Date: 02 Feb 2009


Under the Islamic concept of Al-Takkeya, it is legitimate for Muslims to lie, cheat, murder, deceive and violate non-Muslims. According to Takkeya, Muslims are sanctioned to communicate with fake sincerity. In reality, they may have just the opposite agenda in their hearts. It is clear that Islam permits Muslims to lie anytime, anywhere to promote the cause of Islam.
Can we trust Muslims and their paid agents? It is a known Islamic practice, that when Muslims are under pressure, they can agree with most anything. Once they become strong, then they negate what they formally agreed to non-believers.
The concept of Al-Takeyya (lying) for the cause of Islam bears gross implications for freedom loving, law abiding non-Muslims. Muslims can negate any agreement, cheat, deceive, lie, and absolve from any permanent commitment. When a Muslim say "Islam is peace" watch out. When a Muslim shout "Allah loves you" he mean "Allah hates you" unless you are a Muslim.
Unlike most religions, within Islam, there are certain passages under which lying not simply tolerated, but actually encouraged. In the book "The Spirit of Islam," by the Muslim scholar, AFIF A. TABBART states (page 247) "lying is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement and conciliation among people, than telling the truth".
Muslim military dictators, Jihadi and their paid agents think that Islam would exempt them spiritual accountability if they lie as a foundation for a strategic Islamic maneuver. There are many incidences in the life of Mohammed where he often lied and instructed his followers to do the same. A good example is the assassination of Kaab Ibn Ashrf, a member of the Jewish tribe, Banu al-Nudair. Mohammed ordered his assassination by deception, lying and tricks. Mohammed also ordered the murder of Shaalan by deception and lying. Islamic history is replete with incidents of murder and assassination by deception.
Muslims are familiar with the deceptive life of Mohammed, his lying and looting. Muslims and their paid agents will justify lying in situations where Muslims sense the need to do so. 
The present Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir, the Philippines and Bosnia cannot be detached from Islamic theology. The Jihadi behavior depend on what they think upon their concept of reality. One complicating fact is that reality is far from being the same for Muslims, for the reason that their conception is based on Islamic theology. For Muslims, experience of reality depend on the Islamic culture and historical factors. Islamic perception of reality is not objective. It is selective and contingent upon their Islamic vision. It is illogical on our part to negate the Islamic vision, and their goal of establishing Dar ul-Islam. 
Muslims and their cohorts have never seriously reflected on the problems of reality as such. They are willing to regroup, come again with Islamic fervor and fight. Islamic terrorism throughout the world will continue, whenever Muslims have the opportunity. Peace treaties with infidel nations mean nothing for Muslims until they conquer non-Islamic nations and convert the entire infidel population. 
Jihadi violence in Gaza, Kashmir, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Afghanistan and Pakistan have still been instigated by hardcore Islamic Mullahs. They consider infidel world is the major obstacle to their goal of conquering the world for Allah. The Islamic society around the world supports Jihadis with an all-consuming passion.
A careful analysis of Islamic terrorism and Jihadi violence in the Middle East and elsewhere clearly shows the causes of Jihadi terrorism came not from Israel, India or the US. Divisive, closed and dogmatic Islamic theology plays an important role in spreading the conflict.
Islamic paid agents, mindless liberals and phony secularists who are joining with Jihadis are also part of the problem. They play an equally important part in sustaining and promoting Jihadi terrorism. They have an interest in prolonging conflict and crisis.