Date: 12 Feb 2009


Valentine's Day Massacre
Tue, Feb 3 06:35 PM

London, Feb. 3 (ANI): As millions of Brits plan to celebrate St. Valentine's Day this Saturday, the controversial Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has warned Brit lovers that if they celebrate Valentine's Day they will rot in hell.

The hate preacher slamed the practice of exchanging cards, sending roses or enjoying romantic candlelit dinners, claiming Britain's favourite tradition as "a futile and evil festival", used to justify sinful actions such as free-mixing, promiscuity, vain sexual talk and even fornication, The Daily Star reported.

The London-born lawyer, who in his youth was a cider-drinking ladies' man, posted the 800-word rant on his anti-West website, 'The Islamist'.

The article is headlined, "Valentine's Day Of Fornication" and shows bloody pictures of hearts, while the cover of the magazine shows pictures of Palestinian children killed during last month's attacks by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

The former leader of banned hate group al-Muhajiroun even calls it "Pagan festival" and says it "diverts" people away from "the submission and worship of Allah".

"Many view this day as harmless fun, an opportunity to show love and affections towards spouses and partners by exchanging cards, giving flowers and having candle lit dinners etc, not realising that its origin and current day practices conflict with the teachings of Islam," Choudary wrote.

"The recognition of Valentine's Day opens the door to the Devil to manipulate their behaviour, encouraging them to abandon their Islamic identity and to entertain desires of lust, to engage in pre-marital relations and in other evil practices," he adds, "People should not succumb. Instead we should endeavour to attain the best form of love, which is exclusive love for Allah."

The rant is only the latest in a string of bizarre attacks by the extremist.

In December, he told Muslims enjoying Christmas was "the pathway to hellfire and purchasing trees and having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah." (ANI)