Date: 04 Feb 2009


Indian ex servicemen are demanding equal pension rights and “correction” of relative status that was degraded badly after the departure of the British from India in 1947.

Through a slip of pen one army dignitary wrote of his meeting Rajiv Gandhi instead of saying Rahul Gandhi who is earmarked to be the next Prime Minister of PARTITIONED India to continue the rule, or sway, of ONE PARTY over India for ever.

Here is a comment on the above error of pen:

(quote) Look what wonders these Veterans are performing!  Since no politician gave audience to them on Earth, they flew all the way to Heavens and met good old Rajiv Gandhi. But even this heavenly meeting, in XXX XXXXXX's own words, "yielded no positive results".  How I wish they had used this opportunity to meet Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru ji, Indira Gandhi, Sardar Patel etc along with FMs Cariappa and Manekshaw.  I am sure they would have listened to you with lot more compassion! (Unquote).


Mahatma Gandhi,
This semi naked “Cuckoo”, who never cut a carrot in his life, would have wondered at Mother India, the land of saints and AHIMSA still maintaining armed forces instead of disbanding the lot to show India’s MORAL SUPERIORITY to the rest of the world. Our Veteran would have returned red faced and empty handed.

 Nehru ji,
This traitor would have said, truthfully now that he is long dead and away from the fear of gallows or execution by firing squad: “I will degrade you in DELHI as I degraded you in LAHORE. I am really (literally) the son of a Muslim and a secret convert to ISLAM. I deliberately held the Indian army back while giving one third of India to MOHAMMED.”

Indira Gandhi.
My father, Jawaharlal, was a MUSLIM. I confirmed my Faith on marrying Feroze KHAN of Allahabad. I, too, consider the Indian army meant for serving me as cannon fodder. Hence I had to return East Bengal back to my fellow Muslims after its capture by the MERCENARY army soldiers  The idea of bringing ISLAMIC East Bengal back to SECULAR India was too repugnant to me.

Sardar Patel. I accepted PARTITION though it was insult to my patriotism. I had to tow Nehru’s line even if it was too stinking to “burn” my nostrils. I cannot help you now.

FM Cariappa. I was the first Commander in Chief of the Indian Army and had to reduced the status of Indian armed forces drastically under Nehru’s stern gaze. I was used to obeying the Will of political leaders. For me it was Nehru in Delhi instead of the King in London. Sorry, I can’t help you.

FM Manekshaw. I served India with loyalty and bravery, leading my troops. But when I saw how the RULERS of BROKEN BHARAT gave our own TERRITORY back to the ENEMY, never bothered to recover North Kashmir and after my death even avoided my coffin my eyes opened. It is too late now. You are up AGAINST a “frozen” RULING & FOOLING establishment of Partitioned Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.) where none of the Gandhis themselves wore the military uniform even for a day. Sorry, I cannot help you now. I could not even help myself when I carried the baton of Field Marshal.”
Now all we can do is to wish the veterans of India the BEST OF LUCK and admire their guts and determination. They are welcome to demonstrate, shout, cry, curse or weep, even go on fast unto DEATH. We, the BABOO(N)S of India, serving DYNASTY like the DOGS, have NO objection. 
Jai Hind (“Hind” without Lahore and Chittagong in it).