CONFERENCE IN Nagpur, INDIA – 2009. 01.31 – 02. 05

Date: 16 Feb 2009


Third International conference and gathering of the elders on „Renaissance of the ancient traditions  and cultures: 

Challenges and solutions“, organised by International Centre for Cultural Studies (ICCS), US and Nagpur, World Congress of Ethnic Religions (WCER) and the  National Council of Elders of Mayas, Inca and  Garifuna of Guatemala took place in Nagpur, India. 

It is noteworthy that the opening address was delivered by the Prime Minister of Government In-Exile Sam Dong Rinpoche. We presume he represented the great Buddhist tradition of Tibet.
The Conference that was held at Nagpur in (Partitioned) India ought to have looked at the Constitution of that country which was enacted after appeasing (totally collapsing before) Islam in a big way. 
Partition of India was meant by Nehru and his Congress Party to deliver a most severe and devastating strategic blow to the Hindus/PAGANS in South Asia. It will be a double tragedy if the Hindus/Pagans in India still neither comprehend it nor even mention it.
Nagpur is a city with strong Hindu presence while places like Aligarh, Lucknow and even Delhi are giving way under the weight of separatist, intolerant and fundamentalist Islam whose number and threat is increasing by the hour. The only effective permanent answer to the FOREIGN threat from the followers of Pope and Mohammed is "HINDU RASHTRA". 
It is clearly a sign of Hindu (Pagan) WEAKNESS to accept Islamic Constitutions in Bangladesh (East Bengal) and Pakistan (Western India) while making the one in Delhi weak, neutral and uncommitted towards native Hindu Dharma, calling it "Secular". The surviving Hindus in (what is left of) Hindusthan are being corralled towards a very dangerous bottleneck.
There is no doubt that the Conference gave strong impulses to the natives of India to be more assertive on their own territory and to reach out to small Pagan communities struggling to survive in the rest of the world.
One result of the "mongrel" Constitution of India is that this "Hindu majority" country is NOT behind her own native Hindu Dharma at State level. So we see foreign imports, Christianity and Islam, standing united and in strength and funded from outside, opposing the Hindus tooth and nail.
The other is that there is no Indian Embassy in Vilnius to represent Bharat in all the three Baltic States. And there will be none so long as ITALIAN BORN Sonia controls India from behind. Neither she nor the subservient Parliament in New Delhi has any idea of Lithuania's linguistic, spiritual and cultural richness and her soul link with Bharat. The result is great inconvenience to the Lithuanians to obtain visa by travelling to Warsaw in Poland first. Earlier they were required to go down to Minsk in Beularus. We used to wonder that if Turkey and Japan can have embassies in Vilnius why not India.
We note that the next Conference will be held after three years in RISHIKESH. This is a very holy place on River Ganges. 
Passengers on trolley buses in Vilnius are fascinated by two stops. One is Kshatriya and the other Santa Rishikesh. We know that the latter used to be "SANT" RISHIKESH which after occupation by Catholics became "Santa" Rishikesh. Thank God they did not change Rishikesh to something else. So the original HINDU connection is still there in Vilnius.
The organizers are commended for their efforts and work to make the conference a success.