Date: 06 Mar 2009



Dear friend,

I am very pleased to hear from you. I like your motto, "BRITAIN FIRST, FIGHT FOR IT, OR LOSE IT."
I am afraid you are not thinking of the British nation prior to World War 2 who did not need such reminders but went to action immediately when the first bugle sounded. Those days were tragic but ironically better in a way because the ENEMY WAS THERE TO SEE. He declared war and invaded country after country. One could go after him.
But today's enemy is INVISIBLE, is all around us, and multiplying rapidly and has the guts and motivation to kill Britons not only in London but also as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
Moreover this ENEMY is in Parliament, in the media, in civil service and counts among the donors of LABOUR and CONSERVATIVE parties. 
How tragic that a nation that saw the ISLAMIC motivation in India to reject Secularism and ENFORCE Islamic Sharia Law wherever they could, did not open the eyes of Tony Blair who opened flood gates to let in thousands who have already become hundreds of thousands and will soon be counting in MILLIONS. Some of them even regard Britain as THEIR land and call the natives as aggressors! This is the pointer to the future.
At the same time the BRITONS of today have enacted a Law to prosecute anyone who shouts "DANGER!"  That is how they intimidate and silence the patriots and reward the ENEMY.
What is called for is an intensive study of the tactics and strategy of this enemy throughout history and across the globe, and above all, his MOTIVATION to turn the existing social order upside down to advance Global Islam.
We cannot say in public what we ought to, for the sake of this country, for the sake of freedom of expression. THIS IS BRITAIN OF TODAY.
In short, let us look at the word ISLAM. Since I saw the "Dance of Devil" in 1947 (BLOODY PARTITION OF INDIA), Islam means to me:
"I" for INTOLERANCE. In secular societies like Britain they wish to be accepted and even "raised above head and shoulders of the rest" but in Islamic societies less said for the rights of the non Muslims, the better.
"S" for SLAUGHTER. At present this slaughter is going on piecemeal, here and there and now and then- a few thousand in New York in 2001, a few hundred in Spain (train attack), a few dozens in London and TWO MILLION in India in 1947 alone, and countless more since then in that "POLITICALLY CORRECT" Land of "Cows".
"L" stands for LOOT. Muslims do not create wealth. They LOOT the wealth created by the others. Many Islamic nations and governemnts receive billions upon billions of dollars aid and financial help from the West in order to survive. That is why they are always on the offensive, on the attack for loot. It is for the WEALTH created by the others as well as for the non Muslim FEMALES who were considered war booty by their Prophet.
"A" for ARSON. An example was the balls of fire that consumed the World Trade Centre towers in New York, that killed the tourists in Mumbai hotels and that burning van rushed through the gates of Glasgow Airport.
"M" means- 
(a) MOLESTATION of women. It means seducing non Muslim girls to produce more Mohammeds, Alis and Khans; &
(b) MAYHEM. The example was the mayhem in Mumbai when hotels were attacked and in Lahore three days ago when the terrorists came, struck and vanished, having caused mayhem.
That is ISLAM, my dear friend. To convince me otherwise, Pakistan will have to vanish first, and the dead on London tubes and bus revived and put back on their feet.