked into crowded Taj Hotel, Trident Hotel and the Jewish Center in Mumbai, with AK 47, grenades and bombs, killing 200 people. On January 1, terrorists detonated explosive devises in Ghauhati killing five people. These terrorist incidents are nothing new. This is continuation of terrorist bombings in the Parliament House in New Delhi, Aksharadham Temple, and Jihadi murder mayhem in Coimbatore, Luknow, Ahmadabad, Kochi, Kannoor, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kashmir. 

The Pakistan sponsored wholesale carnage has impacted the morale and caused severe emotional disturbance on innocent citizens.  How could Jihadi terrorism, Islamic violence, crime, contract murder and subversive activities continue in India? Why only Hindus are targeted for slaughter? Who are behind these heinous crimes? What would have done to prevent such Jihadi terrorism?  What can such Jihadi terrorism tell us about Islam and its sponsors? What is the role and responsibility of the Indian government, political leaders, intellectuals, security policy experts and the media? In the fight against Jihadi terrorists, the public faces perennial questions and need answers that are urgent. 

India has a network of intelligence services that works for cross purposes. They cannot bother to warn citizens with accuracy of Jihadi intrusion from outside, terrorism such as bomb blast, fire bombing, kidnapping and mass murder. No one in the intelligence community is dared to speak of the dark forces operating in India or the hand behind Jihadi terrorism. Islamic devils hiding in Pakistan are beyond the pale of serious discussion in India. The intelligent community is, above all, a massive bureaucracy-not interested in protecting safety and security of the public. They want to play it safe. The “play it safe”   mindset may protect the politicians, but does not protect the nation or its citizens.                                                                                                                                 The Congress government headed by the Italian born Catholic Sonia Maino understands nothing that matters.  Without proper understanding, the government cannot do anything to save life and limb of innocent citizens. Most of what is presently happening in India is the creation of the Italian born Sonia and her cronies, who are profoundly, even fanatically, alienated from cultural nationalism or not aware of Indian security needs. The struggle for freedom, safety, security and peace is one of the obvious constants of citizens. But in India, the government who is charged with the protection of citizens, often blatantly deny basic security needs of citizens. There cannot be any life, liberty, and economic progress without proper security. The key for India’s survival as a nation depends on collective military preparedness and police readiness to prevent terrorism, crime and violence. India has failed in facing Jihadi terrorism and lost its ability to confront enemies from within and without and failed its responsibility to provide safety and security for citizens.

 The political leaders feel bad about Jihadi terrorism and feel sorry for the loss of life of the luckless victims. How do they respond to threats from within and from outside?  The phony secular politicians in power respond with appeasement, utopian pacifism and pathological indifference.  Like appeasement of Jihadis, utopian pacifism has had the effect within India of defining Islamic terrorism down, and deluding citizens into thinking that problems with Jihadis are as much as our own making. In practical terms, utopian pacifism, like appeasement translates into a message that peace loving, law abiding citizens are roughly similar—and that any differences that arise can be adjusted through greater understanding and dialogue.  The craziest thing about Indian political leaders is their delusional reliance on the “friendship and goodwill” of Pakistani Muslim leaders. Instead of effective strategies, political leaders speak of peace, friendship, appeasement, non-interference, and of ‘winning hearts and minds’ of Jihadis and criminals. These delusional ideas may masquerade as grand strategy, but it seems like strange words devoid of logic, reason and reality.                                                                                                                               
Irrational Indian policy in dealing with Pakistan trained Jihadis will not create stability and security. Pakistan Jihadis are well trained in the “Islamic Concept of War” and they know how to manipulate weak-minded Indians to spread propaganda and disinformation. Jihadis have participated in the murder mayhem not because they were forced to go through sudden economic or social deprivation, but because they want to kill as many infidels as they could. Indian media, political leaders and the liberal intellectuals have miserably failed to take Islamic threats seriously. They discount the plain surge of Islamic sentiments made by the Jihadis. To refuse to listen to Jihadis is to impose our interpretation on the Jihadis, in effect to listen to ourselves rather than to them.

How do the Jihadis explain their actions? They say that they are committed to the destruction of the entire Kafir India because Jihadis believe this is a necessary first step to create an Islamic utopia in India. They do not care if the assertions find response within secular India. They argue that Islam is the only way of life for India and India is the greatest representative of “unbelievers’ and had to be struck a stunning blow, killing as many infidels as possible to frighten the Indian government into submission. Islamists know how to prolong its Jihad war and how to pursue its infidel enemies. They are cunning and ruthless and know well how to send Jihadi bloodhounds to infidel lands.
How our government leaders respond to elevated terrorist alert? Instead of firm and effective action, the Congress leaders have equipped with code words, such as ‘peace’, ‘reason’, ‘progress’, ‘co-existence’, and ‘tolerance’ for manipulating and misdirecting the public. It is intended to use as a capacious sponge to soak up discontent, anger and agitation.  Under the guise of tolerance, friendly neighborhood policy, Indian government stand blithely by as Jihadis run amok with immunity. 

The world knows that Pakistan serves as the breeding ground for Islamic terrorism. Pakistan’s internal inaction against Jihadi terrorists threatens Indian security. Yet, instead of responding with firm action, India is begging Pakistan to help India. The public knows that the defense and security policy of the present administration is not real, but a plastic counterfeit. 
Under the Sonia government, domestic threats have multiplied in India. Foreign intelligence agents, media manipulators, psychological warfare experts, subversive actors, anarchists, arms and drug smugglers as well as counterfeit money distributors have been creating domestic disturbances throughout India with impunity. 

Foreign organizations finance, direct and manage several subversive groups in different parts of India disturbing the social fabric of India. They appear under different disguises with ulterior motives to destroy cultural unity and cohesion.  There is a marked increase in the amount of Pakistan printed India rupee being circulated throughout India. The bogus bills distributed mostly in stores, petrol pumps, and hotels, as well as for money laundering has the potential to destabilize India’s national economy. Money laundering and counterfeit currency distribution pose national security threats. Through corruption of officials and investigative agencies, banking officials and bureaucrats, money mafia undeniably threatens national security, financial stability and economic progress. Profits from these criminal activities are used by Jihadis to finance their terrorist activities. Muslims settled in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Assam,, Kerala, Kashmir and Hyderabad are selected and trained by Pakistan ISI to engage in counterfeit currency distribution and illegal activities. The Pakistan counterfeiters are able to bring counterfeit currency into India because the government agencies make no attempt to stop Pakistani counterfeit currency distribution. Profit from such criminal proceedings is to fund and expand terrorist operations. It is the consistent policies of the Congress government not to oppose all sorts of illegal acts by Jihadis for political reasons.                                                                                                     
THE COLLAPSE OF INDIA’S SECURITY SYSTEM                                                               
Indian citizens rely on the effectiveness of the government security system to protect them. And yet current security system in India has pushed innocent, law abiding citizens subjected to the brutal attack by the Jihadi terrorists and criminal mafia gang. The resurgence of subversive groups, criminal gangs, money mafia, contract killers and loan sharks represent yet another ongoing threat to our safety, security, life and well-being. Police agencies are known for their complacency, inefficiency, and corruption which, has created the real peril in which the citizens find themselves. People are not safe in their home, trains, buses, offices and streets where Jihadis can threaten them at free will. It is bravado to believe that we are immune from these Jihad killers.              
From 1947, the Congress government had exhibited a peculiar inability to cope with the conjunction of several fearsome factors: Pakistan inspired Jihadi terrorism, Chinese sponsored Marxist violence and Missionary instigated coercive religious conversion.  Traditionally, in India, internal disturbances and external threats were framed in pacifist and moralistic terms. As a result, India had a policy of refusing to admit real external threats, subversive activities, Jihadi terrorism, and coercive religious conversion. In the hope of avoiding conflict and confrontation, pseudo secular politicians internalize reasons for external threats. Because of the present system slants inward, the politicians minimize danger from outside for fear of having to turn away from their mindless policies. They are even enraged by those who dare to see the danger and name the agents.  Cultural nationalists who warn the politicians on the looming disaster and external threats are blamed and insulted. The Congress policy of blaming Hindus reminds us the play by Norwegian Playwright Henrick Ibsen “An Enemy of the People”. In the play, the protagonist physician discovers that the town’s public baths, a major source of income through tourists visiting to take the “cure” are contaminated and toxic. They require expensive repairs. The powerful in the town, fearing the costs to them, debunk the doctor’s assertions, turn the townspeople against him, and have him stripped of his income. At the end, the malefactors are on top while the protagonist is ostracized by everyone except his wife and children. The current interplay of the security crisis and the corrupt, ineffective and outdated policies of the Congress government and the blame game clearly follow Ibsen’s drama. As is widely known, Hindu nationalists are blamed for Jihadi terrorism, Chinese invasion, Marxist violence, subversive activities and coercive religious conversion. The inevitable consequence is whatever the explanation, the current political drift and security lapses remains dramatically at odds with India’s needs.
AGENDA FOR ACTION                                                                                                                    
The array of threats demands India to raise strategic capabilities. Politicians ought to know the price of freedom, peace and progress is eternal vigilance, strong defense, and a willingness to act forcefully. India needs to develop effective and comprehensive agenda to revamp the existing defense and security system for the intervention and prevention of terrorist activities from within and from neighboring countries.  What is broken is fixable if the political will is there. The problem is a critical lack of willpower on the part of Congress leaders. They are intimidated by the Islamic vote bank. In this context, one is reminded of Albert Schweitzer who wrote “Man can hardly recognize the devil of his own creation”. It is a disturbing message and an urgent wake-up call for what must be done to avert a full scale-crisis. In the name of tolerance, and multiculturalism Indian politicians extend absolute freedom for Jihadis and Marxist anarchists. They never subscribe to these ideals. These social misfits never accept a retreat, or defeat as final. They return to infiltrate the same social structures, seek the same destruction until they achieve their objective of annihilating all unbelievers. 
Inevitably, India must end its indifference, apathy, denial, and complacency. So far, India’s endeavors have been limited to mutual trust building, peace talk, appeasement and concessions. But commitment to these mindless ideas will not work with Jihadis, criminals and subversive actors.  India’s meaningless and utopian idealism invites danger. 
India has the tool, manpower, and defense system-except the political will or ability to match our Jihadi enemies in ruthlessness. The government must act with courage in a manner at which Indian achieve the desired outcomes. India must be on the offensive on multiple fronts regardless of world opinion.