Date: 20 Feb 2009


Dear Friends,

1.  The government continues to ignore our demand of Equal Service same Rank Same Pension (We call it “One Rank One Pension”).  The reasons being given by the Government for rejecting our demand are flimsy, unethical, unjust and humiliating to the soldiers who had given their youth for the security, sovereignty and integrity of the country.  The reasons given by the Govt are as under:-

·        It is not necessary to give “One Rank One Pension” to the Veterans, meaning they are the Fired Cartridges and can be thrown away and forgotten.

·        It will not affect the Morale and Motivation of serving defence personnel. One should ask the bureaucrats and politicians as to whose children are the serving soldiers ?  Surely, not theirs. They are our children.  When they know their elders are being degraded and mistreated, their morale will definitely be affected.  Secondly, they know very well that when they become veterans, they would also be treated in the same way as their elders.

·        It is financially not feasible.  When the Govt can waive off over Rupees one lac crores loan, spare thousands of crores to bail out inefficiency and scams, this reason is a crude joke played on the veterans.   Any one can see though the negative attitude on the part of the Government.  

·        The demand for one rank one pension stands already examined in detail and was not found acceptable due to administrative, financial and legal reasons.

2.   Well friends, we are up against the uphill mountain.  We will have to upgrade the intensity and volume of our Movement and take our cause to the people of our country.  It is the duty of every veteran to join the Movement and strengthen Unity.  It is the numbers which will make the Govt change its attitude towards our genuine demands.

3.   Utterly disappointed with the absence of any visible positive response from the Government, many more Ex-servicemen across India have decided to return their medals in large numbers to the President on 21 Feb 2009. The Ex Servicemen in NCR who have not been able to deposit their medals centrally are requested to do so at Jantar Mantar on 21 Feb 2009 from 11 AM to 3 PM.  Thereafter the delegation of veterans will proceed to Rashtrapati Bhavan to return the medals to the President.  We have also requested an audience with the President.

4.   All veterans are requested to reach Jantar Mantar at 11 AM on 21 Feb 2009.

Together, We Win

With Kind Regards,

Jai Hind

Yours Sincerely

Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM

Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement