Date: 15 Feb 2009



By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. Islam was founded by Hazrat Mohammad, the Bedouin Gutter-Pig of Arabia, whose Islam slaughtered hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), and sold them as slaves for a mere pittance. Islam demolished many highly developed civilizations.

Before the advent of Islam, the Pagan Arab women enjoyed an admirable status, worthy of respect, including Khadija, the first wife of Hazrat Mohammad. Pagan Arab women had the right to engage in business, and choose/dismiss their husbands, in a matrilineal fashion, they also took part in most activities of war & peace. Goddesses had special status, in Mecca, Medina, as well as in other parts of Arabia, their status was most revered.

2. A Pagan Arab man of Pre-Islamic Arabia, had only one wife in the house. Hazrat Mohammad introduced polygamy, to produce as many Muslim fighting men as possible. By treating Moslem women as breeding-machines, Hazrat Mohammad swindled them of their freedoms & liberties, reducing them to mere service-receptacles for man's gaiety & access to sex. Hazrat Mohammad ushered in a new era of Arabian man's dominance over the woman, and brought Arabia into dark age. 

By forcing women to wear Hijab ( Veil ), Hazrat Mohammad shut them out of social life, and as married women they were, merely maid servants & man's social appendage. Hazrat Mohammad's urge for Moslem man's dominance over the woman, was tremendously terrible & violent, because as female sex-slaves, women were freely bought & sold, in open markets in all countries that, Islam conquered; women were loaned, rented, or bestowed as gifts to friends. Hazrat Mohammad himself bestowed women sex-slaves to his favorites. Hazrat Mohammad put no limit on the number of sex-slaves Moslems could own. The crumpled & crumbled status of Moslem women, exists even today in the 21st century, in practically every Moslems country. In fact, new laws are being passed in those countries, as lynch-pins of woman's inferiority & humiliation, and as guardians of Hazrat Mohammad's commandments to his faithfuls, which are supposed to have been created from Allah's light, bestowed upon Hazrat Mohammad. 

3. Hazrat Mohammad told his followers that, they are Allah's Party, and the Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) are Shaitaan's ( Satan's ) party, they are destined to be victorious against all Kafirs, therefore, wage wars against all Kafirs. Hazrat Mohammad himself took part in nearly 100 raids against Kafirs, for plunder & slaughter of the Kafirs. After his death, his followers continued his brigandage, because as believers they were obliged to follow his commands. The fierce Islamic Bedouins, with centuries of ruthless warfare experience, came in handy as shock troops of Islam, to the good-for-nothing Hazrat Mohammad.

Hideous-Hazrat did not look upon brigandage as sinful & wicked, but as a source of power, pleasure, and prestige, and labeled it as an act of piety, deserving the highest reward that, Allah can bestow on the perpetrator of this act of sheer-evil.

4. There is no way a Moslem warrior ( Jihadi ) can loose in a war against the Kafirs. If he survives, he gets the loot & becomes the possessor of the Kafirs women. But if he gets killed, he goes straight to Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ), where rivers of wine, milk & honey flow, and where 72 houris & 28 pretty boys, anxiously await for him, to service & suffice his wildest sexual urges. Thus a Mujahid ( the holy Moslem warrior ) wins both ways, dead or alive, and there is nothing that, can stop a determined Jihadi.

Because Hazrat Mohammad urged war against Kafirs, as holy war ( Jihad ), it proved stunning in constitutions & application. No country of Arabia could prevent the victory of Islam. One by one, all of them fell to the sword of Islam, and became empires of Allah. During this holy war of Islam, millions of innocent Kafirs perished by the murdering swords if ruthless Bedouins. Those Kafirs who survived, were reduced to utterly-wretched malady.

In all the conquered countries, the female-hating instruments of Islam, were promoted & practised under the sordid legal code of Sharia, ensuring the un-abridged subjugation of women, under the yoke of Islam.

Multiplying the number of harems ( residing places for female sex-slaves ) in all conquered countries, Islam impelled the utter degradation of womanhood.

5. In India, Islamic invaders decimated the great Buddhist & Hindu civilizations. Islamic brutality & barbarity against the Kafir-Hindu, is without parallel in the history of mankind, whole groups & races of people were exterminated. The arrival of Islam in India, was the start of Islamic darkness in India, which turned the whole of India, into a giant open-air slave-camp. At this time, the center of Islam in Indian subcontinent ( Pakistan ), has turned into a horror, with hundreds of thousands of rapes, abductions, murders conducted on a regular basis, besides enjoying the enviable distinction of being the " epicenter of terrorism " for the whole world. 

6. It is worse than senseless to expect Islam to turn into a liberal Islam ( a belief held by many Phoney-Liberal Hindu politicians ). It is not going to come to pass & it cannot come to pass, Islam shall cotinue on its old jolly way, murdering & plundering the hateful-Kafirs. Though these acts are putrid, these acts have been rendered pure & pious by Almighty-Allah, and categorized as Jihad, by the Perfect-Pig of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad.

Surinder Paul Attri

By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. The people of India ( and of the world ) in general, and of Mumbai in particular, have just beheld, the nauseating-face of Islamic-Terror in Mumbai. The silky-soft & pussy-footing approaches of the UPA government, have brought the repulsive face of Islamic-Terror to several Indian cities, the most recent one is the city of Mumbai. Terrorists continue to attack India, because India does not retaliate. There is also the question of composite culture & secularism ( in reality it is pseudo-secularism ), on the basis of which the UPA government is trying to bring about Hindu-Muslim Unity in India. The non-violence school of UPA is trying to solve the problems of India, on the basis of this theory. Wave after wave of terrorist attacks against the cities of India, is the consequence of this bankrupt theory, the latest episode is the nightmare of Mumbai, the UPA government is to blame, but Indians particularly the Hindus & the foreign tourists, had to pay the price for UPA's incompetence. 

2. Has the UPA government solved the problem of Hindu-Muslim unity ?

Hardly ! They have done no such thing. They are making such a fetish of Hindu-Muslim Unity, totally ignoring the reality, which is that to a Moslem, Hindu-Muslim Unity means, the subjugation of the Hindu Majority by the Muslim-Minority, the way it had been during the period of Islamic Rule in India.

Islamic Clergy talks of Universal Brotherhood, but what comes out of Islam is, that any body who is not a Moslem, shall not be admitted into this brotherhood, most likely he shall have his throat slit.


3. How can you live peacefully with a religion whose principle is Intolerance, which says blatantly that Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) shall not be tolerated ? How can you live peacefully or have composite culture with a people, who follow a religion that teaches intolerance of those who do not subscribe to their religion ? How can Hindu-Muslim unity be arrived at when, Moslems go on converting Hindus practically all over ( Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India…Kashmir ), while Hindus are advised not to convert any Moslem ? 

Can the Moslems be made tolerant & harmless ?

Not a chance, in the spectrum of possibilities ! 

The kind of teaching & preaching that the Moslems receive, from their Mullahs & Maulvies eggs them on to wars. Like Christians, they have engaged in religious wars for 1400 years, they are not about to abandon their profitable business, of Islamic-Propagation & Domination through Jehad. Islam was born in blood, it survives through blood-spilling, and it shall continue its blood-letting as long it survives or is allowed to survive. 

4. In spite of historic examples of Islam's mammoth-barbarism, the UPA types have chosen to ignoring the stinking record of Islam, hurt the Hindu, and appease the Moslem. Some blatant examples of Anti-Hindu Bias of the UPA types & of its ineptness are:

a. It was Manmohan Singh who tried to grant pardon to Afzal Guru ( a convicted-terrorist ), his UPA cohorts were talking politely to relatives of terrorists, for getting some Moslem votes.

b. UPA government has totally failed to stop illegal migration of terrorists, across the border from Pakistan & Bangladesh. In fact, the UPA types have colluded with Muslim League, Majlis, & Islamists of Assam. Thousands of Pakistanis coming to India as visitors, never return to Pakistan on expiry of their visas. UPA government does not even know where they are, let alone take any action against them.

c. Because of its incompetence, the response of UPA to Mumbai-Terror, was slow, confused, and inefficient. The forces initially sent to the scene were inexperienced police officers, many of them were killed. It took them ( UPA ) some time to grasp the scope of the attack. The terrorists had killed over a hundred & wounded three hundred, before the skilled Commando forces of the military ( MARCOS & NSG ) were deployed. 

d. Several local Moslems helped the terrorists, who not only provided them shelter, but also showed them around places & police stations. The widely held view is that, terrorist foot-prints go back to Pakistan.

e. The performance of Indian Intelligence agencies, both at state & federal level, under UPA watch, has been pathetic. 

f. And so on & on.

5. On account of superficial knowledge or total ignorance of Islam ( and its hatred of Kafirs ), on the part of UPA types, & its chosen profession of vote-bank politics, they are dooming the Hindu population of India for sure.

The ignoramuses of the UPA bunch have totally failed to realize that, the Moslem terrorists are not just following the dictates of a commandant. Their master is Allah, and they are doing Jehad in Allah's name. All Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) are their target, all infidels are equal ( equal-Kafirs ). Unless this fact is clearly understood by the Hindus ( and by the democracies of the world ), they cannot stand together to confront Allah's Mujahideens.

In attacking Mumbai, the Moslem-Terrorists attacked the Dar-Ul-Harb of India. They need no permission to attack a Dar-Ul-Harb. Islam allows Moslems to kill all those who are not of their religion. Quran clearly states:

" Kill the infidels if they do not become Mohammedans. They must be put to the sword. "

The anti-national gang of India, comprising Leftists, UPA types, and Phoney-Liberal Hindus, have all contributed to the act of, bold terrorist Jehad on Mumbai. These ignoramuses blame the dreadful terror practiced during Jehad ( Islam's Holy War ), on the actions of some misguided Moslem youth, rather than tell it like it is, that is:

Islam is a cruel & cunning scheme of terror. Islam goads its followers, with the promise of a beautiful Janat ( Islam's Paradise ), with its luxurious surroundings & wildest sex with 72 Houries for each Moslem. This is a cunning promise of Islam, which motivates Moslem youth to secure followers of Islam, through terror, torture, and treachery ( the tools of Jehad ). A Moslem treats Jehad as the most sacred duty.

6. The five Non-Jehadic pillars of Islam, provide no guarantee to a Moslem, for entry into Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ). But Jehad, which requires a Moslem to murder, maime, and mutilate Non-Moslem Infidels ( the Kafirs ), provides an Absolute-Guarantee of entry into Janat.

Says one Hadith:

" Leaving for Jehad in the way of Allah, in the morning or evening, will merit a reward better than the whole world, and all that is in it. "

Another Hadith says:

" The martyr will desire to return to this world, and be killed ten times for the sake of the great honor, that has been bestowed upon him. "

" Paradise lies under the shades of swords. "

" Acting as Allah's soldier for one night in a battlefield, is superior to saying prayers for 2000 years. "

" He who travels to participate in Jehad, the dust he encounters in the process, shall become fragrance for him, on the Day Of Judgment. "

7. In the Nightmare that has just visited the city of Mumbai, the dark vision of Islamic-Terror, has come upon India & on Hindus in particular. The details of Hindu's Future under the UPA government, are not difficult to predict. No Indian and certainly no Hindu, should have any illusions, about the competency of the UPA government. UPA needs to be thrown out !

Surinder Paul Attri

It was a national humiliation 

Arvind Lavakare 

Arvind Lavakare may be 71, but the fire in his belly burns stronger than in many people half his age. The economics post-graduate worked with the Reserve Bank of India and several private and public sector companies before retiring in 1997. His first love, however, remains sports. An accredited cricket umpire in Mumbai, he has reported and commented on cricket matches for newspapers, Doordarshan and AIR. Lavakare has also been regularly writing on politics since 1997, and published a monograph, The Truth About Article 370, in 2005. 

Hang your heads in shame, my countrymen. Do it because a dozen-odd terrorists traveled 500 nautical miles of the Arabian sea from Karachi to Mumbai's Gateway of India, just opposite the grandiose Taj Mahal Hotel and proceeded to humble the city of 16.4 million into utter helplessness for over 48 hours even as over 125 civilians and some distinguished professional security men lost their lives to the hand grenades and rifle bullets of a fanatical mindset. It was a humiliation worse than the drubbing the Chinese army gave us in 1961. 

It was because our motherland, India, is a soft nation, tes ted and proven so several times. Despite the weighty evidence of Clement Atlee, the Britain's post World War II prime minister to the contrary, the Congress party brainwashed the entire nation, including the press, that it was the non-violence strategy of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi that brought us independence. 

Atlee had expressed fears regarding the rage of Subhash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army as a reason for its decision to give us independence; another reason was that World War II had liquidated the British Empire and left it to ration even eggs to the citizens of England. But Gandhi disliked Bose's guts and gumption and Nehru sent the officers of the valiant INA to a secret trial in the Red Fort. 

Thus, even as the Congress of Gandhi and Nehru, his pampered disciple, ahimsa, non-violence, became the motto of our motherland. So bad has this become over the last 60 years that today even killing a stray dog on the street, however vicious and sick, has become a crime, courtesy another Gandhi, Maneka by name. 

Take the more serious issue of terrorism. Excepting during the Khalistan uprising in the eighties that was ultimately doused by K.P.S. Gill and his brave police force, our country's approach to terrorism has all along been tepid and timid, castrated and impotent. 

Because almost all the terrorist acts in recent years have involved Muslims as the perpetrators, and because of the C ongress fetish of appeasing the minority Muslim community at any cost, our soft national psyche inherited from Gandhi, our response to terrorism has become a combination of impotence and vote bank politics sought to be covered by rhetoric and pleas for peace. 

At every stage of our every "encounter" with a terrorist act, our collective national response has been reactive rather than active, defensive rather than offensive. Public statements are issued, action is promised. Period. Nothing else really happens. 

At the base of it all is the shameful fact that we choose to be confused by terrorism. We are not sure whether to treat it as a law and order problem or as an act of war against the nation. Our elite journalists of the print and TV/radio world are not even sure as to whether to describe those who indulge in an act of terror as "militants" or "terrorists" . 

Politicians are, or choose to be, equally confused in this simple matter. 

Yes, it is a simple matter because the English dictionary will tell you that a militant is one who confronts, face to face, not one who wears a mask; and this militant does not wield an AK 47 or throws hand grenades or detonates a bomb with remote control mechanism. 

Further, we have had the phrase "terrorism act" well defined in one of our Constitutional documents right from 1985. 

Called "The Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order", it empowered Parliament to enact any law to prevent "terrorist acts" and went on to define "terrorist act" as "any act or thing by using bombs, dynamite or other explosive substances or inflammable substances or firearms or other lethal weapons or poisons or noxious gases or other chemicals or any other substances (whether biological or otherwise) of a hazardous nature." By corollary, the perpetrator of a "terrorist act" is a "terrorist If you get your concepts right; the right action will follow --- provided you love your country more than your political party or your own advancement in political circles. 

Tragically, that hasn't happened in our country so far and is unlikely to ever happen till, heaven forbid, a colossal and unbelievable act of terror paralyses the entire country into a daze. 

Just recall some events of recent years. The UPA government that came in 2004 quickly repealed the Prevention of Terrorist Act (POTA) which the Vajpayee-led NDA government had introduced after the ghastly attack in December 2001. 

It was not withdrawn because of its stringent features but because it was allegedly misused against the minorities (read Muslims). The basic fact was that the Congress, which heads the UPA sarkar, wanted to appease and win over the Muslims with one more lollipop. 

Amusingly enough, any call by the BJP for the re-introduction of POTA or some such tough law is counterattacked by the Congress. "Did your POTA prevent the attack on the Akshardh am Temple?" they ask. 

Forgotten in this child-like question is that it was POTA that secured the conviction of Afzal Guru. Forgotten is that the acceptance of a confession to the police as evidence (considered a draconian legal provision) was what led to the conviction under TADA of Rajiv Gandhi's assassins. 

In several other areas as well, our successive governments have failed to act in ways so crucial to minimize, if not totally stop, the reign of terror that now occurs so frequently that from a tragedy it has become a joke for the cynic. 

Take the policing of our urban areas which are the focal points of terrorism. Lt General Sinha recently disclosed that in the last sixty years after Independence the number of police stations in the country has increased by a laughable 15 per cent over the figure of 12,000 that existed then. 

In contrast, he says, our population has increased four times in that same period even as policing has become so much more complex than before. 

Further, whatever police force available is overworked but underpaid, apart from being manipulated and exploited by their political bosses. That is why, at least Mumbai's policemen, and policewomen , look so unfit, almost obese, and so blank in face. 

Ditto with our Intelligence force. Marginal increase in their strength has occurred, but assignments include assessment of likely performance of the rulin g party in the coming elections. And why the National Security Advisor should have been involved so much in the Indo-US nuclear deal as he actually was is a mystery. 

Then there's the human rights industry and our politicians' concern for it much beyond national interest. And there's that impractical concern for "guilty beyond reasonable doubt" even in matters of terrorism. If cockroaches had votes and rats had a religion, our politicians would enact a law prohibiting killing of those two living species as well. 

Imagine the People's Democratic Party of Jammu & Kashmir granting pensions from government to families of slain terrorists. Imagine, the Prime Minister himself disclosing his sleepless night over the plight of the mother of an Indian Muslim held in police custody in Australia on suspicion of being involved in a bomb blast but not over the plight of mothers of thousands of his innocent countrymen killed in terrorist violence. 

Imagine two Cabinet Ministers oppose the ban on SIMI despite the latter's proven guilt. Imagine one Cabinet Minister wanting all illegal migrants from Bangladesh to be given full citizenship rights, when it is well-known that many among them have links with terrorists. Imagine another Cabinet Minister approving of a University vice chancellor's decision to deploy funds provided by a foreign government to be utilized for the legal defence of two of his University s tudents accused of involvement in terrorist violence. 

Imagine, lastly, that amounts running into thousands of crores have been spent on the Haj subsidy for Muslims but the security of our very long coastline on the west is so ill-funded that terrorists can come from Karachi across the Arabian Sea to Mumbai without being spotted. 

Contrast all of this is typically indolent-cum- idealistic- cum-selfish Indian attitude to the stark realism and patriotism of the USA when 9/11 occurred in 2001. One thing that nation did shortly after that dastardly day was the enactment by the USA Congress of what's come to be known as the USA Patriot Act. That nomenclature is really an acronym, and the full name of that legislation is "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001". If a name can arouse emotions, that one certainly does. And however draconian that law has been, it has prevented the recurrence of 9/11. 

Unless the whole young nation of ours forgets non-violence as a magic mantra and unless our politicians show a commitment similar to that of the USA to engage in a literal war against terror, we shall continue to allow just about a dozen-odd terrorists to humiliate an entire nation for over 48 hours, even as a naïve Prime Minister calls the Pakistan chief of intelligence to share info with us.