Date: 24 Jan 2009





New Constitution of Partitioned India was promulgated on January 26, 1950. 


That Day was called Republic Day and celebrated with pomp of State while the common man had no idea of the defeat of 1947 (High Treason of Partition)and the deception of 1950 (legalization of that high treason by Constitution of the Traitors).


What is a Constitution? 


It is like the STICK that the shepherd or the herdsman has in hand to drive his animals to pastures and back safely. It is like the RUDDER of a ship to sail it to the port of destination. It is like a GUIDE for a traveler who is negotiating a vast desert. It is like the PEGS driven into ground to hold the ropes supporting a tent. It is a body of LAWS & PRINCIPLES according to which a country is governed or ruled.


A good Constitution is like a good institution from where scholars go out to provide good leadership and administration. By common observation the USA and the UK have good Constitutions. These countries are a magnet for those who live under very bad constitutions. 


A bad Constitution enables one party or dynasty to rule continuously for ever, tolerates rampant corruption at all levels, inefficient civil servants and lethargic “baboos”, brings about clash of caste and regional interests, deteriorating law & order situation, decreasing confidence and sense of security of citizens, remains helpless against sporadic incursions by terror groups from across the borders, overlooks unchecked illegal immigration, induces lack of confidence in rulers, brings about general pessimism and influx of refugees from other parts in the country, and last but not the least, causes demoralization among the armed forces through useless Supreme Commanders, shortages of manpower, old munitions, poor equipment, forced withdrawals and humiliating “cease fires”.


Let us look closely at the Constitution of India.


Constitution of India was written  for a “dumb and deaf” nation, enslaved, intimidated, beaten and brainwashed relentlessly & mercilessly OVER CENTURIES. 


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the man who is said to have won us freedom, cried when the British were about to leave and he had to say "good bye" to his sweetheart Edwina Mountbatten. But he laughed when Mountbatten agreed to stay on as Governor General of India even after Independence to "guide him to run India.”


The Constitution of free India was again meant to "hammer" the HINDUS hard on heads to accept the bogus borders drawn in sand by the British with collaboration of intimidated and cowed Hindu leaders like Nehru and Gandhi, voluntarily renouncing all claims till eternity on our own TERRITORY surrendered unconditionally to Islam. 


The Constitution became the document of fraud, deception and TREASON by not mentioning PARTITION, the worst ever defeat and humiliation inflicted on the HINDU nation forced to surrender nearly one third of India to the enemy. There was NO mention or hint of recovering that territory eventually. 


The implications are horrendous, not only due to the ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir and the latest attack on Mumbai. 


The Hindu under the "protection" of this constitution is regarded a football to be kicked in Kashmir & East Bengal, and a WALK OVER everywhere else including West Bengal, Kerala and South Kashmir. The word “Indian” became the equivalent of “Nigger” in Uganda, Fiji and East Bengal and the equivalent of “dog” in Kashmir- both North & South. 


There was NOTHING in the Constitution to make the dignity, safety and honour of an Indian mandatory for the Supreme Commander and the Prime Minister of India. As a result they could look away while “HINDUS were perishing,” not only in South Kashmir.


Under an Article of this Constitution NO Hindu from Hindusthan can buy any property in Kashmir although a Kashmiri can buy immovable property anywhere in India. 


India’s military and constitutional collapse were both unilateral. The bogus cease fire was Nehru's ruse to let the enemy keep North Kashmir for ever.  There is not enough SPIT on hand to drown Nehru and his Constitution in it for this TREASON alone.


This Constitution was written up by weak, subservient and intimidated representatives of people, having just emerged from beneath the British Boot and still covered in the blood of their fellow countrymen  massacred in their millions in West Punjab. 


These cowards were like that father who was told of the abduction & rape of his daughter. Weighing up the prospects of his own safety he declared, "I DISOWN HER."


In the same way, Nehru, weighing up the chances of losing his chair of Prime Minister that he would retain within his own family for ever, and Gandhi, weighing up his own image as holy saint, they both agreed.


As soon as they agreed, India became a “JACKAL” that watched the landscape of West Punjab and East Bengal resemble that of Gaza today with the difference that the Palestinians have been allowed to stay put even in the ruins of their homes, having lost about 1100 lives as compared to TWO MILLION HINDUS SLAUGHTERED & FIFTEEN MILLION forced out of their homes. 


When the “JACKAL” turned back to run away, the enemy cut off his tail, too, that was called “North Kashmir”. There is not a hint of this in the “Constitution of Jackals”.


Israeli army did not abduct, rape or molest a single Muslim girl whereas among the HINDUS the fathers were killing their own daughters to save them from the MUSLIMS and girls and women were jumping into wells and families were being roasted alive in their burning homes.


In that bloody background the "JACKALS" sat down to sanitize it all in order to look brave, and wrote up a Constitution “for the jackals”. In it Nehru and Gandhi appear to be lions who drove out the British.


Those who wrote up the Constitution under close gaze of Jawaharlal Nehru, OVERLOOKED all this and even exonerated Nehru and Gandhi of High Treason, all of them being subdued slaves. Among them were barristers, experts and great scholars of Law and Constitution, including Dr Ambedkar and Sardar Baldev Singh. 


None of the stalwarts in that sub human race of pygmies could stand up to ask NEHRU, "Could this Constitution not reflect Partition even indirectly?" 


But where Maulana Abul Kalam Azad with goatee beard was Nehru's constant companion, and Gandhi was chanting the lullaby of "Hindu Muslim Sikh Isayee, aaapas men hain sab Bhai Bhai," the Constitution was written up without the slightest mention of LAHORE, the twin sister of Amritsar and eternal Daughter of Hindustan, and all the Hindu families that were killed there.


What BROKEN BHARAT has gone through since, and as a direct result of this “Muslim-licking Hindu-bashing” Constitution, is known to all. There is neither law nor order in Partitioned India under this Constitution. In contrast we all saw the shine of the American Constitution last week (January 20, 2009).


Nehru's chair could go to his daughter, then to his grandson and now to the Italian born widow of his grandson. The Constitution watches like a eunuch. Who will be the last ruler of physically mutilated and  culturally mongrel Bharat?


A decent Constitution has to be based on Truth and on the interest of Country not to glorify bandits, thugs or tamed & timid mahatmas.


According to this Constitution any bit of TERRITORY that the Muslim MARAUDER conquers from us or occupies through threat, deception or fraud, WILL BELONG TO HIM TILL ETERNITY.  


Under this Constitution East Bengal is perpetually MOHAMMEDAN and no matter how many Jawans were sent to their death to recover it, it had to be RETURNED to Mohammed.


Now that the Hindu is waking up to the strategic plan for his EXTINCTION, in NO WAY will we  accept this Constitution with our minds closed and eyes shut.


The patriots have to face the challenge of WIPING OUT this bogus and treacherous Constitution that is joy to Muslims, satisfaction to Christians but DEATH KNELL to the Hindus. 


A new Constitution must be written up for India that INCLUDES Khyber and Chittagong. The areas at present occupied by the ENEMY will be shown shaded. For a change we must let the enemy know that Hindusthan is a vibrant, pulsating conscious thing that can react and even retaliate.


The new Constitution will make it illegal for any prime minister to groom his son or daughter for his chair. George Bush could not groom his daughter, nor could Tony Blair groom his son for their jobs. Their Constitutions are real watchdogs while the Indian Constitution is the “concubine” of Italy & Islam.


The new Constitution will guide the "coolie" judges of Supreme Court to DEMAND the retrial of “BOFORS CHOR” who escaped scot free. 


It will make it illegal for any FOREIGNER to enter the Prime Minister's House as spouse, without security vetting. 


It will make it IMPOSSIBLE for any MOHAMMEDAN to be the President of India as long as Pakistan flies her separatist provocative Islamic flag over Bhagat Prahlad’s Temple in Multan and the Janmasthan in Nankana Sahib.


It will make it illegal to celebrate the bogus MAHATMA who failed to defend his land but collapsed on the Day of Judgment. 


It will have an Article to raise the IMAGE of our gallant armed forces and not cast a shadow of suspicion on their patriotism. 


The new Constitution will encourage the Muslims to migrate to their separate HOMELAND and regard those who prefer to stay in India as "guests" like the TURKS in Germany. They cannot have Indian passports, leave aside HAJJ FACILITIES and posts of Supreme Commander, ministers and Governors.


The new constitution ought to be a safeguard to look out for surreptitious anti national acts, threatening the Hindu nation. Its invisible Force and unspoken Strength will ensure the safety of Hindu religion across the borders, e.g., Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia and Fiji.


It will make it mandatory for any KHAN marrying a Hindu maiden to RENOUNCE his alien Islam in public and embrace ANY of the religions that originated in India. The choice is vast.


The country will be renamed HINDUSTHAN. It will have HINDU ethos & way of life, culture, spirituality and character and will look like a HINDU country.


Our Hindusthan must have a Constitution that would see to swift trial of all the corrupt ministers and thugs who are running India right now, to send them to jail or gallows?”


Under Bandit Nehru’s Constitution which is weighted heavily against the Hindus, none can honestly say that India is worthy of the name “Bharat,” without any trace of Ram Rajya. 


We urge the patriots to reflect on the PROJECTED Constitution of AKHAND BHARAT that could give impulse and inspiration towards turning our country into a genuine secular democracy based on our own ancient values with no Italian or Muslim finger in our internal affairs.


The next Constitution will reflect the glory and sovereignty of the great Hindu nation that existed before the advent of barbaric dynasties that ushered the Era of Surrenders and Compromises. That was the time when grand temples stood across North India and the two tall Buddha statues were carved out of the mountains near Hindukush.


The next Constitution is not to be seen as a Document of Concession or Compromise. According to it the Hindu must be seen as SECOND TO NONE on earth. It ought to be a tribute to HINDU MANHOOD.


The new Constitution will not ignore the TWO MILLION dead of 1947 who enabled us, the survivors, to enjoy the glow of freedom today. They are never mentioned by Rashtrapatni Pratibha Devisingh Patil, who does not tire of paying glowing tributes to Nehru’s Constitution on Republic Day.


The new Constitution will mention our heroes and the dead with pride and recommend MEMORIALS, at least one per ten thousand dead, to be put up across the length and breadth of India. In addition it will provide inspiration to establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Delhi in order to educate the coming generations of the sacrifices made by their ancestors who were seen as “vermin,” not worth the mention, in Nehru’s Constitution.


Instead of Gandhi's birthday the new Constitution will encourage us to CELEBRATE the birthdays of our real FIGHTERS for FREEDOM like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Bhagat Singh and the brave Jawans of INA. 


India ought to be called Hindusthan. Nehru called it “Bharat” because he disliked “Hindu” in Hindusthan. Instead of being worthy of the Bharat, Prince of Ayodhya, this “Hindu bashing” Bharat looks a “mule” giving free ride to Italian born Sonia, Pope and Islam.


The national anthem and the flag, too, must be changed. The former was Nehru's choice and the latter is nothing but the flag of All-India Congress Party with Ashoka WHEEL instead of Spinning WHEEL.( Charkha). 


How can the entire HINDU NATION, that traces its origin to the beginning of time, live under tons of suffocating ANTI HINDU Nehruvian MUCK for ever?


The first and foremost quality of a Constitution is to give IDENTITY to a country. Barack Hessein Obama, under force of American Constitution, embraced the religion of MAJORITY community, took the oath of office on Bible and attended the televised mass in church. That was the Identity of the USA, visible to all the Indians.


The British Constitution bars a Catholic or a Muslim becoming the monarch. Not only he or she, but their spouses, too, must belong to Church of England. That is the Identity of the UK, visible to all the Indians.


In contrast, the Indian Constitution serves the ends of Hindu bashing ethos of Nehru Dynasty. It is “neutral or blind” if the President is a Muslim, Catholic or someone masquerading as an immaculate Hindu, e.g.,ex President Kocheril Raman Narayanan who matriculated from St. Mary's High School and married a Burmese missionary Ma Tint Tint. She became Usha. Their children, too, carry on the decepton under Hindu names, .Chitra and Amrita. Usha Narayanan was the only woman of foreign origin to have become the First Lady of India..


Now if this Constitution is blind to the post of Supreme Commander & President, what about the Governors? Let us see just a few instances. 


Governor of Haryana is a MUSLIM, Akhlaqur Rahman Kidwai. Why should he object if the Constitution is blind, the majority community self negating and self effacing and all the Sikhs in Haryana “nishkam sewaks”, as per Constitution?


Governor of Punjab is Gen. (Retd.) S.F Rodrigues, a CATHOLIC, who was educated at St. Xaviers High School in Mumbai. Will he ever wish the Sikhs well or let them celebrate their heroes and Gurus with enthusiasm or think of erecting the statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh near his Bhawan? But what objection can he have if all the Sikhs are prepared to “lump” it, as per Constitution? 


The Governor of Goa was made the Governor of Maharashtra. He is Mr. SC Jamir, grandson of a man, who in the late 19th century, met the American Christian Missionary Rev. W. E. Clark and became instrumental in bringing Christianity to Nagaland. Mr Jamir was the President of the Students’ Christian Movement, Allahabad, and was actively involved in Christian Activities from his college days. He rarely misses a Sunday Church Service. Will he ever wish the Hindus well or show enthusiasm for Gita or Sanskrit? But what objection if all the Hindus are prepared to “lump” it, as per Constitution? 


To sum up, the Constitution of India was suitable for the province of Bengal under British rule when “Divide & Rule” and “Hindu bashing” were necessary in order to keep the colony under Imperial foot. In really free India it is not only useless but most detrimental. It is gradually bringing the Christian Muslim “Tsunami” across the land. We begin to hear of “Mogulistan” and the extinction of Hindus.


Given this Constitution All-India Congress Party & its Muslim allies, Nehru Dynasty, and all the bogus Gandhis have nothing to fear for the foreseeable future while dividing, confusing, demoralizing and “pulverizing” the Hindus. It has shown itself to be the best friend of the aliens and foreigners but no inspiration for the Hindus and no promise of a better future for all. 


The Constitution has become like the cage with a bear in it. The owner is starving it and passers-by poke sticks into its side. It sits in pain and fear, helplessly, its eyes crying for peace & freedom. 


We all have deep fear and trepidation that our ship “SS Hindusthan” that was hijacked by Nehru and Italian Mafia, is out of control right now.


The list of devastating & lethal Islamic attacks in India is long, bloody and painful, while the country is hostage to Islamic terror, seeking approval of Britain and America to catch and hang the first terrorist. 


It is time to throw away Nehru’s obsolete rotten Constitution and have an entirely new one that would give strong and clear guidelines & impulses to restore Hindu pride and manhood, and make Hindusthan a strong, dynamic, progressive, prosperous and corruption free country on earth, worthy of sitting at Security Council as its permanent member.



January 25, 2009




Are you laying a wreath on the “Samadhi” of a coward who never mentioned the victory of Sri Ram over the Evil in Sri Lanka and the victory of Pandavas in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, who declared like some warrior, “India will be cut upon my DEAD body,” but then went silent when they attacked his Akhand Bharat with all ferocity, who left the nation paralysed in the face of renewed invasion in Kashmir but relented eventually when his “misguided Muslim children” set fire to temples, gurdwaras and town after town in the Valley, raping, looting and KILLING the “kafirs”, leaving none alive.

Great patriot Nathuram ji took him out of the sacred soil of Hindusthan but he had already done enough damage to the manhood of nation as well as our men in uniform.


Know that no country on earth will have a Mahatma with veto on its politics and defence.

The Hindu is not only subjugated but also brainwashed, and flies in the face of reality of survival. 


He is being driven to further spiritual deprivation, impoverishment and surrenders like the natives of Latin Americ. How far is our Hindusthan from becoming Latin Bharat- thanks to MK Gandhi?