The Nexus of Isms in India:

Date: 28 Feb 2009


The Nexus of Isms                                              The Nexus of Isms in India:      

The Nexus of Christism, Islamism, and Maoism in India
                                                                 by                           Dr. Babu Suseelan 

              Originally published on on October 9, 2008  Edited and modified by Shree Vinekar on November 22, 2008

Proselytizing Christism, Marxism, and Jihadi Islamism are totalitarian and rigid empire building political systems for invasion, expansionism, plunder, oppression, exploitation, and destruction of “non-believers” and their traditional cultures and dogmas.  These “closed” systems compete and oppose one another in many parts of the world.  However, in India they seemed to have become strange political bedfellows. They have made an unholy alliance against Hindu systems of philosophy and pluralistic spiritual traditions with a design to dominate over the majority population of India. 

Their use of a veneer of noble values, political philosophy, falsely presented secularism and beliefs about equality in human existence, their duplicity, and dualistic perspectives conceal their tenacious and inflexible dogmas that are often taken for granted as benign and even pious when it comes to “religions.”  India is probably the only democracy that allows Communist Party to contest elections although Democracy and Communism are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist if Communists were to wield absolute power.  There is a widespread blind spot for the historical track record of these three “isms.” Human memory is short and especially Indians have forgotten their unjust and oppressive atrocities as well as violent tactics full of genocides and widespread deceits and destruction of their host societies and their cultures, religions, and even their languages over the centuries all over the world.  The exponential magnitude of such violence is incomparable to the minor insignificant violations by the Hindus sometimes concocted and exaggerated beyond belief by the secular media for unjustly projecting the Hindu society as evil (e.g. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s case). There seems to be a budding and thriving anti-Hindu lobby in the US fueled by the Islamists and their sympathizers whose journalists and academicians are busy spinning their yarn creating a negative picture of the historically victimized Hindu society of India.  They even go to the extent of inventing a new entity which they call “Hindu Terrorists.”  The state department of the US seems to be influenced by these elements in arbitrarily dubbing people they have little knowledge of as “fascists” “fundamentalists,” etc. falling in line with the corrupted so called secular media in India. Henry Kissinger or President George W. Bush may be viewed by some foreigners especially in Middle East as the greatest terrorists but no self-respecting American will tolerate any government of a foreign country dubbing them as terrorists and refusing them entry in their country refusing them the visa for this spurious non-judicial judgment against them.  Yet, curiously not only the American academicians but also many ill-informed Indian Americans with no knowledge of law and justice or international etiquettes promote and promulgate such accusations and prejudicial judgments regarding Mr. Modi, and furthermore, regard the arbitrary decision of the State Department of the US as if it is based on judicial inquiry and just treatment for an Indian leader who is now twice elected Chief Minister of Gujrath.  They would not have tolerated such treatment of Henry Kissinger or George W. Bush by any other country. We Indians generally are unaware of the hidden agendas and ulterior motives of this nexus.  Of course, influenced by the history written by the British and aligned with the colonial powers viewing Indians and Hindus as some kind of slavish subjects to be exploited, publicly admonished, controlled and told what to do to toe their line and straighten up “or otherwise” is an anachronistic post WW II political mentality of the Western and American politicians showing the vestiges of the colonial and imperialistic mentality towards an Independent sovereign country like India after sixty years of its independence. Our Indian politicians lump the Christists and Islamists as benign “religions” misidentifying them with the ordinary peaceful, hard working, and law-abiding good Christians and Muslims to be given all concessions in a secular country or respect them as political systems, communities, or political parties needing special representation in a democracy to win the vote banks for the UPA (Indian National Congress) and inadvertently or many a times knowingly accord them special status and opportunities for expansion. Under the name of secularism these elements with deep connections with the foreign powers find their way into the supreme cabinets and advisory boards of the President of the UPA and stack the cards in their favor to achieve their long term goals.  In fact, the President of the UPA herself may be deeply connected and enmeshed at least with one such participant in this said nexus if not two, and terrified of one or two of them.

Of course, there are many innocent decent hard working people that are members of these three systems who honestly are not in the loop totally but the organized “wholes” of these three “isms” have entirely dismal historical track records. Without unjustly persecuting any individual innocent members, it should be possible to grasp the panoramic view of such evil nexus and thwart its onslaught on the Hindu majority of India while keeping the representation in the political system proportionate to the size of the population represented with some limitations, and checks and balances, on the power distribution in the democracy.  The fear that the minorities will be simply trampled upon if the Hindu majority wins absolute majority in the Parliament and in all the State Governments is baseless and has no historical justification.  It is a scare tactic used by the Indian secular media who want to have their hand in the power politics of the country partly as they are heavily funded by the foreign elements and nearly controlled by this nexus.

Hindus and the so-called “secularists” also forget the Christists’, Islamists’, and Communists’ past history, their track record of deception and violence, their current designs, and future plans for wiping out Hindu and eventually the entire secularist pluralistic majority.  The fact remains that all three elements are essentially non-pluralistic though claiming to be some kind of secularists only in a self-serving manner with communism being totally antithetical to democracy secular or otherwise. The “Christian Pluralism” and “Muslim Pluralism” are oxymoron. 

The word “Hindu” is abhorred and vilified in India, their own Hindu land (Hindusthan), the only land of the Hindus, and Hindus are hated by their own brothers who pride themselves as “secularists” thinking they are more pluralistic than the Hindus. They think and say they are not “Hindus” though going to the same Hindu temples and offering same prayers as the other Hindus, but feeling ashamed to openly say they are Hindus in their own country.  Such schizophrenic existence of the Hindus is now ubiquitous.  The “secular” media have created a terrible inferiority complex among the Hindus in the past 61 years deeply ingraining the damage inflicted by the British by focusing microscopically on and magnifying the shortcomings and evils of Hindu society, as if other societies do not have their own defects and social evils although they are in fact of gigantic proportions. These social evils of the nexus of “isms” are historically, viciously, and virulently destructive towards other groups of peace loving people.  By promoting such anti-propaganda against Hindus the secular English media in India in general and the UPA Government in particular have re-victimized the victim society of the Hindu majority and facilitated the creation of a monster of a criminal nexus against Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains in India but this axis is also operating around the world.  

The goal of this organized axis or nexus is to eliminate Hindus and Buddhists from political power from Fiji, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, and eventually from India. Their unholy alliances hire psychological warfare experts to subvert, and sabotage Hindu and Buddhist nationalism and to create various social crises and political turmoil repeatedly within their societies using their broadmindedness and liberal political philosophy itself as a weapon against them and weaken their political strongholds (even stable constitutional monarchies, e.g. in Nepal Bhutan, and Thailand) in a systematic and sustained manner for decades.  They conduct in-depth sociological, cultural anthropological, demographic, geographic, and socio-economic study of various communities for decades in their targeted countries before planning their strategies for denigrating the icons or idols, revered Hindu or Buddhist spiritual leaders, and also for planting Churches, for example, or for building Mosques in strategic locations, for example, near Railway stations, near important crossroads or even police stations, or the holy places of the other groups, etc. by design from where they could exercise power or control when the time requires it or to sabotage the pilgrimages or gatherings of the other groups to be eventually dominated by them. 

They also are cleverly camouflaging their key personnel, storefronts and cells as well as satellite operations with various ethnic and culturally congruent names and acronyms, getting them registered as NGOs with Hindu sounding names to carry out their nefarious activities within India while they are fully or partially funded by foreign elements (not by patriotic NRIs although some non-patriotic NRIs are generously donating to these NGOs and semi-religious charitable and at times educational organizations or student bodies engaging in terroristic activities eroding the solidarity and structure of the Indian society.)  These organizations are basically destructive although masquerading under lofty banner of constructive “human rights” and other agendas presenting themselves as “secular” patronizing the Hindu and Indian populations as their designated colonial populations to be actively reformed by them.  Their activity in similar vein in their own countries (US, UK, France for example) or the Muslim and Communist countries lags behind by miles compared to all the noise they make about improprieties in India (a soft target that tolerates such shameless intrusions in its internal affairs of a foreign country and lets these elements play with their pride rationalizing their activity on the basis of freedom of press and freedom of speech which is not afforded them in China, Saudi Arabia and nor in Pakistan without serious consequences. These elements will not be given the freedom of movement in China if they wanted to penetrate interior of China).

They develop nation wide or region wide organized intervention policies and programs for India designed to create tensions and violence for the promotion and maintenance of so called Western Christian values, Islamists’ values, or Communism. The crises we witness in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Burma are the creation of these criminal gangs whether they work together or singly in any domain. Their goal is to create fear, helplessness, and hopelessness among the native people, make them powerless or at least feel powerless, lose self-respect and respect for their patriotic and spiritual leaders and to estrange them from their own indigenous spiritual tradition, and to enslave them with the rigid, closed Christian dogma, Islamic dogma, Sharia Law, or make them adopt communism as a political philosophy. In effect the populations influenced by these elements tend to become loyal to foreign masters, whether they are (white) Christians, Saudi Muslims, or Chinese or Russian Maoists or Marxists.  Mao himself resisted the domination of the Soviet Union and the supremacy of the Russian Communists. Yet, the Indian communists are still looking for funding and guidance from the foreign communist power-blocks.  There are no real nationalistic communists in India unlike those of China. Yet, the basically unpatriotic Indian Muslim League and Communist Party of India form an alliance with many minorities within the UPA to form a parliamentary majority to rule over the Hindu majority and other opposition parties. All three elements of the nexus are ready to engage in treason if not already engaged deeply in it.  Currently they are wielding disproportionately large power in the Indian politics and influencing public policy. 

White Missionaries and their stooges finance, direct, and manage some of the Maoists-anarchists (as their hired Gundas or mafia) as their subversive agents to create crises and to replace traditional ways with Christian values. The Christian-Marxist-Anarchist alliance has significant implications for Hindus and Buddhists.  They are at it in a big way in Nepal, India, and probably also in Thailand. The strangest alliance is that of the Christists and the Islamists to come together as minorities with common enemy which they view as the Hindu majority in India or the Buddhist monarchies in the Eastern countries.  The Christists have never shown the courage to subvert any Islamists’ strongholds, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and even Iraq but they are using lame “democratic” arguments to expand their empire in India appealing the secular-minded to respect their “freedom of religion” rights and view these the same as “freedom to engage in conversions of masses,” telling some of the uninformed Hindus that they were not nor ever were they part of the Hindu society.  They will never get away with such tactics in any Muslim majority country and they know it quite well no matter how much noise they make against the Muslims in the Western world and empathize and side with Muslims against the Hindus in the Western world and also in India using the slogans of so called skewed Human Rights movement which are exactly 180 degrees opposite of the true facts if any injustice and violation of human rights are closely examined objectively from historical perspective and dimensions.

In India they abuse the caste, creed, and tribal politics to divide and rule. This state of affairs constantly promoting subversions within Hindu society needs to be seen as a reality and not just a “paranoid view” of these elements.  The nexus has its own sociopathic and violent well funded ways that are mainly subtle but vast, and only the tip of the iceberg is visible when violence emerges against the majority populations of these countries or when the political upheavals take place, as in Nepal or Thailand.  It would be easy to dismiss and say the Maoists will not be colluding with the Christists.  It would be easy to say that the Christians will not choose to be communists who detest all religions or that Chistists and Muslims cannot and do not work together.  In reality these axis operate with a sociopathic modus operandi on the basis of transient alliances against the common “enemy.”  The majority against whom they are organizing and directing their destructive efforts is the very same majority which is not yet wising up to their tactics nor resisting their empire building efforts. The nexus is grabbing large real estates within India to be controlled by foreign elements using foreign infusion of funds. An obvious example is the state of Kerala which was originally the Hindu dominated state of Travancore in the 1940’s, as also the Southern Konkan region of Karnataka which are now boasting majority Muslim and Christian domination as regards wealth, real estate, and political power some directly connected with the Catholic Pope and Vatican but electing a Communist Government ruled by Christian leaders.  Even the most popular news agency, Manorama, in Kerala is owned and controlled by the Christists with strong communist leanings.  

This is a new form of neo-colonialism that can be defined as spreading the influence or control, or political power over large sections of the world populations (and natural resources) from the “Western White Christian alliance of denominations” under the guidance of the evangelists. Islamists exercise their control operating from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (ISI), and Maoists mostly from China.  The sooner the Hindu majority recognizes this plot and has effective proactive strategy to prevent erosion of its political majority by these elements, stronger will emerge the Indian nation.  The erosion, if allowed to fragment and weaken India and its majority, Hindu Society, economically as well militarily, through such subversion, India stands to lose its opportunity to emerge as a future super-power.  That is exactly what these elements do not want.  They do not want India to emerge as a super-power. While superficially presenting zeal to protect “Secularist” domination of India against the “feared” Hindu majority as a threat to secularism without comprehending the age-old Hindu ethic and historical generosity towards the minorities, they perpetuate their covert agenda to spread their own empires in India.

Instead of viewing the pluralistic and open systems of Hindu majority of India which by its very nature has always been “secular” for millennia they view the new secular “majority” as their own new invention and novel influence over the educated Hindus who have a secular attitude and way of life. They view the “wised up” Hindus as a major threat to their expansionist schemes.  They approach the uneducated and uninformed poor sections of the Hindu society to pitch them against the educated to create unnecessary antagonism between the two groups which given time, education, and economic progress would naturally become equal eventually. The Christists and Islamists do not want China to be the waking giant but they cannot use the same tactics in China that they use in India, as China is not a soft target like India any more.  China restricts the political subversive movements within its own territory by nipping them in the bud. China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the other elements would like to keep India fragmented and weak with its resources spent in dealing with the internal strife, skirmishes, and even wars than to see it emerge as a strong power. That is what explains the rationale for the emergence of this nexus.  The recognition of this nexus and strategic proactive efforts to resist and defeat its eroding design for destruction of the Indian society, and every effort to disband these elements and make them powerless in India is crucial for the survival and economic progress of India.

S Kumar wrote: 

The issue of Maoists/ Marxist/ Christian Missionary nexus was revealed years back, when the British pilot dropped arms and ammunition for the terrorists at Purulia and was arrested and imprisoned at Calcutta.
He was released at the instance of the British Govt. during the NDA regime.
No further information has been released where these grenades and 
AK-47-s and ammunition were finally taken to after they were dropped in Purulia in the darkness of the night, in proximity to the Missionary and Maoists/Naxalites  infested areas of Orissa, Jharkhand, and Chattisgarh.
The UPA Govt. will not act against the British pilot as this Govt. is controlled by Christians and Muslims by holding it hostage with vote-bank politics influenced by an imbecile Pranab and Patil as “mercenary Hindu-s.”

Today's TV news says the extradition of the pilot, who is a Dutch but released from Calcutta prison under British request, has been agreed upon by Dutch Govt. on conditions of his not sentenced to death and giving him access to Dutch embassy officials during investigation.
The Purulia air dropping took place in 1995 in the night when several packages containing lethal weapons and arms/ammunition were dropped by a low flying aircraft, which later landed at Calcutta for refueling and escape. But the alert Police detained the pilot as well as the plane.
As usual the traitor Brajesh Mishra used his influence on Vajpayee to get him released on British request, without investigating the source of the arms and to whom it was to be supplied to!!
You know Brajesh Mishra has been a thorn in the NDA Ministry, having a close liaison with Sonia Gandhi, his relationship dating back to his daughter's marriage to an Italian related to her in Milan. You might recall Jashwant Singh had stated earlier that there was an important mole in PM's office leaking out information to CIA and others!!
Rahul Gandhi, who was arrested by the FBI and Customs of the Logan Airport for carrying millions of US$ in cash, in his baggage, when arrested on suspicion of "terrorist funding" and the "mom" was called to "rescue" him, it was Brajesh Mishra who told the Ambassador at U.S. to intervene and get him released- do you require details?
Raol(Rahul) cannot go to US as the case is still pending there as he would be detained on arrival, and he had to abstain from the young MP-s delegation visiting US.  However, later, his visit accompanying his "mom" was under diplomatic immunity, under her shadow.
Brajesh Mishra also got the law on dual citizenship presented in Parliament and enacted within a week to enable Sonia Gandhi for her eligibility to be the PM if elected or for her other citizenship rights. Do you want details?
And Brajesh has now been rewarded by Sonia with the new status, rubbing shoulders with senior diplomats again, sans BJP and Vajpayee, who trusted him blindly and got betrayed badly by his trusted NSA!!

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