Date: 02 Feb 2009


Pranab Mukerji, Indian Congress Party Leader and Cabinet Minister had stated that there is "No link between Islam and terror". "Muslims are misinterpreting Islamic texts for committing terrorism". 

India's External Affairs Minister is dead wrong in his assumption. 

Instead of promoting phony theories of Jihadi terrorism, pseudo secular Congress party leaders should understand the root cause of Jihadi terrorism. Muslims consider Islam as a perfect and perfected religion and it needs no reform or revision. In fact, Muslims are not misinterpreting Islamic texts. They are literally following the religious directives when they bomb, behead and kill infidels. They are strictly implementing Koranic directives. 

When Pranab and his cronies see Jihadi terrorism, they often ask "Is it real?". They want to manipulate reality to create an impression that Jihadi terrorism is not motivated by Islam. They are clever in doctoring the root cause of Jihadi terrorism to make it appear that Jihadis are committing terrorism for economic or social reasons. 

Phony liberals and bogus secualists promote the idea that Jihadi terrorism  is an act of common misbehavior. 

The self-absorbed Congress leaders could not see Islam as the real cause of terrorism. They are being deceived by the Nehruvian mind virus. The entire world was horrified when Pakistan-trained Islamic Jihadis massacred hundreds of innocent infidels in Mumbai. 

What economic deprivation, social isolation and discrimination, these Pakistani Jihadis experienced in India? Why they have targeted only non Muslims for Jihadi murder?

Pranab had forgotten that Muslims have no faith in our secular institutions. For Islam to flourish, it is necessary for Muslims to destroy secularism and infidels. 

Pranab has to realize in this era of Jihadi terrorism around the world, that there is no room for comfortable neutrality. 

Pranab's distorted views of the underlying facts, selective omission of crucial issues, and failure to admit the root cause of Jihadi terrorism amounts to treason. 

It is a classic case of deliberate ignorance, denial and appeasement. It is alarming and frustrating to see just several Congress leaders had fallen back in love with Jihadi appeasement and Islamic vote Bank politics. 

Their refusal to see Islamic hatred and destructive acts against Hindus and kafirs reflects India's antipathy toward the majority peace loving Hindus who are victims of Jihadi terrorism.