Date: 02 Mar 2009


Congress gives funds for Islamic Aggressors

Can someone do an assessment of how *this community* costs the economy a lot

*The Government has granted Rs. 25 lakhs for the repair and maintenance of
the grave of Ibrahim Lodi, while the memorial to Hemu – the Hindu warrior
who challenged Akbar – has been encroached by a mosque.*
Who is Ibrahim Lodi? He is the invader who attacked Mewar and was defeated
by Rana Sanga. His father Sikander Lodi prohibited Hindus from bathing in
the holy tank in Kurukshetra and desecrated the Jwalamukhi temple in
Himachal. He executed Bodhan Pandit for saying all religions are equal. His
grandfather, Bahol Lodi, came from Afghanistan and exploited the political
turmoil in India and through manipulation occupied the Delhi throne. Yet the
Government has granted Rs. 25 lakhs for the repair and maintenance of the
grave of the invader’s grandson, a monument to our slavish mentality.
The burial of Ibrahim Lodi, killed by Babur in the First Battle of Panipat,
is protected while mosque has overtaken the memorial to Hemu, challenger of
Akbar in the second battle of Panipal”.
“Hemu” refers to Hem Chander of Rewari, Haryana, a valiant warrior who
fought 22 battles and won all, and acquired the title of Vikramaditya in a
coronation ceremony held in Purana Kila, Delhi. He fought against Akbar who
was also involved in various battles against Maharana Praap. Akbar’s father
Humayun was fleeing India when he took shelter in a fort, Amar Kot in Sindh
owned by Rana Amarchand; there his wife gave birth to Akbar. Humayun’s
father, Babur, was from Afghanistan. Akbar’s guardian, Bairam Khan, brought
Hema Chander to Akber after the second battle of Panipat and goaded Akbar to
behead the infidel Hema Chander with his sword to earn the title ‘Ghazi’.
Chander’s head was taken to **Kabul and his trunk gibbeted at the gates of
Hemu is recorded as the last Hindu king of Delhi as the power passed on to
Mughals and then to the British. It is sad that India is building memorials
to the invaders Ibrahim Lodi, Babur, and Akbar, and ignoring our valiant
sons who fought to defend our territory and civilization.
In the Third battle of Panipat, Sadashiv Bhau lost to the brutal Ahmed Shah
Abdali. Yet there is no worthy memorial, commemorating the young Sadashiv
Bhau nor is Hema Chander Vikramaditya acknowledged with respect.
Even more deplorable is the news that the Prime Minister visited the Baghe
Babur complex in Kabur, which houses the tomb and mosque of Mughal ruler
Babur, and was said to see its dilapidated condition. Babur died in Agra in
1530, but his mortal remains were sent to his “beloved Kabul” in 1543 as
his will.
It is pertinent that all foreign conquerors from Alexander onwards, Greeks,
Turks, Mughals, Portugese, British, French and Dutch, were rightly
designated as invaders by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Yet we are honoring foreign
invaders and denigrating our own heroes. Roads and hotels are named after
Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir and even Aurangazeb; few are aware of Indian
martyrs like Hema Chander Vikramaditya and Sadashiv Bhau. ***This attitude
reflects a loss of national consciousness and self-respect.*
** *Recently, some British nationals visited **Meerut to pay homage to their
forefathers who won the 1857 war for the British Empire. China on the other
hand made Japan** offer a public apology for atrocities committed by
Japanese troops in the Second World War.*
It would be in the fitness of things for civil society to come forward and
build memorials to honour the valiant warriors who gave their lives for our
country and civilization. It is time for the youth to rise and initiate a
campaign to revive the spirit of national self-respect and confer due
recognition and honour to our national heroes.