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Date: 4/25/2001
Brothel thrives were Nehru was born 
By Sharad Gupta, Lucknow, India 

The featured article below has been taken from the Daily Indian Express of New Delhi of August 29, 1997. It was written by Sharad Gupta of Lucknow. A copy was received from a friend in New Delhi only a short while ago. The Sword of Truth online magazine had presented several articles in the recent past on the Nehrus in its columns. They were based on material gleaned piecemeal from various sources and then put together. We would request our readers to specially go through the two articles named herewith: (1) A Tale of Two Lals, and (2) The Story of Gangadhar, Father of Motilal. They can be obtained in our Archives Section. 
There are other Nehru-related articles too in the Archives columns which shed more light on the Nehrus and their shameless brood. For the first time, the Sword of Truth had publicly stated that Jawaharlal had died of syphilis. This was vehemently opposed by the reigning MHMs (Mentally Handicapped Morons) but the truth did come out soon enough, as is always the case with truth everywhere. It was clear that most medical students studying in Delhi at the time, were fully informed of the real cause of Nehru's death while the wider Hindu public remained (or were left to remain) unaware of the fact. Also, fully aware of this shameful fact, at the time, were all foreign embassies and news reporters of New Delhi. Such suppression of important news from compatriots, has always been a way with the Nehrus, constantly motivated to keep the country ignorant. Ignorance is weakness and self-inflicted ignorance is suicide, what learned people say. The idea was always to keep the public in the dark and so there was not a single voice raised against the compulsory nephew/niece-ship of the entire populace to the sick Prime Minister! Some morons had even tried to blame Sikh-owned road-side 'Dhabas' saying that Jawahar had contracted the disease from a glass of water that he had taken in a 'dhaba' on a hot summer day. But then, no one believed this cock and bull story. After all, syphilis is syphilis; and it usually affects people frequenting unhealthy company and not 'dhabas'. 
We send our heartfelt thanks to the Delhi friend for the copy of the original article by Sharad Gupta, reproduced verbatim in the following pages. 
(The verbatim reproduction of the Article from the Indian Express of Aug. 29, 1997, Delhi) 
While the government has been constructing memorials of various leaders to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Independence, the birthplace of the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, in Allahabad, is being neglected and worse, is now a brothel house. 
Then UP Chief Minister Hemavati Nandan Bahuguna had in 1972 asked the Allahabad Commissioner to construct a memorial at Nehru's birthplace in Mirganj. However, nothing has been done so far either by the successive governments or by the Congress. 
Vijay Laxmi Pandit and Krishna Nehru too were born at 77, Mirganj. The entire locality is now a red light area. 
The model of Nehru's birthplace, incidentally, has been kept at Nehru Gallery of Allahabad museum. Nehru's ancestral house, the Anand Bhavan, now a government property, too has a photograph of the same house. 
Allahabad district magistrate Neeraj Gupta admits that the house which was Nehru's birthplace is a den of flesh trade. But all records of the exact location of the house are missing from Government files. Prostitutes have divided the house into several parts, modified it and even got the house number altered for fear of its acquisition by the Government. 
Moti Lal Nehru shifted from Agra to Allahabad in 1886 to stay at 77, Mirganj - the house then belonged to Jagmohan Lal Gurtu. The Nehrus stayed here till 1898 and Jawaharlal was born here on November 14, 1889. The Anand Bhavan, where the Nehrus later shifted, was constructed after some time. 
A map of the Improvement Trust of Mirganj Open Area Scheme shows 77, Mirganj as not having been acquired by the Government. A photograph of the house taken by P.N. Varma, has been kept at the Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi. 
Earlier, the prostitutes used to live on the other side of the road. Jagmohan Lal Gurtu used to live in the adjoining house. Ayodhya Nath and Hriday Nath Kunjru used to live in nearby Mahyajani Tola. Nehru, on his first visit to Allahabad after taking over as Prime Minister, had visited his birthplace. 
A portion of the same house had been sold by Moti Lal Nehru to a prostitute, Lali Jaan and it became known as Imambada. The house is now in a dilapidated state. 

The verbatim account featured above has some inaccuracies. Our independent research on the subject tells us: 
If nothing has been done to build a memorial to Jawahar, and that in spite of the 'all powerful' Chief Minister Bahuguna at the time, then, we believe that was because no one had wanted to stir the sleeping dog and alert the Indian public regarding the true nature of the Nehrus' background. 
What is mentioned as Krishna Nehru is really Krishna Hutheesing. This kind of injection of the Nehru name has become an insufferable malady with the Nehrus and their blind followers. What has been described as the Anand Bhavan in the Indian Express report above was no Anand Bhavan. The building had pre-existed under a different name. It used to be called the Irshad Manzil and it was owned by a renowned Shia' munshi or lawyer of Allahabad. Both Anand Bhavan and Irshad Manzil mean the same thing: The 'House of Happiness', in Sanskrit and Arabic. The owner's name was Mobarak Ali. It was the same Mobarak Ali who had sired Jawaharlal and since Mobarak Ali's personal friend, the Nawab of Oudh, did not like the idea of a Musalman's son being reared in a brothel house, the baby boy was removed to his own harem. Mobarak would not let him be reared in his own house (Irshad Manzil, then) either, as that could raise questions of inheritance in contradiction to the Sharia' Laws. It was in the Nawab of Oudh's palace that little Jawahar was circumcised and raised as a Musalman 'aulad'; the Nawab had provided a Musalmanani from among the harem-dwellers to wean the little baby boy. Jawahar grew up to be a ten-year-old boy and it was from the Nawab's palace that Moti Lal's so called son left for England for further studies. His Urdu and Persian knowledge was then deemed adequate. His knowledge of Sanskrit and Hindi was zero. From the description of the Indian Express, one might think that 77, Mirganj became a brothel house only after the birth of Jawaharlal. It was not so. The house where Jawaharlal was born (instead of Mobarak Ali's Irshad Manzil for reasons of eventual complications that could be raised for reasons of the Sharia') was indeed the place where Moti Lal used to reside with his wife Thussu, later named Swarup Rani. Moti Lal lived there for many more years, until the two daughters were also born there. A word here on the Irshad Manzil. The city of Allahabad (whose previous name was Prayag and which name had been changed by the Moghul king Akbar by imperial order, to signify the 'City of Allah') had another palatial building, also named Irshad Manzil. This second Irshad Manzil was owned by Akbar Illahabadi. By reason of having two well-known Irshad Manzils, the local post-men often had difficulties to make out correctly which house the mail was destined to. Thus, the change of name, from Irshad Manzil to Anand Bhavan was a great relief and welcome to the post-men of Allahabad. 
Moti Lal had resided in that brothel house for many more years, till the birth and rearing of his two younger daughters, Naan (aka Vijay Lakshmi) and Krishna. It didn't seem to bother him at all. It was only when he started earning money in large fees as Mobarak Ali's employee, that he, for the first time seriously thought of moving to a more respectable place, in this case to the Irshad Manzil, named Anand Bhavan, after Moti Lal had purchased the building from his boss, Mobarak Ali, just prior to Mobarak's retirement. 
It might surprise our readers to discover that even newspapers such as the London Times, were not aware of the origins of Jawaharlal, so cleverly and astutely the matter had been covered up. In one of the Sunday Times articles, they had described Amethi as Jawahar's ancestral property. It was not so. Amethi was acquired by Moti Lal from the widow of the deceased rajah by less than honest means. His children were already grown up by then. Please read up "A Tale of Two Lals" from our Archives. In the Indian Express text, it has been said that Moti Lal moved to Allahabad from Agra. Why Agra and why not Kashmir? Wasn't Moti Lal a Kashmiri? Please read up "The Story of Gangadhar, Father of Motilal" from our archives. It will tell you how Gangadhar was chased out of Delhi where he was a high Mughal officer, by the Sikh and Gorkha soldiers of the East India Company; how he fled to Agra with his family and was intercepted by the English forces on the way; how he lived for some time in Agra and so on. Motilal had therefore come back to Allahabad from where else but Agra and not Kashmir! 
Next time, our readers! When you visit India, please make it a point to visit the all important Imambada of Mirganj, the Janamsthan of Jawahar, the first Prime Minister of India! 
Courtesy: www.swordoftruth.com